Catholic Charities Helping to Relocate Congolese Illegal Aliens

Those entering the U.S. through this route did so because they “were scared the [refugee] process was not gonna work, or that it’s last (sic) a standstill.” 

(Christina Higgs, Catholic Charities San Antonio)


I am furious to see that the border jumpers claim (or at least their Catholic handlers claim) that the refugee process might not work for them!

Why isn’t the media reporting that we have admitted as refugees to the US over 50,000 DR Congolese refugees in under five years with 8,000 arriving here in the last 8 months!
The DR Congolese are at the moment, by far, the largest refugee ethnic group being admitted to the US.
When is enough, enough?

Not fast enough for them so they headed to South America for a long and EXPENSIVE trip to the southern border.

I sure hope we don’t find out that the Catholic Church has been paying for the migration!
If you missed last night’s post about the Laura Ingraham segment about how cagey the Congolese were when interviewed in Portland, go here.
Then see where else this first batch was placed!  The word is that more are on the way!

From the Washington Examiner,

African migrants pass through San Antonio and swiftly fan out across the country


SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Roughly 300 Congolese and Angolan citizens who arrived in San Antonio the first week of June after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border days earlier have all briskly departed the city for destinations across the country, some with fuzzy plans based partly on hope.
The hundreds of family members and single adults from Central Africa first showed up June 4 at the southern border’s Eagle Pass and Del Rio towns in south-central Texas. The migrants surrendered to Border Patrol agents and claimed asylum after crossing the Rio Grande.
The agency did not, as it is supposed to, turn families over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Instead, it released families onto the streets of Eagle Pass and Del Rio, according to two government and nongovernment officials with first-hand knowledge of the matter. The African migrants then bought bus tickets to either San Antonio or Austin, according to San Antonio Interim Assistant City Manager Colleen Bridger.

Screenshot (1012)
All are US State Department refugee resettlement sites for Africans (except for Boynton Beach). This is why you need to make sure the Refugee Admissions Program does not get a foothold where you live because once they start an ethnic enclave it doesn’t end.

“If — a family, the sponsor — it’s been 24-48 hours and they can’t buy the [bus] ticket, then we’ll buy it,” Elizabeth Nemeth, executive director of Catholic Charities’ west side center, told the Washington Examiner Thursday.
“They come with a place in mind. ‘My friend told me to go to Portland, Maine, because there’s a lot of Congolese families that already live there and it’s welcoming,” said Nemeth. “And they have that plan in mind, right? But they don’t understand the geography — like where it is, how much it costs to get there. There’s a lot of misconceptions. They may think, ‘I have a friend there,’ but they don’t have a friend’s phone number … [We can look into] what is their last name, phone book, call shelter and ask about them, connect the dots. I wouldn’t say that we’re just putting them randomly. They have an idea.”

The African migrants are spending six to seven months traveling to Brazil then up to the U.S.

Those entering the U.S. through this route did so because they “were scared the [refugee] process was not gonna work, or that it’s last a standstill,” said Christina Higgs, Catholic Charities spokeswoman for the San Antonio region. Some worried traveling to or through Europe was “getting really dangerous.”
“He used the term, and I hate to say it, but they were trying to hedge their bets by coming his way and see if they couldn’t get here that way,” she added.

More here.
We have been more than ‘welcoming’ to the DR Congolese, heck we have been busy moving them en masse (on the taxpayers dime) to every corner of America and it still isn’t enough!  Hundreds simply break in!
My head is exploding!

What is it going to take to get the facts to the public when most reporters are ignorant, lazy, or worse! 
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4 thoughts on “Catholic Charities Helping to Relocate Congolese Illegal Aliens

  1. Remember this is what HIAS did too.
    They didn’t like it that their $$$HeadHunter$$$ “refugee” pipeline was understandably being slashed, so they went south of the border to teach everyone who wanted to come to America how to lie your way in via invading our border and lying about how they need asylum and protection.
    They started this avalanche and it doesn’t surprise me that they are helping pay the way for these illegal aliens, so they are beholden to them.

  2. I’m wondering if the feds will dutifullyly deduct these “refugees” from Trump’s FY19 ceiling. Seems to me that if the USG officially granted them refugee status that those numbers must be applied to the ceiling. On the bright side of this madness,from my experience Congolese are hard-working and willing to assimilate, which is more than I can say for the vast majority of Muslim entrants, legal or illegal.

  3. Great. Published:
    On Sun, Jun 16, 2019 at 7:32 AM Frauds, Crooks and Criminals wrote:
    > Ann Corcoran posted: “Those entering the U.S. through this route did so > because they “were scared the [refugee] process was not gonna work, or that > it’s last (sic) a standstill.” (Christina Higgs, Catholic Charities San > Antonio) I am furious to see that the border jump” >

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