Hundreds of Congolese Asylum Seekers Arrive in Texas, Some Shipped to Maine

When I saw the news the other day about 350 illegal aliens, mostly from the DR Congo, arriving at our southern border and being sent to San Antonio by border patrol I was steamed to say the least!

The UN asked Obama to take 50,000 from the DR Congo five years ago.  Obama started the migration and Trump is finishing it!

What the h***!  We have admitted over 50,000 ‘refugees’ from the DR Congo since fiscal year 2015 (not quite 5 years). 
50,314 to be exact as of today!
Yet we are expected to welcome hundreds more coming in illegally.
And, by the way, who funded these ‘impoverished’ people to make the long journey from Central Africa? Does anyone in authority ever ask that question?
Before I get to the maddening news and give you some background on why they are now being shipped to “welcoming” Maine, below is a map of where the 50,314 have been placed in less than 5 years.  I will bet most of you never had a clue this was happening.
And, if you missed it, the DR Congo is Ebola central in Africa these days!

I wrote about the Congolese migration to your towns and cities extensively at Refugee Resettlement Watch—a migration that Obama and the UN kicked off and that the Trump Administration continues!
I reported last month here at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ that nearly 8,000 from the DR Congo have arrived (as legal refugees) in America in under 8 months in this fiscal year!
When is enough, enough?
This is a map from the US State Department’s Refugee Processing Center.
Numbers are hard to read, but know that Texas, Arizona, Kentucky, North Carolina and New York are the top five states building Congolese ‘communities.’
Does anyone think that any of these ‘new Americans’ will vote for anyone other than socialist candidates?
When are the dumb Republicans going to get it—when they lose Texas (the number one state for all refugee resettlement) they lose the White House.
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Screenshot (1009)

Now what about this secondary migration to Maine!

Laura Ingraham did a report on San Antonio seeking to send their new arrivals to Maine, see here.
Turns out that after getting the first couple of batches, Portland, Maine elected officials started to get cold feet and asked San Antonio to not send more.  See that story here.
So, why Maine?
It’s the welfare magnet stupid!  I’ve been writing about Maine’s generous welfare for migrants of all stripes (not just legal Somali refugees which started the African flood to the state), so the word went out that asylum seekers could get welfare there too!
(See many posts on Maine and welfare for migrants, here at RRW.)
Here is the key to Maine as a magnet!
It is well known around the world as a state that gives welfare benefits to asylum seekers.  In most of America, asylum seekers (those not granted refugee status yet!) are not permitted to receive welfare!  (I suspect many are still getting benefits, but it’s not supposed to be happening.)
The illegal aliens can get taxpayer-funded goodies in Maine, and despite the best efforts of Maine’s previous Republican governor the handout continues.
Don’t miss my post yesterday about how the vast majority of asylum seekers never show up for their court dates.  Why bother when they can stay comfortably cared for and protected in Maine!
One last thought:  Since Catholic Charities is responsible for federal refugee resettlement in Maine, I suspect they are called upon to help move some of the migrants (aka ‘new Americans’) from Texas to Portland (but surely use taxpayer dollars for their supposed Christian charity).

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20 thoughts on “Hundreds of Congolese Asylum Seekers Arrive in Texas, Some Shipped to Maine

  1. Maine has taken a meteoric slide toward socialism in only five months since the election of Janet Mills as Governor. The Marxist legislature has passed so many bad bills this session, it’s difficult to keep count. One such bill gives protection and benefits to these fake refugees which should be for the indigent, the mentally ill and the elderly.
    The Mayor of Portland, Ethan Strimling, a transplant from NYC, is running for re-election and will likely win after making my hometown a sanctuary city. These people are destroying our culture and traditional values. It makes me sick!

    1. The people of Maine got what they voted for. We can blame the office holders but it the people who elected them that is at fault. Seeing it all across the Country from City Councils to Governorships. I ask “What the heck is wrong with people”!?

  2. My old office was situated between large apartment complexes and a laundromat. My boss and I would guess the origin of each new wave as we observed new batches comprising groups of girls and women toting their laundry back and forth and repeating pregnancy and groups of boys and men going to coffee/tea/hookah shops and soccer games. They were distinguishable by their physical appearance, fashion, and especially shoes. Eventually some of them would wind up in our office. We started seeing Congolese about 10 years ago. Each group starts off in meat production then transfers to easier labor in bakeries, grocery/big box stores etc as they establish their own communities and networks here. However they arrive here, either through the system or illegally, is irrelevant at this point. Several someones want them here so thousands more arrive every day. You can’t comprehend it rationally because it’s not. What’s the purpose, the motivation, the endgame?

