Feds Will Not Bring Charges Against Rep. Ilhan Omar for Marriage/Immigration Fraud

“This was clear marriage fraud and immigration fraud, that’s a fact.”

(DHS insider with knowledge of the investigation)


That is the gist of news unearthed by Leo Hohmann writing at World Net Daily this week.

A Dept. of Homeland Security insider says they have the goods on her, but the US Attorney in Minnesota, Erica MacDonald, will not be filing charges.

One more example, even under the Trump Administration, that there are two standards of justice one for them and another for us.

If you are new to the controversy, see my previous posts on the Congresswoman’s marriages.

For additional background, if you are interested, for years at Refugee Resettlement Watch I chronicled the history of immigration fraud that was rampant in the Somali ‘community.’

Back in 2008 (and down the memory hole) the US State Department actually halted all Somali family reunification due to the tens of thousands of fraudulent cases they had unearthed.  Only a tiny handful of those cheaters was ever located and removed.

DHS insider spills beans on Ilhan Omar criminal charges for marrying brother


Federal investigators have decided not to prosecute Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., for immigration fraud despite the publicly available evidence that she married her brother to gain him lawful status to remain in the United States.

The news that two separate federal agencies have declined to pursue charges against Omar after a months-long probe came from a veteran insider at the Department of Homeland Security.

The case was investigated by the FBI and involved at least one other agency, but the U.S. Attorney in Minnesota, Erica MacDonald, has decided not to prosecute.

Editor: It is my opinion that US Attorney MacDonald and the whole Justice Department are scared s******* that if charges are brought against Omar, riots of a greater magnitude than those experienced in the George Floyd fiasco would erupt and result in a race war that could spread further once the rest of Minneapolis is burned down.

MacDonald is a Republican who was appointed to her post in June 2018 by President Trump.


Abdihakim Osman Nur, a member of the Somali-American community in Minnesota, was the first person to go on the record with firsthand evidence of Omar’s marriage to her brother. He told the British-based DailyMail.com earlier this year that Omar told him she wanted to get her brother a green card so he could stay and work in the United States. At the time she was married to her first husband, Ahmed Hirsi.


Omar denounced the accusations as “disgusting lies” by bloggers who were engaging in “Islamophobia.” She refused to address questions on the matter.

Continue reading here.

Read about the politics of the decision, but I still maintain that it is fear, fear of violence and chaos, after all we have been trained in recent weeks to stand down.

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14 thoughts on “Feds Will Not Bring Charges Against Rep. Ilhan Omar for Marriage/Immigration Fraud

  1. I hate the fact that I have to be subjected to breathing the same Minnesota air she and others here have contaminated..

    This place has become a sewer, and cesspool of slimy corruption..

    This also completely explains what really happened in the ridiculously mysterious death (not suicide as reported) of Philip Haney in northern California on February 21st, 2020; the former co-founder of, and Case Officer with, The Department of Homeland Security..

    He was about to publish his second book, as a sequel to his first book, entitled: ‘See Something, Say Nothing’, and relating precisely to this convoluted subject matter, and the ‘Deep State’ people involved in it.

    Philip was also planning on being married this year, and reportedly planning on returning to a post within The Department of Homeland Security under the trump Administration this year as well. ..NOT a candidate for a ‘suicide’ to be certain..

    This has become a very dangerous time in our nation’s history, and a dangerous and critical time for OUR Country.

    I am ashamed of what we as a Nation have allowed to become of OUR Nation. and this great American experiment. Our ‘Founding Father’s’ would feel the same..

    Someone should tell US Attorney Erica MacDonald what my Dad the WWII and Korean War combat vet, and peacetime – state-side drill instructor – then NYPD Special Investigations Unit (Knapp Commission) Officer, used to say the following quite often.. ‘The only thing you get by running away from a bully, is shot in the back’.. He was right..

    Rest in peace, and may God Bless Philip Haney and his family.. You served your country well my friend..

