Trump Considering Giving Temporary Refugee Status to Venezuelans

No matter how much sympathy we may have for the plight of Venezuelans as their country is in turmoil, it is nuts to consider offering their citizens (who happen to be in the US at the moment) Temporary Protected Status.
First, because they will never go home! TPS is NOT temporary! That is what we have learned about all of the other countries over the years whose nationals—whether from El Salvador, Haiti, or Liberia—were allowed to stay until the crisis passed in their home country.

Mr. President, say it ain’t so!

Under TPS, they will be able to live and work here as legal residents for 18 months. 
However, that status is simply renewed time and time again.
They put down roots, buy houses, get work permits, get drivers’ licenses, send kids to school, and probably vote!, and then scream bloody murder when told the crisis is over in their home country and they must go home.
We thought Trump understood that as he attempts to send some of those backdoor ‘new Americans’ home! I guess not!
And, by the way, the TPS designation is a magnet for more to come. 
Technically TPS recipients are supposed to already be in the US when the designation is made, but you can bet more slip in and claim they were here earlier.  Indeed just the mention of this window of opportunity must be encouraging Venezuelans to get here at this very moment, ASAP!
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Lewiston, ME Officials Cautiously Watch the Congolese Shipments Arriving in Portland

And, local citizens like Laura Mae ask important questions, like this one:

“We already have homeless vets and homeless people here as it is. Why do we have to help others before our people here?”

Yesterday I told you about how 350 illegal aliens from the DR Congo were being sent first to San Antonio, TX and some of those were then sent on to welcoming Portland, Maine.
(At a time when the US State Department has already taken in 50,000 ‘new Americans’ from the DR Congo in under five years as ‘refugees.’)

DR Congolese in Maine
Congolese family that traveled through Central America and Mexico to get to the US border, pictured here in Portland, Maine

And, as I said yesterday, Maine is prime real estate for illegal alien asylum seekers because it offers public benefits to those wannabe refugees BEFORE they have gone through the whole asylum process.
The primary information I want to know, and it seems no one ever asks or reports, is this:  who paid for these large families, with children in tow, to get all the way from the heart of Africa to our southern border?  Aren’t these people supposed to be poor?
So, if Lewiston ends up getting the spillover from Portland, I wonder how the Somalis (Muslims) who dominate Lewiston will feel about some of their African competitors moving in on their territory—competing for housing, medical care, and other social services.  Most of the Congolese are not Muslims.  
I guess the one bright side is that Lewiston will be a kind of multicultural petri dish for us all to watch and learn from because this is where America is headed (developing ethnic communities that conflict with each other) thanks to the fact that most Americans are not paying attention and keep electing officials who support bringing the third world to our shores. (Like the present Governor of Maine!)
The Sun Journal gives us the reaction from Lewiston leaders and citizens.
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