Don’t Be Uninformed About Legal/Illegal Immigration!

This morning I spent hours over at Refugee Resettlement Watch writing my weekly refugee news round-up.  Here is how that post begins….


I’ll begin this week with high praise for Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene who introduced legislation in the House of Representatives that calls for a moratorium on immigration.

One tough brave woman!

It will go nowhere, but she deserves much praise for doing something the Republicans rarely do—she went on the offense!   

The foolish GOP chickens, time and again,  simply react to what the Dems are pushing and virtually never stake out a position that forces the Socialists to counter them.

Trump did it brilliantly and they all hated him for it. And, that is why they want to get rid of Marjorie as well!

I heard Greene interviewed by Greg Kelly on Newsmax and Kelly seemed a bit nervous when he asked her if she meant a moratorium on all immigration and she said, no, just illegal immigration.

Kelly looked relieved.  Although it is simply a guess on my part, I figure that he has swallowed this line and has been repeating it everywhere:

ILLEGAL immigration is bad, but LEGAL is good!

When I hear someone say that, usually a politician, I know that they don’t know what the hell they are talking about (or they think you are too dumb and uninformed to counter them!).

Keep reading so you don’t make the same mistake!

Maybe I can entice you to the post by saying there is a link in it to data on where the Unaccompanied Alien Children (Teenagers!) have been placed—in which states and in which counties.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Uninformed About Legal/Illegal Immigration!

  1. Again somewhat off topic. We should all be informed about how our Constitution works and how the current govt is using it against us. For this please read the Publius-Huldah’s Blog.
    She is a Constitutional Lawyer. The current article is “When the feds violate the Constitution, should we blame the Constitution?”
    Please read the article and visit the site.
    Thank you Ann for all you do keeping us informed of the perfidy afoot in what is no longer our govt.

  2. IT is amazing how many politicians both Repulicans and Democrats are willing to change the fabric of America by dumping illegals in communities and force the burden of financial ,health care, education and incarceration on them just to satisfy their ambitions of world vision.

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