90% of Migrants Seeking Asylum in the US Never Show Up for their Court Date

That is the statistic given by the acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security before a hearing in Senator Lindsey Graham’s Judiciary Committee yesterday.

They don’t show up because they know their asylum claim won’t pass the smell test!

border crashers
The third world marches to America.  https://usaherald.com/southern-border-breaking-point-says-customs-border-patrol-commissioner/

For the umpteenth time when someone seeks asylum (wants refugee status!) claiming they have a fear of returning to their home country, they must prove that they would be persecuted for one of several reasons—race, religion, political opinion, or because they are a member of a certain (persecuted) group.
(And, they must ask for that asylum in the first safe country they reach!)
The UN and the Open Borders Left want you to think that running from gang violence or seeking a better life are reasons to grant asylum (refugee status); they are not!
So, that is why Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan said in his testimony yesterday to Graham that they suffer from “misaligned asylum standards.”   
Someone (a smuggler or a Lefty immigration lawyer) has told them what to say to border patrol resulting in agents determining that they have a “credible fear” of returning home, but that claim can’t later be substantiated in court, and they know it.
So they disappear into the urban woodwork of America.

From Fox News,

DHS chief reveals startling stat on asylum seekers who skip hearings, disappear


The acting Homeland Security secretary gave lawmakers a glimpse Tuesday into just how many asylum seekers skip their hearings after being released into the United States — telling a Senate panel that a recent program found 90 percent miss their court dates.

Lindsey Graham
Remember that Lindsey Graham was a member of the Gang of Eight which did get a dreadful ‘comprehensive’ immigration reform bill through the Senate a few years ago.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., asked Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan how many asylum seekers coming across the southern border show up for their hearings.
“It depends on demographic, the court, but we see too many cases where people are not showing up,” he said, telling Graham that DHS recently conducted a pilot program with family units.
“Out of those 7,000 cases, 90 received final orders of removal in absentia, 90 percent,” he said.
“90 percent did not show up?” Graham asked.
“Correct, that is a recent sample from families crossing the border,” McAleenan clarified.
McAleenan’s testimony also painted a grim portrait of a border crisis that shows no signs of easing, with Border Patrol overwhelmed and underfunded. The secretary described authorities as hamstrung by laws that limit how long they can keep migrants in custody.
“Currently due to a single district court order, we cannot obtain effective immigration enforcement results for the families arriving at our border — they cannot be held for longer than 21 days and do not receive rulings from immigration courts for years,” he said.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported that it encountered 144,000 migrants at the border in May, a level not seen in decades, describing the situation as a “full-blown emergency.” McAleenan said that 60,000 children have entered into DHS custody in just the last 40 days.
McAleenan told lawmakers they also suffer due to “misaligned” asylum standards, meaning many of those who demonstrate “credible fear” of returning home — the initial bar for claiming asylum — are later judged not to have a valid asylum claim.

More here.

By the way, here is the big lie!

The vast majority of people on the move around the world, and the vast majority of ‘refugees’ admitted to the US, even through the regular refugee admissions program, are not persecuted in their home countries.
People, migrants, move for all sorts of reasons, mostly because their countries are impoverished and crime ridden, but that does not make them a refugee when using the definition established by the international community of nations in 1951.
What has happened over the years is that worldwide No Borders agitators (clever language manipulators!) have tried to tell the uninformed public that all of these people are ‘refugees’ and as such must be granted asylum in a country of their choosing.
And, you pay!
Refugees (“New Americans” as the Left calls them) are entitled to welfare benefits, healthcare, education for the kids and the list goes on!
If you aren’t willing to pay, then you are a racist of course!

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8 thoughts on “90% of Migrants Seeking Asylum in the US Never Show Up for their Court Date

  1. All of the adults applying for asylum also get employment authorization cards. They get to pick the name and date of birth they want on the card. Unless they have had a prior apprehension by immigration authorities or a criminal arrest in America, we have no way to positively identify them, so we permit “pick a name,” then create a federal identification document.

  2. We pay, alright. I am still astounded that our government works so blatantly against its own citizens. The latest is to tax uninsured Americans to pay for illegal aliens’ free healthcare. To add insult to injury, the Democratic tyrants just voted to give our electoral votes to the national popular vote winner, so all those millions of new Americans can even have my vote. And, a majority of people in my state voted to be a sanctuary to these invaders. They must all be rich because there is a cost attached to this generosity that we are taxed to pay for.
    When will the truth you print here go mainstream? Seems that people are going to wake up too late.

    1. I wish I had an answer for you. I think the only thing to do is to keep on trying to get the word out, stay calm and balance one’s life in order to survive for as long as possible (while praying for a miracle!). That’s the advice I have not just for me, but for all of us!

      1. Our elected officials at the federal level have been either ignoring or promoting legal and illegal immigration for many decades. I first became aware when I began my career as a Border Patrol Agent out in the desert of southern California. During the late 70s my station had operational responsibility for over 90 miles of land border. We had a total of 40 agents to enforce our immigration law and protect our border.
        I quickly realized our force was way too small to counter the invasion. We often had weeks where no agent was assigned to patrol the actual border. We had to decide how to cover two state routes leading up to L.A., the interstate, and a few remote paved roads which smugglers used to avoid our highway checkpoints.
        It was common to only have 5-7 agents on duty per shift. We really needed, for safety, at least 4 agents to safely man a checkpoint, but we often did it with just 2.
        The U.S. Border Patrol pilots would go aloft at daybreak. Usually two single engine aircraft, with one pilot. The pilots would first ask the dispatcher if there were any ground units patrolling during the night. If none were patrolling, the pilots would fly to each end of our area of operation. Once they arrived at the outermost point they would descend and fly along the actual border “drag” road. They would call out the tracks coming across the border and there locations. The dispatcher would write in a paper note book the reports of the “got-aways.”
        This went on for many years, until congress finally agreed to make inadequate increases to our ranks. Today the USBP tries to maintain approximately 20,000 agents nationwide. It is difficult because of low morale, brought on by lack of understanding and support of their mission by the American people. Most of this is brought on by a press/media who is a wing of a leftist political party.
        Liberals love to bash Americans who oppose illegal immigration. They blame America for the plight of people fleeing their native countries to come to America. They never consider the corrupt governments in these S***hole nations who refuse to protect their own people, and provide a legitimate economy. The cartels and gangs thrive in this corrupt environment, and America is expected to absorb those fleeing.
        The Leftists now cry out for America to fix the problems in Central America, Africa and the Middle east with our treasury. Funny how they were opposed to nation building back during the Vietnam War (I was also there for that one).
        The party on the Right is also guilty on the lack of immigration enforcement, they march to the call of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the CEO of JP Morgan. An a stark example is how upset these entities were over President Trump using a tariff threat against Mexico.

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