Texas: Kenyan Alleged Serial Killer was Well Known to Law Enforcement

I’m telling you this story, about an African illegal alien who is charged with the murder of twelve (so far) elderly women, gets worse by the minute.

Billy Chemirmir, the ‘poster child’ for everything that is wrong with our immigration system and the mainstream media!

See my previous post about Billy Chemirmir the most ignored possible mass murderer of modern times!

Why is the news being buried?  Is it because his victims are old? Is it because he is a black African? An illegal alien? Because law enforcement did nothing about getting him out of the country earlier? Political correctness? Or, all of the above?

Heck Kate Steinle got more attention as a murder victim than these twelve women are getting.  Don’t get me wrong, Steinle’s death deserved the attention it got, but shouldn’t we get twelve times the attention in this apparent case of premeditated murder!

Before I tell you what the Daily Caller reported two days ago, think about every older woman you know—your grandmother, your mother, your aunt, the sweet old lady next door, your local friends? Imagine them meeting the death these women endured? 

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Under Trump Administration Texas is the Number One State for Refugee Resettlement

Texas welcomes refugees
Blue state Texas here we come!

That is really nothing new—the number one target for the Dems to flip—Texas—has been numero uno for a number of years.

Trump’s State Department is simply continuing the trend even in spite of the fact that the state is inundated with border jumpers including the unaccompanied alien teenagers.

I hadn’t checked numbers at the Refugee Processing Center for some time, so thought I would have a look, and thought you might be interested.

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Radio Silence from Mainstream Media on Kenyan Mass Murderer in Texas

Billy Chemirmir

I haven’t seen any major news stories on the horrific serial killer of defenseless elderly women case reported here on Friday so I just had a quick look.

No time to give you the details but check out One New Now with this headline:

NBC, CNN don’t reveal suspected killer of 12 elderly women is illegal

You can bet that the news about these horrible murders would be running on a loop if the alleged killer was a white redneck!

And, for a laugh see that the Washington Post just discovered the story today.

Billy Chemirmir (aka Benjamin Koitaba) is referred to in about the 20th paragraph as a “citizen of Kenya” before admitting that he is in the country illegally.

See the One News Now story because they report what this ‘new American’ will cost taxpayers just for his likely life sentence, and that doesn’t include the cost of the investigation and trial.

I hope one day we will learn just how this alleged mass murderer got into the US in the first place! But, I won’t be holding my breath!


A First Step to Fight Immigration Fraud: Expose Fake Families by DNA Testing

Frankly I don’t know why the use of DNA testing at our southern border is still only a “pilot program” when we know that many trying to break into America have someone else’s kid in tow.

Screenshot (32)_LI

The other day I reported in my News Round-up on one pair of wannabe ‘new Americans’ exposed when DNA tests revealed that the child being escorted to the US was not related to the border jumper at all.

Now the Washington Examiner is reporting that in some cases on-the-spot DNA testing is being used to prove a fraud is being committed on us, however, it is only being used on a limited basis.

This reminds me of the shock the US State Department got in 2008 when they discovered that massive family reunification fraud among Somalis had allowed tens of thousands of Somali ‘refugees’ to get into the country illegally.

How could there be so many cheaters they wondered!  See my extensive coverage that began in 2008 when the Wall Street Journal first reported the Somali family fraud.

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Maryland in Top Five States Receiving Unaccompanied Alien Teenagers

When you hear the mainstream media use the phrase “unaccompanied children” coming across our southern border, don’t be fooled!

The vast majority of the “children” are teenage boys (in FY18, 85% were teens with 71% being males).

They are being distributed to “sponsors” in all fifty states.

Here come the “children!”

According to data maintained by the Office of Refugee Resettlement over 30,000 were spread out across the country in the first six months of Fiscal Year 2019 alone.  Five states got the lion’s share.

We are thus on target to surpass the numbers seen in several Obama years.

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Frauds and Crooks News Round-up

Because there is so much news that I can’t get to, here are some stories that you might find useful and informative.  Thanks to readers who sent me links!

By the way, my top post of the week was yesterday’s story about the Texas serial killer that is still not getting the national media attention it deserves.  Is that because the alleged murderer is an illegal alien?

Texas: Illegal Alien from Kenya Charged in Murder of at Least a Dozen Elderly Women


(Click on the headlines below to open the stories to send on to others, and leave out my editorial comment if you wish!)


Medicare fraud more common among doctors treating minorities, low-income seniors

(Now we need a study to determine if more of the doctors defrauding Medicare are ‘new American’ docs!)

(For readers living in Minnesota you know what a pile of c*** this Thomas Friedman opinion piece is!)

SCOTUS asked to determine how far public schools can go in promoting Islam while disparaging Christianity

(see Leo Hohmann’s latest!)

Texas Nigerian national
One of the Nigerian nationals running a complex money laundering scheme in Texas

4 Texas Nigerian nationals arrested, 1 fugitive sought in money laundering scheme

(Nigerians sure are clever scammers!  And, what is up with Texas! Is it a magnet for ‘new American’ criminals these days?)

East Hampton Doctor Pleads Guilty in Medicaid Fraud Case

(Huge bust, see how they set up this scam by paying Medicaid patients to take unnecessary tests etc. Ringleader is apparently American but ‘new Americans’ were accomplices.)

Former Chicago police commander pleads guilty to Social Security theft

(Just so you know I do write about American crooks too!)

Indian-origin doctor gets 9 years jail for healthcare fraud in US

(When I first saw this story, I thought wow! the crook’s ethnicity is mentioned in the headline, but then realized it is from Indian press so of course.)

Rapid DNA testing at border outs migrant who claimed six-month-old baby was his child

(I don’t know why we don’t do more of this in order to expose the liars!)

Budgeting for Asylum-Seekers Challenges States and Cities

(And, some of the burden is falling on locations that are not sanctuary cities, mentions Frederick, MD a city near me.)

Feds indict Wayne Co. pharmacist in insurance fraud scheme

(Too funny! Dearborn pharmacist sat on state Pharmacy Board, appointed by former Governor Snyder)

Church Provides $4 Million Donation to US Refugee Resettlement Agencies

(Mormon church loves refugees, sucks up to nine federal resettlement contractors.)


Texas: Illegal Alien from Kenya Charged in Murder of at Least a Dozen Elderly Women

Billy Chermirmir
Alleged serial killer Kenyan Billy Chemirmir


Imagine settling your mother into a senior living facility and learning that she was murdered for her jewelry by an African man who was living here illegally.

Some families are now suing the facilities!  But, first the news about what is happening in a case that could become one of the largest serial murder cases in Texas history.

By the way, at least the AP story mentions in its headline Billy Chemirmir’s immigration status while other news accounts call him a “Texas resident.”

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