New American Reza Aslan Makes his Dangerous Anti-America Views Clear

I have to admit that until his now infamous tweet on Friday evening in the wake of the death of Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg, the name Reza Aslan was not in the forefront of my mind.

It should have been because he is also the author of another infamous tweet (I think we have all heard these words): “Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?” referring to teenager Nick Sandmann.

Iranian ‘refugee’ Reza Aslan has now topped that with a tweet demonstrating that his Islam-is-peaceful shtick is just that—a pathetic performance.


Bruce Bawer writing at American Greatness tells us all we need to know about a man America saved from possible death in Iran who now spews his hatefulness toward the President, indeed toward America because we presume he means what he says—burn it all down.

He might as well be saying ‘death to America.’ (I wonder if the FBI stopped by his home to ask him what exactly he means by that?)


The Loathsomeness of Reza Aslan

No one who was familiar with Aslan’s writings should have been terribly surprised by his Friday night tweet, which some would justifiably describe as an explicit threat of physical violence.


Apparently, it was the author’s most attention-getting tweet since January 19, 2019, when—in the wake of the instantly famous encounter at the Lincoln Memorial involving a group of polite MAGA cap-wearing boys from Covington High School in Kentucky, a drum-banging Native American provocateur named Nathan Phillips, and a trash-talking gang of Black Hebrew Israelites—the selfsame author posted the now-iconic picture of one of the boys, Nick Sandmann, standing calmly in the face of Phillips’ provocation, and wrote:

“Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?”

The author in question was Reza Aslan, who, when he himself was a kid, fled the Iranian Revolution with his parents for the United States, where he grew up in the Bay Area. He went on to collect a B.A. in religious studies from Santa Clara University, an M.A. in theological studies from Harvard, an MFA in fiction writing from the University of Iowa, and a Ph.D. in sociology from UC Santa Barbara. His first book, No god but God (2005), whitewashed Islam and blamed Islamic terror on Western imperialism; the predictable plaudits in such left-wing organs as the New York Times, New York Review of Books, Los Angeles Times, and Financial Times made it a “worldwide success” (The Guardian) and launched his career as a “multimedia force” (L.A. Review of Books).

“We are one 911-style terror attack from the end of America!”

For a religion-of-peace promoter he sure has threatened violence more than once. Here in 2018


In addition to his books, Aslan has served as a consultant on Islam for various media projects. He hosted a short-lived CNN religion series, “Believer,” on which, in one memorable episode, he ate part of a human brain. He’s sat on the board of the National Iranian American Council, which lobbies for the Mullahs in Iran, and he’s given talks under the auspices of groups linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. In several articles over the years, the indispensable Robert Spencer has documented Aslan’s chronic dishonesty about a wide range of topics, from Islam and Christianity to his own academic credentials.


Presentable in appearance, measured in tone, he packaged himself at once as a standard-issue left-winger and as an authentic believer in an orthodox yet somehow “modern” Islam. Like the now-disgraced Tariq Ramadan, he was a “bridge-builder,” thoroughly assimilated into Western civilization, who sought nothing more than to educate Westerners about the beautiful beliefs and traditions of his faith—and thereby dispel the ugly suspicions that flow from ignorance.

What repeatedly has gotten in the way of Aslan’s own attempt to maintain this image of serenity and equanimity, however, is his own poisonous hatefulness, which frequently gets the better of him. This phenomenon is not unique to Aslan. It can be observed in the cases of many Muslim public figures in North America and Europe who try to project a calming, moderate profile but who, in certain circumstances—for example, when strongly contradicted—can let the mask slip and sound, suddenly, like nothing so much as a firebrand imam calling for someone’s head.

Continue reading because you all need to know about Reza Aslan and his fellow ‘new American’ travelers.

Virginia: Dems Out in the Open Setting Up Opportunity for Election Fraud

And, this could be happening where you live as well!

