Laura Ingraham Updates Congolese to Maine Story

Thanks to reader ‘TwoLaine’ for sending the clip.
Begin watching at minute 13:00 and prepare to be shocked at how cagey the migrants are when asked questions about how they got here and how they paid for their travel from Central Africa to our southern border!
Don’t miss the mention of the fact that observers in Portland noticed that the destitute Africans had rolls of hundred dollar bills!
These several hundred illegal aliens will be joining the 50,000 plus of their countrymen who have been admitted to the US as ‘refugees’ in the last five years, including 8,000 since October of 2018! (You paid the airfare of the 50,000, btw!) 
See my earlier post here with a map of where the 50,000 were placed.

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14 thoughts on “Laura Ingraham Updates Congolese to Maine Story

    1. Thanks for sending. I do have it in my upcoming round-up. I agree they are very likely getting SSI as refugees are eligible for it!

      1. The thing is SSI checks for disabled persons are already too low (about 700/month). I can’t believe they are giving these benefits to healthy, working age people. For example, if you are born with a significant disability, but never had the opportunity to work, you only qualify for SSI, not SSDI. They have empty refrigerators and I many of them sleep in their cars. If they have homes, likely they have no furniture, blankets or sheets on their bed. I know because I go into the section 8 housing and buy extra blankets and food with my SSDI check for them. I didn’t get sick until my mid-20’s.
        The type of people I know on them have severe mental retardation, no legs + diabetes + schizophrenia, and condition such as those.

    2. That’s absolutely disgusting. I actually have Schizophrenia. I can’t believe someone would fake it. Do you have any idea what it’s like to hallucinate 24/7 and be called crazy by all of society and then be drugged out of your mind? Month long forced hospital stays? Solitary confinement with no toilet? Time distortions, seeing, hearing and touching things that aren’t there. Schizophrenics are the #1 most discriminated against demographic in history. Screw them. Go back to Africa. At least there you have rights.
      The safety net is there for a reason. Sometimes schizophrenics can’t work and many cannot work at all. They would die without their benefits and often they benefits are insufficient. I can’t believe people are giving out fake diagnosis’s to people who didn’t earn them.

  1. We are definitely being hoodwinked!!
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  2. Time for an official investigation of NGOs who supply documents instructing illegal aliens to not cooperate with U.S. authorities. They make themselves a part of the conspiracy to smuggle. At the very least they should be stripped of their tax exempt status.

  3. I think I’ll not miss Trump when he’s gone. Remember those ‘Miss me Yet’ T-shirts 10 years ago. I agree with you he’s not gotten enough done.

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