    1. Good comment, sorry I was out all day and didn’t post it sooner.

  2. The Minnesota US Attorney, and others, are now afraid of the ‘Trojan Horse’ now inside the gates of Minnesota, and the Nation..

  3. So, bottom line….the FEDS are AFRAID OF RIOTS????!!!
    So if I go out and commit crimes, as long as I have group behind me that could be violent….then I get off scott free??
    This is outrageous! So much for our law enforcement.

    OMAR is a disgusting, criminal huckster in our Congress….we are so weak we can’t even clean out the vermin in our own Congress.

  4. Hello Ann,

    No surprise to me that Ilhan Omar will not be prosecuted. I never thought she would be.

    Question: If appointed U.S. Attorneys by President Trump cannot be depended upon to carry out justice, we certainly don’t have a “prayer” when it comes to all those appointed by Obama! Including where I live (Nevada) – which is well on its way to “Hell” with NO return!

    As for this:
    “Read about the politics of the decision, but I still maintain that it is fear, fear of violence and chaos, after all we have been trained in recent weeks to stand down.”

    I use a bit stronger word than “trained”: BRAINWASHED

    As for the “Editor Comment” under the photo of U.S. Attorney MacDonald:
    If this is the way it will always be from now on then it must be assumed the only outcome will be that the United States by 2025 will be a declared MUSLIM country.


  5. Of course it is fear.We have it in the UK . Literally thousands of young, vulnerable girls in Social Services care, were systematically groomed and sold for sex. 65 % of those convicted were Pakistani, often from the same family, clan, area. A Pakistani heritage Home Secretary DEMANDED an investigation into this. “If we do not understand the problem, how do we fix it ? ” This was 3 years ago. The Home Office will not publish the results of that report, for fear of riots in the Muslim Community.

  6. Every single time I hear (mostly leftist whackos) say “no one is above the law” I am reminded of stories like this. O yes there certainly are the untouchables as is proven every single day that evil queen hillary is not in court and not in prison.

  7. This Omar creepiness has greatly disheartened me about our government. There are four Muslims in our Congress and unless you know their purpose -I do- you would just look at this as a soap opera. It is far more dangerous than most people know.

    You cannot have Muslims in our government. They have sworn a blood pack with their “god”. They will lie, con, and subvert to hide the real agenda for them.

    How can we have rules for some Congress people…..and none for the Muslims?
    She has committed immigration fraud and campaign finance fraud. If you and I did that we’d already be in jail or deported.

    There is some tremendous power inside our government that troubles me every day. This power is hell bent on destroying America. How did we get here? Answer: Obama and the Democrats.

    If not for the election of President Trump we would already be done. If not for God, Clinton would have won and we’d all be wearing Mao jackets and bowing to her.

  8. Hello Carol Austin,

    I agree with what you said 100 percent!
    Sure helps to know there are people “out there” who are still able to think for themselves rather than be a “parrot” for the lefties.

    I hope you don’t live in Nevada – as I do – because Governor Steve Sisolak is raging a war against people like you and me. If I could afford to move out of this Obama state I would.


  9. Dave, I did live in Nevada as late as 2019. Then I had to move to TN to do legal battles about family killing my Alzheimer Dad with abuse and neglect.

    I loved Las Vegas…mostly the desert. But six months before I had to leave I noticed Somalia men roaming through our neighborhood at the Publeo development. They were “casing” houses. WE started having car breakins and thief….it started to get dangerous….then I found out the Sheriff was practicing sanctuary city rules of catch and release.

    A couple of months after I left the City council announced officially they are no longer cooperating with ICE!

    I knew then I had gotten out just in time. My only upset is my young daughter is still there and not likely to leave.
    Stay safe, DAVE.

  10. Oh have faith my friends. Ilhan may slide on this charge but not on the ballot harvesting which is in video. Stay tuned for Act 2

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