See yesterday’s commentary by Catherine Trauernicht at the Bull Elephant:

What you can do NOW to promote Election Integrity

There is something you can do right now to promote election integrity in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Democrats in the General Assembly are colluding with Governor Ralph Northam to undermine the sanctity of your vote.  You must act NOW!

Here is what you can do:

Contact the State Board of Elections and say NO to a proposed regulation that would:

Permit absentee ballots to be delivered to the Office of Elections by Noon on Friday after Election Day with no proof that they had been submitted on or before Election Day.

Background:  Prior to this year’s General Assembly (GA) action, absentee ballots had to be returned to the Office of Elections or local polling stations by 7PM on Election Day when the polls closed.  If they missed the deadline, they were not counted.

This year, the GA amended the election law statute and Gov. Northam signed the bill into law, permitting absentee ballots to be postmarked by Election Day and received by the Office of Elections by Noon on Friday following Election Day.

Subsequently, the Virginia State Board of Elections proposed a regulation stating that an absentee ballot could be returned by Noon on Friday after Election Day with NO postmark or other proof that it had been submitted by 7PM on Election Day.  [Note: the Board of Elections cannot alter election law by regulatory action, but they’re trying.]

Continue reading to see the trick that the Board of Elections is trying to pull off that effectively extends the deadline.

There is a proposed regulation.  Comments end October 2nd and all Virginia patriots need to get to work!  

We all better be checking our own states for Board of Elections’ strategies to dilute our votes!

Changing the subject! 

I am reminded again how lucky Virginia conservatives are to have a publication like the Bull Elephant.  I wish all states had media outlets providing news for our people.

Be a citizen journalist!

There is a lot of talk on social media these days about how Big Tech is silencing the most visible voices on the Right and that this trend will be accelerated at the time of the election and the days and weeks following the election as the Left plans to create chaos, confusion and anger when Trump likely pulls off a victory.

And, that brings me to a point I have been making for ten years.  Everyone of you reading this should consider setting up your own local blog (ultimately to replace your local leftwing paper) because they won’t be able to shut everyone up.

As they thwart news coming out of big blogs, your voice might still reach your circle of followers (even if its ten people in your neighborhood).

Also, If you are already on Twitter and Facebook, lay low and don’t get tossed from the platform in the next few weeks.  It might be fun to report that you have been targeted, but it won’t be helpful when communication becomes vital to our survival.


We All Need to Get Up to Speed on the Color Revolution, a Diabolical Tactic to Destroy Trump

Here are a couple of clips to help you get started.

BTW, I have been writing over at RRW for the last couple of days, you might like to see what is new there (China, Senate Dems, HIAS and Sweden).

But, out of time this morning so see Tucker Carlson from Tuesday (below) and read about the story at Big League Politics.

We are being told to do our research on Norm Eisen.


And, see Glenn Beck last evening here:

CIVIL WAR: The Way America Could End in 2020 (Preview)

We're being set up for a civil war. The Left is grooming us for an Eastern European-style revolution this election, and they’re not even trying to hide it any more. The playbook for Mainstreet USA is the exact same that has been used in places like Ukraine, initiated by the same people in order to completely upend the American system. Tonight, I break out the chalkboards to connect the dots: the Obama administration in Ukraine, the State Department's relationship with George Soros, Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots, the Great Reset, public school indoctrination, mail-in voting. It all points to something dangerous happening in November if we don't act now. Watch the full show on BlazeTV's YouTube page at 9:30 ET

Posted by Glenn Beck on Wednesday, September 16, 2020


For lack of a better description, all of my posts on this topic are tagged ‘Rioting Leftists’.

How to Prepare for the Upcoming Civil War

That is not my title, but is the title of a post at Survivopedia today.  Notice there are no weasel words or qualifiers like ‘a possible’ civil war, or ‘if Trump wins.’

(I have taken to checking out prepper sites the first thing each morning!)

I wonder, is it possible that the radical/Marxist Left wants to lose the election, wants an excuse to go to a full-on civil war?  Is that why they are backing such a weak candidate in Joe Biden?

