Radio Silence from Mainstream Media on Kenyan Mass Murderer in Texas

Billy Chemirmir

I haven’t seen any major news stories on the horrific serial killer of defenseless elderly women case reported here on Friday so I just had a quick look.
No time to give you the details but check out One New Now with this headline:

NBC, CNN don’t reveal suspected killer of 12 elderly women is illegal

You can bet that the news about these horrible murders would be running on a loop if the alleged killer was a white redneck!
And, for a laugh see that the Washington Post just discovered the story today.

Billy Chemirmir (aka Benjamin Koitaba) is referred to in about the 20th paragraph as a “citizen of Kenya” before admitting that he is in the country illegally.

See the One News Now story because they report what this ‘new American’ will cost taxpayers just for his likely life sentence, and that doesn’t include the cost of the investigation and trial.
I hope one day we will learn just how this alleged mass murderer got into the US in the first place! But, I won’t be holding my breath!

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6 thoughts on “Radio Silence from Mainstream Media on Kenyan Mass Murderer in Texas

  1. I heard about it on Fox before you posted anything the 1st time. Yes, they are saying he is illegal, and as the facts roll out they are presenting them. They have also said they will continue to stay on top of it.

    1. Good, yes, I didn’t mean to suggest that Fox hadn’t reported it! Thanks for clarifying!

  2. It seem unlikely that one serial killer, no matter how ambitious, could account for the hundreds of suspicious deaths of elderly women police are investigating. Could be that word gets out that this is one way to get rich in America, and there are others doing the same thing.

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