Group Organizing Another Demonstration for January 6th Political Prisoners

A couple of friends sent me this news about a rally on Saturday in Washington, DC to protest the incarceration of many arrested on January 6th, some of whom are in solitary confinement and many without even having charges filed against them.

It is such a relief to see that some patriots are taking action to protest this shameful act of political persecution.

I have no time to go into the details because I want to get over to RRW before I run out of steam today.  (Been out early slaving in the north 40, so to speak.)

Learn more about it here and see that there are satellite rallies being held elsewhere in the country as well.  Note that the Arizona rally is tomorrow.

Watch organizer Matt Braynard on with Steve Bannon last week:


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One thought on “Group Organizing Another Demonstration for January 6th Political Prisoners

  1. One of the most surreal events in an increasingly bizarre (and for Whites increasingly malevolent) media and political landscape is the branding of what happened on Jan 06 as an ‘insurrection’ — the comments on some websites are full of seething malice for the people who entered the Capitol, with seemingly no punishment too harsh; some of the rhetoric is really unbelievable — these people are sick, including those in politics and the media who’ve stoked this hatred.

    And for people who don’t know, via his Voter Integrity Project Matt Braynard has done some very good work carefully analyzing quantitatively exactly what went on with the 2020 vote in the heavily contested states — he’s on Twitter here:

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