Don’t Be Uninformed About Legal/Illegal Immigration!

This morning I spent hours over at Refugee Resettlement Watch writing my weekly refugee news round-up.  Here is how that post begins….


I’ll begin this week with high praise for Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene who introduced legislation in the House of Representatives that calls for a moratorium on immigration.

One tough brave woman!

It will go nowhere, but she deserves much praise for doing something the Republicans rarely do—she went on the offense!   

The foolish GOP chickens, time and again,  simply react to what the Dems are pushing and virtually never stake out a position that forces the Socialists to counter them.

Trump did it brilliantly and they all hated him for it. And, that is why they want to get rid of Marjorie as well!

I heard Greene interviewed by Greg Kelly on Newsmax and Kelly seemed a bit nervous when he asked her if she meant a moratorium on all immigration and she said, no, just illegal immigration.

Kelly looked relieved.  Although it is simply a guess on my part, I figure that he has swallowed this line and has been repeating it everywhere:

ILLEGAL immigration is bad, but LEGAL is good!

When I hear someone say that, usually a politician, I know that they don’t know what the hell they are talking about (or they think you are too dumb and uninformed to counter them!).

Keep reading so you don’t make the same mistake!

Maybe I can entice you to the post by saying there is a link in it to data on where the Unaccompanied Alien Children (Teenagers!) have been placed—in which states and in which counties.

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For All of the News Junkies Out There: Aggregator Sites You Should Know About

If you have been attempting to follow conservative news for at least the last decade, you probably originally followed Drudge.  Well, forget Drudge.  Something weird happened there and it’s not worth looking into, but somehow Drudge sold out.

Here are a few sites available as an alternative.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a start.

Whatfinger News

Revolver News


Update:  A reader suggests and a second reader reminds us about The Epoch Times.

Update #2:  More suggestions from another reader:

Citizen Free Press

The Right News

Real Clear Investigations

Update #3:  A reader recommends:  The Liberty Daily

Update #4:  Another reader suggests Weaselzippers.

And for news on immigration, I recommend Borderhawk.

In addition, one of the sites I visit from time to time is Survival Pulse which collects an interesting mix of new posts every day from the prepper/survival blogs.

Update!  Looks like Lin Wood must be reading the prepper blogs too!


Of course you have likely already figured out that most patriots are moving to Newsmax TV and One America News (OAN) for cable news.

If you have some other aggregation sites you like, please send me a comment to this post.

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Border Hawk: Site Aggregates Immigration News in One Handy Location!

I’m sure you are all familiar with Drudge and the many similar sites that provide timely headlines in areas of the media that appeal to you.

This one appeals to me!  Border Hawk! where you can see the latest news on a wide variety of subjects under the overall umbrella of immigration topics. It will surely save you lots of time every day if you are desperate to find more news on illegal immigration/refugees/border issues and more.

Exciting too is the Eye on Europe section.

Here is a screenshot of today’s front page:


Frauds and Crooks News Round-up, Volume 5

I hope everyone had a good Father’s Day weekend with the Dads in your lives!
Here (below) is my News Round-up for the last week.  I write this round-up because I simply haven’t enough time to post everything that might be useful to you or that tickles my fancy (like the one below about the National Park Service)!
Previously I put these extra news items on Twitter, but I haven’t tweeted for a long time because I know they were doing some sort of numbers manipulations with my followers.
The top post here are ‘Frauds and Crooks’ in the last week was this one.  Thanks to some of you who must have made it go viral on facebook!

Texas: Story of Kenyan Killer Disappears from the News


News Round-up in no particular order, except humorous first.

(click on the headline below to open the story)
Because we have to laugh once in awhile, this story tickled my fancy for a couple of reasons.  First, as an environmental studies student in the early 1970s my fellow students at Yale School of Forestry feared that a new ice age was coming.
Later I had a battle with my neighbor, the National Park Service.  So NPS with egg on its face (in this case over global warming) is amusing to me.


Many refugees coming to the US don’t know when they were born, thus incorrect (so they say) birth dates are causing some to age-out of public high school. (Yeh, who wants their 15-year-old in school with a twenty-something!)
In Aurora, Colorado a suggestion was made that baptismal certificates should suffice for identification.  Huh?  How many of the Muslim students have those I wondered?
Hey, maybe use science—a dental age analysis!  Watch the Progs heads explode!

Many refugee students register for school using the wrong birthdate. Advocates urge Aurora district to change how it verifies age.

Another case of an illegal alien speeding while intoxicated killing a motorist—this time, a young nurse headed home from a long shift at a local hospital in Alabama. Sigh.

Man accused of murder held on no bond in Prattville nurse’s death

I did an interview with Dennis Michael Lynch last week, mostly about the US Refugee Program.

VIDEO PREMIER: Immigration expert reveals shocking details about the US refugee program


Aussie daycare fraudster
Day care fraudster and ISIS fighter!

Because there are many parallels between the US and Australia when it comes to refugee/immigrant related fraud it’s important to see what is happening down under from time to time.

Australian Police Shut Down 200 Fraudulent Daycare Centers with Links to ISIS

Pasedena, California ‘new American’ busted for over a million dollars in food stamp fraud. It is your standard story of the common practice of trafficking in food stamps.  I don’t see as many cases lately.  Maybe we are running out of fraudsters!

