Border Hawk: Site Aggregates Immigration News in One Handy Location!

I’m sure you are all familiar with Drudge and the many similar sites that provide timely headlines in areas of the media that appeal to you.

This one appeals to me!  Border Hawk! where you can see the latest news on a wide variety of subjects under the overall umbrella of immigration topics. It will surely save you lots of time every day if you are desperate to find more news on illegal immigration/refugees/border issues and more.

Exciting too is the Eye on Europe section.

Here is a screenshot of today’s front page:


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5 thoughts on “Border Hawk: Site Aggregates Immigration News in One Handy Location!

  1. Do you have any information on whether Ahmaud Arbery and family were “refugees” from Nigeria?

    1. No, I don’t. Have you seen something along those lines. We don’t normally take refugees from Nigeria, but a heck of a lot of other Nigerians get into the US through many legal (and probably illegal) ways.

    2. No I haven’t. Have you seen something that makes you think they might be?

  2. A Jane Moss article from 5/12 shows where they sent those of the Caravan “Roughly 40 percent of the student population is now composed of “English language learners.” Many of these students are illegals who seem to have been bussed in by some sort of underground network. Most of them arrived in the past two years. Their families receive city services such as welfare, food stamps, and Section 8 Housing. At school, they get free breakfast and lunch and are given backpacks filled with food to take home over the weekend, along with “reproductive services,” psychologists, social workers, and specialized teachers to help them learn in their own language — all free of charge. The adults — parents or otherwise — get free evening classes in the same school to teach them English and how to find resources within the community.”

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