Minnesota Millionaire Proves that Food Stamp Program is Seriously Flawed

Yesterday I told you about yet another food stamp fraud case and a reader sent me this news about how generally flawed the program is.

The story, also published yesterday in the Washington Free Beacon, is amusing (and concerning).  Hat tip: Richard at Blue Ridge Forum.

This must be Minnesota day at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ (see my earlier post about St. Cloud). The whistleblower who exposed lax food stamp requirements is from this same county in Minnesota!

The Dems are having hissy-fits because the Trump Administration is proposing changes to SNAP that will tighten requirements for those seeking food stamps.

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New York Times Writer does Hit-Job on Americans in St. Cloud, MN

Well, I should say a hit-job on white Americans; the Somalis there are pure as the driven snow.

Astead Herndon
Reporter Astead W. Herndon.  Too funny! He made news this week when he labelled segregationist Senators as Republicans.  https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/06/20/new-york-times-reporter-falsely-labels-segregationist-senators-republicans/

But, did anyone expect anything other than a hit from the New York Times? 

Anyone who raises any questions about how many migrants we should admit to America or asks what it will cost taxpayers, or any other sensible question is a racist, Islamophobic xenophobe especially if a reporter can link critics of uncontrolled migration to Donald J. Trump.

For the record, I don’t respond to requests from the likes of the NYT, the Washington Post, the LA Times etc. for an interview because no matter what you say, biased reporters will cherry-pick your words and paint you in the worst light as obviously reporter Alstead W. Herndon did here.

He went to St. Cloud with an agenda!

Herndon proves once again that Donald Trump is right about the media.

But, it isn’t all bad because a whole lot more people in America now know there is a big problem, a social upheaval going on in St. Cloud, and maybe they will think twice about putting out the ‘welcome’ mat to third world refugees.


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Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar Fined for Violating Campaign Finance Laws; Questions about Alleged Marriage to Brother

Surely you have all seen this news, but as I started to pull my round-up together for last week (yes, I am late!), I realized I need to post this more prominently even if most of you have seen the latest installment of Ilhan’s exciting life.

And, I am posting it because she casually mentions that she followed Muslim law when she married hubby number one. 

This is how Sharia creep works! Many people will just say ‘well, okay.’  (See my post yesterday.)

Omar with husband number one and three
Omar celebrating with husband number one (and now number three). In between she allegedly married her brother.


The version of the story I’m using about Omar’s financial shenanigans is from the UK Daily Mail and I mention that because although this story was everywhere, the Daily Mail is often the first place you will read news deemed politically incorrect by the snooty and biased US media.

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Minnesota: Somali Teens Attack Bystanders with Hammers and Pipes, Mainstream Media Mum

Diversity is beautiful alert!

Thanks to all of you who alerted me to this news from Little Mogadishu, Minnesota.

The frightening incident occurred last Friday evening at a light rail station near the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

U of Minn Light Rail Station
University of Minnesota light rail station

I’ve said it many times, but someone needs to make a quality documentary film about how Minnesota is being changed by an expanding Somali population originally seeded by the US State Department and ‘religious’ charities paid by the taxpayers to place large numbers of UN refugees there. 

Then take that documentary on the road!

We have been cleaning out UN refugee camps in Kenya for decades and now are seeing the fruits of that foolishness.

I expect Minnesotans think that most of America knows what is going on there, but I am telling you that average Americans (like those in Maryland where I live) have no idea there are even some Africans from a place called Somalia living there, let alone that they are causing such chaos.

Hah! Maybe in some ways it’s good that the very vocal Ilhan Omar is representing a portion of the state in Congress.  She is helping educate the rest of the country!

Anyway, back to the hammer-wielding Somali teens which reminded me of the Lewiston city park attack by Somali teens in June of 2018 that resulted in the death of a white man.  But apparently no injuries were reported in the Minnesota rampage.

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City of Minneapolis to Pay Family of Australian Woman Killed by Somali Cop $20 Million

Wow!  That sure was a fast settlement!  Why was that?

Well, it seems the family was suing for $50 million and no matter what the mayor says, I think the city saw that it could be a lot worse for them and cut a quick deal.

“Diversity pick” Police Officer Mohamed Noor found guilty in the shooting death of Justine Damond.  https://fraudscrookscriminals.com/2019/05/01/minnesota-mohamed-noor-found-guilty-in-death-of-australian-woman/


There is one strange part of the arrangement that allows anti-gun advocates to reap some of the ‘reward.’

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Minnesota: Mohamed Noor Found Guilty in Death of Australian Woman

And, according to CNN’s report of the trial’s last day yesterday, Australian media packed the courtroom along with many family members and friends of the murdered woman.

My earlier report on the trial is here.

Screenshot (961)
Noor was a “diversity hire.” See Leo Hohmann’s report from 2017. https://www.wnd.com/2017/07/killer-cop-mohamed-noor-a-diversity-hire/


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Somali with a Machete Charged with Targeting Target in Robbery Spree

Looking at the list of robberies he got away with before being caught, one wonders how he was so visible with his machete in the stores, but not arrested sooner.

Abdikadir Ayanle Ali stole the biggest knife he could find for his robbery spree in order to scare workers in the stores he targeted. 

Remember readers, that almost all Somalis in the US are here because the US State Department admitted them, or their parents, as refugees and one of several church resettlement contractors placed a large number of them in Minnesota (see a post I wrote in 2011 here).

Lucky Minnesota!

‘New American’ Ali says he couldn’t help himself he needed to supply his drug habit.

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