Former Owner of Popular Pasadena Neighborhood Market Sentenced to 40 Months in Prison, Fined $1.72 Million

Michigan: Feds used a FISA warrant to surveil Nassif Sami Daher ostensibly concerned about terror connections and find out he was involved in Food Stamp fraud.  Daher’s lawyers cry foul.

Surveillance of Dearborn man by feds raises questions over warrant


Mumtaz Rauf
Mumtaz Rauf

Virginia Update:
Women’s dressing room peeping new American pleads guilty. Filmed dozens of women undressing in mall shops.  See my earlier posts here.

Man Pleads Guilty To Filming In Fairfax County Dressing Rooms

You can’t have a fraud story from Lewiston, Maine without a connection to the Somali ‘community’ there.
Check out this story about a local woman being found guilty of health care fraud and how she had Somali helpers!  Stories like this give us vital information about how these scams are structured.

Jury convicts Lewiston woman for health care fraud

Surely you saw the news about all of the sick migrants at the border, but just in case….

5,200 people in ICE custody quarantined for exposure to mumps or chicken pox

Pennsylvania: Another new American dirty doc health care fraudster ripped us off for millions of dollars!
These are the kinds of stories I planned to focus on with my new blog ‘Frauds and Crooks’, but recently there have been so many refugee/asylum/border fraud stories and violent crime stories that health care fraudsters seem like small potatoes.  But, they aren’t!

Fox Chapel Cardiologist Convicted Of Healthcare Fraud


As always, thanks to readers who sent me some of the stories above!

Frauds and Crooks News Round-up, Volume 4

I should have posted this over the weekend, but got sidetracked Sunday with the two related posts about Islam’s real goals for us and for the world, see here and here.
And, then of course, a report on the latest news from the always entertaining Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar took precedence!
My top post last week was this one:

Bangladeshi Illegal Aliens Skyrocketing at the Southern Border

(LOL! I should have said numbers are skyrocketing.  Did some of you envision Bangladeshis shooting skyward?)

Africans at the US southern border
It isn’t just Asians at the southern border, here come the Africans! Why does no one ever ask where they get the money for the long trip?

Below are some articles (in no particular order) that you might find interesting, I did, but didn’t have time to post.
(Click on headlines to open link.)

Thanks as always to readers who keep me informed and sent me some of the stories below. There is a little bit of everything here: 

In Minnesota, former police officer Mohamed Noor was sentenced to prison for the murder of an unarmed Australian woman.  Be sure to watch some of the victim statements at the sentencing.


The Leftwing media blasts Jared Kushner on comments he made about refugees. “Jared Kushner thinks “it doesn’t make a difference” how many refugees are allowed to settle in the United States.”  Of course that statement could be taken in several different ways.

Jared Kushner’s telling indifference on refugees

Bill Frelick of Human Rights Watch blasts Trump on refugee slowdown, attempts to make the case for BRINGING IN MORE SOMALIS FROM KENYA.

Trump’s Policies Are Harming Refugees Worldwide 

Say it isn’t so! There is “widespread rot and corruption” in the NGO community in Africa, specifically Uganda in this report.

Donors freeze funding to NGOs over corruption

Tennessee blog expounds on the story about CAIR settling a lawsuit about their fraudulent activities and explains what CAIR has done in Tennessee.

CAIR Settles Lawsuit Filed Against Them for Defrauding Its Muslim Clients

The Department of Health and Human Services has issued a warning to Medicare recipients about Genetic Testing scam.  Don’t fall for this!

OIG issues alert on genetic testing scam

A Florida man is in deep trouble with the feds for threatening an Iraqi family in his neighborhood.  Not good.

Pasco County Man Who Threatened Iraqi-American Family Arrested And Charged With Criminal Civil Rights Violation, Obstruction Of Justice

Another cultural enricher—a Somali ‘new American’ in Lewiston, Maine—gets four years for being a crack head.  As usual taxpayers will pony-up to pay for his incarceration. How about deportation after he serves his sentence?

Lewiston man gets nearly four years for crack possession

John Binder reports that 124,000 anchor babies were born in the US this year.  That would be 124,000 ‘new American’ Democrat voters in the future (after US taxpayers fund their education and welfare benefits for the next 18 years)!

Data: Average of 124K Anchor Babies Born in U.S. This Year So Far

Not a lot of money involved but interesting nonetheless.  Story is about a woman from the Dominican Republic (in the news a lot lately and not in a favorable light) who overstayed a US visa and stole another woman’s identity to receive government benefits. This one was caught in Rhode Island. How many more are not?

Dominican national indicted on charges of identity theft, benefits fraud

Mexican church leader arrested in California on child rape and human trafficking charges, but his followers still revere him. Yuk!

Mexican church leader still its ‘apostle’ after rape arrest

Weather refugees are a key concern for this Democrat candidate.  Keep an eye on the issue, it might sound kooky to you, but ‘climate refugees’ will bring new waves of needy ‘refugees’ to the west say Progressives looking for any and all reasons to destroy borders.

Jay Inslee Is Actually Taking the Climate Refugee Crisis Seriously

For all of you who followed my many posts at RRW about Chobani Yogurt’s voracious appetite for more refugee laborers especially at its massive Twin Falls, Idaho plant, the man who professes to love the community successfully sued to reduce his tax burden there resulting in a refund to Chobani.
“The difference will come from both the Twin Falls School District and the Urban Renewal Agency Revenue Allocation Area.”  
So much for loving the city!

Chobani, Twin Falls County reach settlement

Enough for now!