The post by Bill White suggests the hot war could be on as soon as anarchists and patriots (he doesn’t use those labels, but for sake of clarity I am) fire the first shots at each other.

I read White’s post with Ayaan Hirsi Ali fresh in my mind.

The Somali woman who has risked her life to tell us about what Islamists want was on Tucker Carlson last night to explain that the Leftists in our streets today and the Islamists are similar in their goals because both “want to destroy America.” Why? Because they hate what America stands for.

Take a few minutes to see what she told Tucker:


I didn’t actually see Bill White’s piece as the first thing I read this morning, but saw this first, 4th in a series examination (DailyRollCall) of a leading Marxist training center in TN entitled:

Why Do Highlander Center Directors Hate America? – Part 4

Read it and see how organized the Communists are (hiding out in places like rural Tennessee).  They have been building for this coming day for decades.

If ol’ Joe wins big they will have no excuse for a war, but a close race, especially with Trump the victor, will provide the tinder for the big one they have been waiting for.

This is Minneapolis, but I am willing to bet that Marxist organizers are working in every small to medium sized city in America so they will be ready to light the match on election night or shortly thereafter.

Here are a few snips from White’s piece (emphasis is mine):

How To Prepare For The Upcoming Civil War

There have been rumblings of a new civil war for several years now, as the political divide in this country has broadened.

Many on the right consider it a bit of a joke, as there are more gun owners on the left than there are on the right. However, there are actually more gun owners on the political left than most of us realize. According to information from, 16% of Democrats claim to be own guns. While that is considerably lower than the 45% of Republicans who own them, it’s not something that can just be ignored.

We’re all aware that Democrats have refused to accept President Trump’s victory in 2016, with those in Congress and the press working overtime to find some way to get rid of him. That’s what Mueller’s Russian investigation was about and that’s what impeaching the president was all about, their two most blatant attempts.


Democrats used every trick in the book to win the last elections, even resorting to illegal activity if the information I’ve seen is true. There was a considerable amount of violence, as paid “activists” tried to affect the election. But even with all that, Democrats didn’t succeed in changing the vote and getting what they wanted. They’re still denying that Donald Trump won the election fairly and legally.


Now, before Election Day has even gotten here, organizations tied to the Democrat Party are already talking about what they’ll do, if Joe Biden doesn’t win by a landslide. Put simply, the violence from the death of George Floyd is nothing compared to what they are planning on doing.


There are those who are billing this next civil war as a “racial war;” but that’s not true. All we need to do to see the fallacy in that statement is to look at the riots that have been happening. There have been as many whites involved in those riots, as blacks; and the whites are more likely to be the ones to start any real battles.

The riots we have seen and any further violence is nothing more than a collective temper tantrum. Rioters are making demands of people, businesses, and governments, attempting to force them to bow their knee to the rioters’ demands. Like the demonstrations which have happened on various college campuses, they think that their demanding something should be enough to force everyone to go along and give them what they want.

This is, by definition, terrorism, using violence to cause political change.


While the riots we are seeing in this country have been birthed out of the Black Lives Matter movement, they have nothing to do with saving black lives. Rather, it is a Marxist revolution, intended to bring down the current order of things and replace it with socialism/communism. We can see this from the types of things that the left is demanding, such as defunding the police, tearing down monuments, changing names to just about anything that connects us with our past, and demanding redistribution of wealth.

Quite literally, this war will be about keeping America or losing it. If it is won by the revolutionaries, it will no longer be the land of the free and home of the brave. It will be a socialist or communist country, descending into poverty.


Without any obvious uniform differences or geographic boundaries, it’s hard to tell how this war will go. Most likely it will be a war limited to urban areas, especially the larger cities. Since it will grow out of the current riots, it will probably start in the same places, mostly inner-city areas, largely inhabited by the very same people who the revolution claims they want to help.

