Oklahoma City: African “Man” Charged with Sexually Assaulting Convenience Store Clerk

Here we go again, get out your secret decoder ring to try to figure out where this likely ‘new American’ came from and how he got here, but good luck with that!

Every time I am sent a story like this the question I am asked is—is this guy a refugee?  And, every time I give an answer like this:

Unless someone slips up in either law enforcement, or some family member steps forward to proclaim the innocence of one of these creeps, you will rarely be told from which country the perp came and which of the MANY legal or illegal pathways the “man” used to get here.

LOL! That information would of course be “perpetuating stereotypes!”

For the refugee question, sometimes if you find out that the person being charged in a crime was from a country that has sent us tens of thousands of their people, you can make an educated guess.  For example, if the perp is Somali, Ethiopian, Congolese, Burmese, Iraqi or from Afghanistan, you could guess, and guess correctly, that the “man” in the news is a refugee.

Sometimes you can make an educated guess based on the location of the incident.  For instance a “man” with a Somali name committing a crime in Minnesota is likely a refugee. Duh!

So, just as Illegal Alien Crime Report does, call him an “African Migrant.”

African ‘Migrant’ Charged With Sexually Assaulting Convenience Store Clerk

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – On the morning of July 4, police arrested Hakeem Sanusi, 34, after her reportedly sexually assaulted a woman working alone in a convenience store in northwest Oklahoma City. In order to protect the victim’s privacy, the police have not released the store’s exact location.

The crime reporter website then sends us to booking information, but of course no information on whether he is legally or illegally in the country.

A cursory search informed me that Sanusi is a Muslim surname.

Continue reading here.

Then here is the headline of the local news account.  Just some random man, no photo.

Man arrested for alleged sexual assault of Oklahoma City convenience store clerk

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A northwest Oklahoma City convenience store clerk says she was sexually assaulted by a customer while on the job.

The suspect, 34-year-old Hakeem Sanusi is now facing charges in the alleged attack.

“It was over the weekend that police were made aware of a sexual assault at a convenience store in Northwest Oklahoma City,” said MSgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department (OKCPD).

“No one was in the store except for an employee,” Knight said.

Police say Sanusi made inappropriate comments to the alleged victim.

The woman telling officers Hakeem is a regular at the store during the overnight hours, and frequently makes inappropriate statements, making her feel uncomfortable.

The woman claims Sanusi told her, quote, “nothing better come of this.”

Not long after – she was able to call the police.

“Officers at the scene were able to look at surveillance video of the man and get him identified very quickly,” Knight said.

Police say Sanusi was located at a nearby neighborhood – and arrested.

Calling all of you who possess secret decoder rings, let me know if you learn more about Hakeem!

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10 thoughts on “Oklahoma City: African “Man” Charged with Sexually Assaulting Convenience Store Clerk

    1. LOL! Thanks, but here is a better idea. If lots of people started blogs I could retire! I have said repeatedly over the years that what I do isn’t hard to do and the more people writing the less chance they will be able to find us all to shut us down!

  1. Again and Again and Again and Again and on it goes..

    Like they say.. ‘You can take the man out of the – whatever – But you cannot take the – whatever – out of the man..”

    Where these animals come from, this is just another day in barbaric paradise..

    Why don’t we get that yet?

    1. Thanks. I did see it and I guess I will have to say more about it. I think the number we have already admitted in the last few years is somewhere around 60,000.

  2. I wonder why she didn’t make use of Oklahoma’s gun laws? A woman working the overnight shift alone?

    1. Because 7.11 policy doesn’t allow them to carry firearms on the job.

  3. Per info, the surname Sanusi is most common in Nigeria — some may recall Hakeem (‘the Dream’) Olajuwon, who came to the US from Nigeria to play basketball at the Univ of Houston, then later played in the NBA for the Houston Rockets — so Sanusi could also be a legal immigrant, or an overstayer (i.e. rather than a refugee).


    Remembered this sad case — but she was also a very foolish woman.

    1. And, I think the lack of media coverage of dreadful murders (by the likes of the Nigerian) is responsible for other foolish women not being forewarned.

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