Laura Ingraham Updates Congolese to Maine Story

Thanks to reader ‘TwoLaine’ for sending the clip.

Begin watching at minute 13:00 and prepare to be shocked at how cagey the migrants are when asked questions about how they got here and how they paid for their travel from Central Africa to our southern border!

Don’t miss the mention of the fact that observers in Portland noticed that the destitute Africans had rolls of hundred dollar bills!

These several hundred illegal aliens will be joining the 50,000 plus of their countrymen who have been admitted to the US as ‘refugees’ in the last five years, including 8,000 since October of 2018! (You paid the airfare of the 50,000, btw!) 

See my earlier post here with a map of where the 50,000 were placed.


Texas: Story of Kenyan Killer Disappears from the News

After all, it was only a bunch of elderly, mostly white, women allegedly smothered to death with their pillows.  Old women, so who cares!


Chemirmir victims
The murder of Lu Thi Harris, upper left, is the first case investigators unraveled.  Harris is originally from Vietnam, likely a refugee.


Imagine if these had been Hispanic or Black women killed by a white American serial killer. The story would be front page news for months around the world!

When the ghastly story of how an illegal alien, Billy Chemirmir, broke (nationally) in mid-May of this year with the announcement that investigators had found a total of twelve deaths (so far) linked to Chemirmir, I said I would follow the case closely.

So every day or so I do a search and find nothing—zip, zero, nada—as the story drops down a media black hole.

Why is that?

Here are just a few reasons I believe the story is getting virtually no media attention: Chemirmir is black, his victims were mostly white, he was in the country illegally, the Texas police likely screwed up the investigation in a sanctuary city (Chemirmir had previous run-ins with the law), and lastly perhaps because the crimes are so horrific against vulnerable elderly women that the PC media movers and shakers know that if it was known widely it would add fuel to the immigration control agenda of the political right….

….and, heaven forbid, the President might tweet on the story if he saw it on Fox News!

Indeed, this past week marks a full year since Chemirmir was indicted and placed behind bars in the first case–the murder of Lu Thi Harris.

See my earlier posts on the Kenyan killer by clicking here.  I promised that I would follow this story, the ultimate nightmare for those of us who have elderly parents or grandparents living alone, to its end.

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