Alert! Massachusetts Activist Pushes for Towns to Take-in Border Jumpers

Editor:  I’m back and overwhelmed by the number of stories I need to post in the coming days.  I’m starting with this one for a couple of reasons.  First, since RRW is not available at the moment, this is the sort of alert I might have placed there, and secondly it is in some ways an easy ho-hum kind of story because it is happening in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts and is expected to resonate there. (Or so we will find out!).
Therefore, it should be a quick and easy post for me to warm-up with (and doesn’t involve murder and violence as my next posts surely will).

Community organizer O’Conner

However, it is important!  All of you should be on the lookout, no matter where you live for Open Borders activists looking to the Portland, Maine model and saying, sure let’s send hundreds of those crossing the borders illegally to far-flung towns and cities to be ‘cared for’ in local settings by the good people of Anytown, USA.
This story is from the communities of Amherst and Northampton, Massachusetts home to a bevy of elite liberal colleges.  We will see if the town fathers/mothers will entertain the idea of people opening their homes to migrants of all stripes while they anticipate the demise of the Trump presidency.
The news represents a possible new initiative (called “community sponsorship”) that doesn’t revolve around the usual refugee resettlement contractors and the normal process of refugee placement we are familiar with.
And, it invites all migrants, not just legitimate refugees, but illegal border-crossers and those who have overstayed a visa (like the Nigerian charged in the murder of a Utah college student), to take up residence in private homes.

From the Daily Hampshire Gazette,
(After a discussion about visiting border detention sites.)

But as much as local activists would like to see these sites closed and people released as they await asylum hearings and other court proceedings, Amherst activist Vincent O’Connor says this won’t happen unless a process is created by which undocumented immigrants can be welcomed into local cities and towns.
O’Connor is encouraging officials in Amherst to establish a resettlement commission on refugees and asylum seekers. He sees this commission’s role as exploring and identifying places in town, likely private homes, where people could be accommodated when released from government custody.
“This is the only way we can undercut this horrendous imprisonment situation we’ve all been witness to,” O’Connor said.
O’Connor said he intends to bring the topic to the Northampton City Council and make an appeal for Northampton officials to establish a similar commission for the city.
Once a commission is formed, O’Connor envisions that members would bring expertise in housing for low-income people, would interview and seek out homeowners willing to offer space in their residences, and would provide information about the various needs of the individuals and families, from food to transportation.  [I love this sort of test for do-gooders:  Will they open their own homes and give their own money to care for the migrants, or push the cost off on taxpayers?—ed]
Based on the populations of both Amherst and Northampton, O’Connor estimates that each community could find room for 75 to 100 individuals.
It’s uncertain whether the Amherst Town Council will take up the matter.
“At this time, the council has not made a decision whether to consider this or not,” said Council President Lynn Griesemer.

Ah-ha!  Getting themselves positioned for when Trump is no longer our President.
The Gazette continues…..

Martha Spiegelman
Spiegelman says Amnesty International is supporting “community sponsorship.”

“This sets in place a plan should Trump be defeated,” O’Connor said. “There needs to be a place these people can go, and a resettlement commission would provide a basis for courts ordering people to be released.”
Martha Spiegelman, a member of the Amherst chapter of Amnesty International, said a June 24 teleconference for New England-based Amnesty chapters endorsed what is known as community sponsorship, with these chapters encouraged to participate in refugee resettlement programs in towns, by both governmental and non-governmental agencies.

More here.
Your job is to keep a sharp look-out for any such “community sponsorship” initiative where you live.
And, LOL! Let’s keep an eye on whether tony towns like Amherst roll out the welcome mat!

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20 thoughts on “Alert! Massachusetts Activist Pushes for Towns to Take-in Border Jumpers

  1. So Good to have you back Ann!
    I really Depend on Frauds, Crooks and Criminals to get the un-biased scoop on the illegal immigration CRISIS!
    Looking forward to the next week of articles!!😄👍

  2. “O’Connor, ‘who happens to be the son of a conservative San Francisco Superior Court judge…”
    Ah… and there it is. The revealing reason why nearly all progressive liberals just want to see the world burn. O’Connor is just a classic case of adolescent rebellion gone awry. Another kid just acting out because ‘daddy never paid enough attention to me.’ Textbook psychology.

  3. If these people are in the country from So. America, the chances that they are infected with parasites/worms is very good. If you take them into your home, your family may be infected via toilet/hand/food channels. Most people coming from So. America diagnosed with a brain tumor ultimately it turns out to be cistocirchosis which is a worm that has traveled to their brain and caused a cyst, not a brain tumor. They can be transmitted via using the same toilet facilities.

    1. Thanks for that bit of news. I’ll bet a buck that no one tells the families (who might consider opening their homes) about such useful facts!

  4. THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS, BUT… If they want to do this on their own dime, ZERO from hard-working taxpayers who shouldn’t be footing ANY of this bill, then hooray for them. We know that is NOT what they are talking about though.

    1. Leftist “charity” is always via the taxpayer and never via private, voluntary donations.

  5. If the illegals are placed in private homes, at least the taxpayers won’t have to provide them housing although they probably will get all other forms of welfare.

  6. If the illegals placed in private homes murder their sponsor, at least that is one less Leftist to deal with.

  7. Why do all these activists look so weird? Is it compulsory? O’Connor obviously takes the cake.

    1. It’s funny, Alex, that you made that comment about O’Connor. I was just talking about that same phenomenon, to my husband, and I really think there is some sort of pathology involved that creates these types of defective people, and yes, it is a physiological defect, along the lines of a congenital, neurological disease of some sort.
      Outwardly, it manifests itself in strange features of the person, and mentally, it presents like someone who does not know right from wrong, or good from bad, in the case of a neurological disease, something like autism. Scary!

  8. What is a community organizer? The chutzpah of these radicals to claim ownership and supremacy this way, to claim to speak for all. What about the part of the community that doesn’t want this added financial burden in schools, healthcare, policing and housing? Are we not part of the community, too? They are agitators for a globalist agenda. They are not authentic voices of community, and their idea of organization seeks to destroy and replace the existing community.
    Glad you’re back and hope you enjoyed your brief vacation. You’re my idea of a community organizer. I hope the American people get organized before it’s too late.

    1. Me too! The only way to beat the Lefty community organizers is with common sense people organizing against them!

  9. How will neighbors be notified? As some have commented that it’ll be ok if the host pays — do you want to live next door?
    Many cities and towns have limits how many unrelated adults in a dwelling; will that be changed?
    Anyone in these towns considering researching where this foolish plan has been tried: Europe and Canada?

    1. If you live in either of these towns or in a town that is even thinking about such a plan, you have a duty to organize people who think like you do and contact elected officials and make a stink just as the Open Borders agitators do!

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