US Navy Lieutenant, a ‘New American,’ Charged in Case to Defraud US

Although this news is a week old, I’m betting most of you haven’t seen it.  Thanks to Robert for letting me know….

From ABC News:

First see this photo (with caption) ABC published!

Lt. Fan Yang, left, a tactical coordinator assigned to Patrol Squadron (VP) 5, demonstrates the systems onboard a P-8A Poseidon aircraft to members of the Royal Saudi Naval Forces in an undisclosed location, March 1, 2018.

Navy lieutenant and wife charged with conspiracy to defraud the US with inflatable boats, guns

A U.S. Navy lieutenant and his wife have been arrested for conspiracy to defraud the government, making false statements to investigators and illegally possessing a firearm, according to court documents.

The two, arrested Oct. 17, have been in custody and were expected to appear in court on Wednesday.

The indictment accuses Fan Yang, who was stationed in Jacksonville, Florida, and held a top secret clearance, and his wife, Yang Yang, of attempting to transport inflatable boats through Hong Kong with their final destination being the People’s Republic of China.

The documents said Yang, who came to the United States in 1999 and became a citizen in 2006, was actively serving in the Navy in a “sensitive anti-submarine warfare unit.”

The pair raised eyebrows when they attempted to purchase engines specifically marked “for military use” through a shell company they set up, authorities said.

The husband and wife, who lived on the base, requested time off to travel to “Disney” but allegedly traveled to Sioux City, Iowa, instead, the documents said.

It is not immediately known why they traveled to Iowa, and Yang lied to his Navy supervisors about the trip, according to court documents. Credit card records showed Fang purchased a one-way ticket for a Chinese national — the person for whom the couple allegedly helped obtain illegal firearms.


Court documents also said that Yang lied on his background check to acquire the top secret security clearance.

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How the heck does this happen! Whoever is doing the Navy security clearances needs to be fired!

If you want to learn more search the traitor’s name and you will find more stories, mostly in Florida media.

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4 thoughts on “US Navy Lieutenant, a ‘New American,’ Charged in Case to Defraud US

  1. Whoever does the background checks that got this guy a clearance should be more than fired….that person should be investigated for espionage….how in the Hell does a person from China, a communist nation, get a top secret clearance? There is just no way this should have happened….I can only think that the Obama administration allowed it and this person has ties with the Democrat party……

  2. It’s so clear now that the MSM is an enemy of the American people. To caption a criminal’s photo in such a way goes way beyond euphemism straight into globalist propaganda.

  3. Don’t know how these people get TOP SECRET clearance. Way back when my mother worked at Convair a military installation transcribing research data. I was young but can remember there were FBI investigators all over the place interviewing relatives & neighbors for weeks and my father (xhusb) and all his relatives both in the US and England and wanted addresses of her relatives in Germany and all the correspondence she and my grandmother had with them. After she was approved all the letters we got from overseas were opened first & censored even the ones to my grandparents.
    Wonder what they do now probably not that much.

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