How Fast Could You Get Your Gun in a Home Invasion?

I saw this news yesterday at The Blaze and was pretty impressed that a senior couple was ready and willing to blast a home invader as he attempted to break down their door while they ate breakfast.

And, I fully expected by today to have a name and photo of the invader who the homeowners shot dead especially because we are told he was on parole from a previous home invasion arrest.

I sure couldn’t find a name or a photo!  The story is nevertheless worth posting as a cautionary tale.  Many of us would be ready for an invasion after dark, but heck in the a.m. the doors are open, at least in my house, and weapons aren’t just laying around at the breakfast table.

Of course you could be one of those families I heard about recently who has a 9mm home defense handgun in most every room (presumably with no kiddos living there).

Check it out, really nice neighborhood ….

From The Blaze:

Armed man on parole kicks down door, enters home while couple in their 60s eats breakfast. But homeowner also has a gun — and fatally shoots intruder.

A California couple in their 60s were having breakfast Tuesday morning when they heard a knock at their door, followed by an attempt to kick down the door after they didn’t respond to the knock, Fairfield police said.

What happened next?

A Facebook post from Councilwoman Catherine Moy indicated the homeowner saw the suspect on his Ring surveillance camera.

The husband, fearing for his life and his wife’s safety, grabbed his legally owned gun to defend them, police said. Moy’s post said it was a .357 Magnum.

The intruder then broke down the door completely and entered the residence, police said.

With that, the husband fired at the intruder, who fled from the home, police said. Moy’s post said the homeowner shot twice at the intruder and hit him in the chest area.


Authorities said the intruder [who was found with a semi-automatic handgun.—ed] was a 27-year-old male from nearby Suisun City who was on parole for a violent crime in Alameda County. KTVU reported that the crime for which he was on parole was a home invasion.

Here is another story with a few extra nuggets of information.

Let me know if you find a name and a pic of the dead intruder.

And, would you be ready at breakfast?

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15 thoughts on “How Fast Could You Get Your Gun in a Home Invasion?

  1. Got this from a friend I sent the article to.
    From MC
    “Police are keeping it hush hush, so tells us it was either black or muslime, don’t want a riot. ”
    Here’s the police log
    7/6/2021 8:36:45 AM 202107060076 459R BURGLARY – RESIDENTIAL 600 Block of VINTAGE VALLEY DR

    1. It’s not unknown that authorities will withhold the name of a deceased person until next of kin have been notified, or they’ve made a good faith effort to find/notify the next of kin — they do this most commonly for victims, but also for criminal perpetrators.

      The identity of the deceased will come out eventually — some media outlets may (as usual) decide not to publicize the info, for whatever reason.

      >“Police are keeping it hush hush, so tells us it was either black or muslime, don’t want a riot. ”

      I doubt police/authorities would not release the identity for that reason.

      Of course a good bet is that the deceased is either black or Hispanic; it was already reported he was out on parole.

      As alleged the crime is rather odd — bashing thru the front door of a house at 8:30am — ? — that would make quite a racket, wouldn’t it? — looking at a satellite view of the reported location (600 block of Vintage Valley Drive in Fairfield CA), it looks like typical, dense suburban housing — so anyone breaking down a front door at that hour at that location would normally expect to be noticed, right?

      >”The door to the home was kicked completely off of the hinges,”…

      I mean, that would take a lot of force and make a lot of noise.


      >Police did not disclose the man’s name and did not release further information because other
      >aspects were still being looked into.

      At the moment, re not releasing his identity I do not see anything particularly suspicious.

      There could be more to this story.

  2. I’m away today, so if anyone sees more on this story. I’ll be eager to see it later today! Thanks!

  3. Pretty much every story on this is a (or almost a) verbatim copy of the original statement of the Fairfield CA PD, which you can find here (scroll down to July 6 18:10/6:10pm):

    There are almost 1200 comments, the vast majority supportive of the couple who shot the intruder — and some ask a reasonable question: was the victim out on parole due to COVID? — or some other recent measure, e.g. to relieve prison overcrowding?

    “We have also learned he was currently on parole for a violent crime out of Alameda County.”

    Oakland (high crime, heavily black) is in Alameda County — both Suisun (where the intruder allegedly lived) and Fairfield (where he was shot) are in Solano County — geographic restrictions are not uncommon for parolees, e.g. in this case not being allowed to return to/live in Alameda County.

    It says he was shot inside the house and found mortally wounded across the street — did he leave the house attempting to reach a waiting/getaway vehicle? — whose occupant(s) got spooked and left in a hurry? — are the cops looking for one or more accomplices?

  4. Sticky holster/9mm on person all day every day even in bed. Elderly woman was raped while outside on her porch was forced inside her home and raped. Guns in draws or anywhere in her house would not save her….GUNS on PERSONS….is the only way to go.

  5. No kiddos?
    I think you meant to say “properly trained children”. I raised five who were used to weapons being around, and knew not to play with them.

  6. Would I be ready?
    Only if my pants are on…
    (Who doesn’t wear a holstered sidearm?)

    Ok, if I’m in bed I’m ready as well. (Who doesn’t have a rifle by thier bed?)

  7. “Intruder shot to death by Fairfield resident in Green Valley area”
    [… the Solano County Coroner declined to release his name, citing a “protective order” and an ongoing investigation.

    Department investigators continue to unravel details about the shooting, but no further information will be released at this time, said Jacobsen.]

    At this point I will be surprised if it turns out there is no relationship between the people inside the house and the dead 27 y/o who broke down the front door.

    1. Thanks for keeping an eye on the story! I was simply assuming it was another case of not publishing a name and picture due to the media/law enforcement not wanting to “perpetuate stereotypes” but you could be right. Let me know if anything breaks! Thanks!

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