What we’re looking at is long-term battles for the streets of our cities. Without clearly defined armies and boundaries, it will be hard to win any battle. Rather, there will just be ongoing battles every night, which could go on for years.

This is the future I see, one in which constant battles are being fought across our land. It will be urban guerrilla warfare of the worst kind.

There is much more, read it all here.   White suggests that if you live in an urban setting, it might be time to get out!

If you have been wondering why some of the hardcore Leftists in the Democrat party seem to be so blasé about supporting Joe Biden (past history as a warmonger with a bad record on civil rights) as their leader, maybe it is because his electoral loss will give them their most prized opportunity—civil war.  (Duh! My smart readers probably figured that out long ago!)

How are your preps going? This post is filed in my ‘Rioting Leftists’ tag where you will find previous posts on getting prepared.

You Must Read ‘Insurrection and Violence’ a Citizens Guide

If you do nothing else today, this is the ‘must read’ you have been waiting for.

(And, includes some of the things I have been saying in my ‘Rioting Leftists‘ series.)

The 58-page guide authored by Rich Higgins and Stephen Coughlin and published by Unconstrained Analytics is a handbook for your survival and for the Nation’s survival in the chaotic months (years?) ahead. (Hat tip: Leo)


From the Introduction:

(emphasis is mine)

The United States of America is enveloped in crisis. Not since the Civil War, have we faced an insurgency and resistance movement with the capacity, capability, and very real potential to fundamentally change the structure of our republic. All, without passing a law. We are near a tipping point of insurrection and unlegislated change, from which the nation thus changed, will cease to be recognized or function as a representative republic.

The purpose for writing is to alert you to this fact – we are under attack by an ‘insurgency syndicate’ employing unconventional warfare tactics. The North American Insurgency Syndicate (NAIS) is currently gaining strength and they are on the offensive. This book endeavors to deliver an understanding of the insurgency, their goals, strategy and tactics. Then, to provide a framework to respond and protect your family, your property, your freedom, and our country.

As you read about violent insurgent groups, and their goal to fundamentally change our form of government, many a reader may be asking themselves “But, what can I do?” A rational response to this question is the motivation for our project. We offer a guide to assess your current position, analyze your risk, and help you make a reasoned plan to protect you, your family, and further; to provide you ways in which you can help the Nation.

For, if well-meaning citizens do nothing – do not recognize the danger, do not vote, do not volunteer at polling locations, do not influence others, do not prepare for their own defense, and do not push back against enemies of the Republic, then they are ceding space and power to the insurgents. The consequence of citizen inaction, at this perilous moment, is to put at risk the Constitution, our way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If law-abiding patriots across the country do not take prudent action, if they remain subdued and silent, then our nation will be fundamentally altered and cease to function as a republic.

We begin by increasing your “situational awareness.” The book describes the current situation in the United States – that we are at a critical point where the NAIS is successfully exploiting a national emergency to rapidly gain strength. We provide a synopsis of the various and disparate insurgent organizations and movements that are involved in direct-action violence, harassment, agitation, and social media attacks.

Then we explore their syndicate structure. At the tactical level, the NAIS relies upon self-organizing groups of insurgents united for insurrection. The syndicate, waging unconventional warfare with new and innovative tactics, intends to change or overthrow the government.


Here is a snip from Chapter 1 Insurrection and Violence: A Citizens Guide (.pdf) hammering the point that we are at war.


Keep reading because this is not your usual wonky analytical look at what we are facing (although there is thorough analysis), but includes chapters on what you can do to prepare and to fight back! 

I was especially interested in Chapter 3 on preparation since that is what I have been yakking about for the last two months (and working on myself!).

Insurrection and Violence: A Citizens Guide (.pdf)

Read it (maybe make a donation to Unconstrained Analytics) and then get to work!

Endnote and changing the subject:  If you are not a regular reader of Refugee Resettlement Watch, you might want to visit and see what is happening as this is the big month in which the President usually makes a determination about how many refugees we might admit in the coming fiscal year that begins on October 1.