  3. Dear Anne, I have been following your diligent blog postings since ?? maybe pre-election (2016). You are an invaluable source of information the completely biased media will not make available to us. I love you for it.
    I am finally promoted to write by this DRCongo crisis. My life has had a peripheral, but significant link to Congo. (Patience here). My point is to seek the most honest and not off-putting language to communicate these realities to loved ones in my sphere.
    You give such accurate data and factual stories. Your recent posts on INTENTIONS of Islamists is so true. Without that TRUTHFUL understanding, there can be no SEEING the consequences in an honest way!! America has laid out the best yet system to allow for true freedom for ALL. She (America) has also been the most beneficent donor to the worlds’ needy as well. This generous view of America is no longer seen (& now not taught!) by too many today. Rather, some choose to emphasize only the flaws, forgetting how they were rectified!! Also, CONFUSING the role/ responsibility of individuals with governments. Again, your fact presenting is so vital!!! Back to my story… From 2004-16 I was Music Director at Winnetka Covenant Church in Wilmette, IL just north of Chicago. This is a Swedish evangelical denomination I was not even aware of until I got the job. One of my choir members had been a missionary to Congo in the 50’s, was such a dear Christian and admonished me in the importance of PRAYER over all our gatherings. I gladly took that to heart in my years leading there! The church had a history of mission work to Congo- & it continues still. One of my dearest friends’ daughter became a missionary, eventually to DRC, even married a young man from the Christian community there. He became orphaned very young, worked unbelievably hard to care for his younger siblings as a youth (age 10)- walking miles for water, etc… She went in in International Stiludies in Philadelphia and came to embrace the stance of ‘white privilege’ so earnestly taught. The church sent teams to the Gemini, DRCongo to build schools, wells, etc. No one can doubt their sincere devotion to God and to his people there!! I knew and loved these people. I also knew Southern Baptists – when I was a member in Oklahoma (1989-2000) – and they were NOT bigoted hateful people the ‘enlightened’ people of the north liked to discount. ( I was mostly Brethren/ Methodist 1955-1988.)
    (It is so unhelpful to generalize groups of ‘people.’ Or is it just defining terms and who gets the first swipe at THAT that determines outcomes!!)
    I remember writing in Fall of 2016 on a FB thread I frequented of a professor at Loyola in Chicago, that all the people that I had known intimately in my life were either farmers, teachers, church workers or small business owners. I KNEW these middle America people – in Iowa (55-78), Ohio (78-88), OK (88-03), IL (04-18), now back to Iowa.
    I am so keenly, personally, aware of how the rhetoric plays politically today. I am, more importantly, steeped in my own Judeo Christian faith & tradition, AND the freedom foundations of our American Constitution as the founders built it and relied on Judeo-Christian FOUNDATIONS. Yet, in this Evangelical COVENANT Church, of which I was happily immersed and faithfully served for 12+ years, loved like family!, there has come a political divide over the great issues of our day. Immigration. Life (Abortion). Sexuality. That’s really it. Or, do those even synthesize to “IT’s the ECONOMY…!” We’ll see.] (The Pastor rebuked me for an anti-Obama FB post Oct 2016. It was rather inadvertent as I was wanting to share sentiments of our founders J Quincy Adams, Ben Franklin on their views of Islam). I ended up retiring earlier than planned!! Now this July the whole ECC denomination is culminating a 20+ yr ‘discussion’ on the ‘sexuality’ issue. I think the Methodists are or did that last year. ) Of my 2 sisters, whom I love as much as any humans, 1 shares my conservative politics, the other —- we simply avoid politics (for now). The latter is Methodist (as we grew up): I think her core is “rich have too much ‘unfairly.’ “ But it reflects her group of friends and other family and not being anchored by truth of which I spoke above.
    I believe a spiritual darkness deliberately exploits these issues like immigration. Some like to name it social justice. … Or women’s rights. . . Or now Bernie’s favorite: economic rights (whatever he thinks THAT is!!)
    So… the Congolese immigrant issue. The questions they don’t WANT asked are endless. Who paid for them to come!! Who screens health! Why do they NEED to come? Oh!! it goes on & on ….. I’ve surely missed higher value ??? I really don’t have any issue with what you report or even HOW you report it. You are SO stick-to-the-facts. I have more an issue with Rush when he frequently says “them/they” as though everyone who holds the (now LEFT) political view is completely unChristian and ignorant, etc.
    How to be most persuasive?? Our situation is dire!! This IS an invasion! Yet that is NOT even the greatest threat! The deeper threat is the false ideology which gradually (now massively) became the way of thinking – through MISeducation, media (arts/entertainment) -and now the cultural NORM in major sectors; even major churches:(.
    Thank you for your SERVICE! Thank you for your tenacity! Thank you for being resilient to criticism like our dear President. Such conviction to DO the right thing no matter what is hurled against you! BLESS YOU!!!
    I have often wanted to share your posts. Maybe, now that you’re in FB again that will be easier. (My eldest son said you don’t change anybody’s mind via FB….. He’s a Marine veteran but married a girl who favors the feminist track- at least joined the Trump haters early:( )
    May I find a better way to communicate; to persuade!! To love!!!
    Thank you Ann!!
    Your fan, Dawn
    1997-2000 I wrote a book (unpublished) on the subject of church music – a sort of theology of music: M.A.R.C.H.: Musician and Artists Respond to Christ’s Holiness.
    I thought of titling it after something my Grandma recalls me saying as a child about food!!! – “I don’t want any! I don’t like it! What is it!”
    Maybe I need to revisit that title and expand it from just music to all ideas/choices we make.
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    1. Dawn, thank you for your comment. I hope you meant for it to be public. It is excellent and follows a theme I am hearing over and over again about how important it is to wake up America about what is happening to us before it is too late. I wish I had the perfect answer for you and everyone, but I don’t. Just know that the socialists (communists perhaps) knew decades ago that they had to destroy the Christian church and have been going about their business as we led normal lives. And, they knew as they themselves have said they will change America by changing the people.

    2. Our “dear President” is not a saviour. Regardless of any existing circumstances, executive power over our borders and immigration would preclude this discussion had “dear President” asserted and enforced it in our citizens’ favor. What’s happening is intentional, and he’s complicit.

  4. The importation of diseased settlers is a weapon our enemies are using against us!

  5. The CONGO!! What the hell do THEY have to do with our country?? And what could POSSIBLY be the rationale for us bringing them here, supporting them, providing them with homes and livings and generous welfare benefits??!! They’re not poor, they’re not in danger, and they have nothing whatever to contribute to our country!! So I just sent this article to the White House, with the following message:
    Mr. President, why are you allowing this to happen to our beloved country? People from not just South and Central America, but from AFRICA and ASIA are pouring over our Southern border, impelled by the knowledge that our border is wide-open, subsidized by worldwide criminal smuggling organizations, and the US government is just letting it happen! Now over 50,000 migrants from the AFRICAN CONGO, invited by Obama and allowed by you, have been “legally” admitted to our country, for no appreciable reason–8,000 in only the last 8 months!, many of them shipped directly to Maine to live permanently on generous Maine welfare benefits, BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT! That is, by YOU! Yes, from the Congo, where Islamist terror groups are legion, Christians are being massacred every day, where democracy, capitalism, education, the English language and American culture, history and society are virtually unknown, and where in fact EBOLA is rampant! WHY??? I thought you were going to secure the borders! It’s why we ELECTED you! If you don’t believe me, please read the fact-filled documentation in this article:

    1. I wish more people would take the time as you have to tell the President what you think. Sigh.

  6. My conspiracy theory du jour; Big Pharma / CDC NIH etc. come up with an ebola vaccine – then ship in a mass of pestilent Africans to start a pandemic here.
    Of course their kids will be admitted to our schools to infect our kids, who will then bring it home to us.
    Won’t take long before it’s the Black Plague (which has been making a comeback thanks to unfettered immigration BTW) all over again.
    “Bring out your dead!”
    What a marketing opportunity! How can you refuse to get your shots when people are writhing in agony dying all over town with blood gushing out of every bodily orifice?
    Hell of an incentive to sell vaccines… and I wonder what side effects those will have?
    Lord have mercy!

    1. I agree with your assessment. Merck already has a vaccine. At least it’s being manufactured in Germany instead of India, and hopefully it won’t kill too many of us. They’ve been trying it out in Africa and would be enthused to see it used here. Mandatory vaccination and at any cost, liability-free profits. What’s not to like, if you’re Merck?

    1. Thanks, ganjagrandma, for that link, which everyone should check out. It’s really one of the most infuriating and outraging articles on this whole unbelievably sick Congolese-fast-track-to-Maine nightmare. The evil, monstrous bureaucrats that put it together should be taken out and shot…

      1. Of course the reference to shooting is a figure of speech. Yes, excellent research in the article and I will post it soon.

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