Minnesota: Machete “Man” Arrested, No Name Provided

***Update*** Machete man identified—white guy named Olson!  Read all about it!  Photo included!

LOL! It was last year’s Minnesota Machete Man I had in mind!  See here.

Move along, nothing to see!

Whoever this “man” is who brandished a machete and chased three children in Waite Park, MN on Thursday, he is 28 years old and no reason to withhold his name. He is not a minor in need of protection.

If anyone still wonders why we have no faith in the media, this is one reason why.

Immediately, and under the present circumstances not just in Minnesota and everywhere in America where racial tension is high, one becomes suspicious when incidents like this occur and we are not given the facts.

I assume if his name was Anderson or Johnson, the 28-year-old would have been named!  I could be wrong, but nevertheless this is news for a blog like this (whoever he is!).

From CBS Minnesota (hat tip: Bob):

Man Accused Of Chasing Children With Machete In Waite Park

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 28-year-old Waite Park man is in jail accused of chasing children with a machete Thursday.

We have come to expect no photo for alleged attackers like this, but no name for a 28-year-old who was arrested in the crime?

According to Waite Park police, officers were dispatched at 9:18 p.m. to the 200 block of 3rd Street South in Waite Park. They were responding to the report of a “male with a machete who had been chasing kids in the courtyard.”

While en route, officers were advised by dispatch that someone at the same address was reporting that someone pointed a gun at them.

After arriving on the scene, police determined that the suspect had been in the courtyard over the prior few days chopping at a tree with a machete. Police said he was chopping at the tree Thursday when, at some point, he stopped and began chasing three children who were playing nearby.

When one of the children advised a parent of the situation, they confronted the suspect. While the parent was speaking to the suspect, the suspect reached into his pocket, so the parent “became afraid and brandished a gun”, police said.

The suspect allegedly told police at the scene that the parent pointed a gun at his head. However, police said a gun was never pointed at him.

The suspect was then arrested for second-degree assault and taken to Stearns County Jail.


As soon as someone finds his name I will report—even if he is a machete-owning Anderson or Johnson!  (LOL!  He is an Olson! See update above!).

Endnote:  Where are the environmentalists?  For Pete’s sake, he was hacking at a tree for days after all!

NYT Opinion: White Muslims Must Face their Anti-Black Racism

“I’ll be honest, some of the worst micro and macro forms of racism I’ve experienced as a black Muslim have not been at the hands of white people but white Arabs/desis.”

(Remaz Khalaleyal, Sudanese-American activist)

Who knew!

Here is a further discussion about how the death of George Floyd is producing much soul-searching within the American Muslim community about the fact that Arab Muslims are often racists.

I told you about the issue here last week, but was surprised this morning to see an opinion piece published at none other than the New York Times exposing the hard truth.

Why Did Cup Foods Call the Cops on George Floyd?

Nuisance abatement laws force stores in low-income neighborhoods to operate almost as an arm of law enforcement.

Don’t be deterred by the subheading, it is interesting, but almost seems to me to be a way to turn off readers to the juicy part of this piece by Moustafa Bayoumi.


Ever since George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police officers on May 25 after a grocery store reported that he had used a counterfeit $20 there, Muslim Americans have been asking why the store’s workers called the cops in the first place.

Palestinian immigrant-owned Cup Foods where it all began!

Like many grocery stores in low-income neighborhoods, Cup Foods is owned and largely staffed by an immigrant Muslim family, and the police call has prompted some to see racist motives.

Mahmoud Abumayyaleh, the Palestinian-American owner of Cup Foods, the grocery store, was away when a 17-year-old worker made the call.

A statement from the store referred to a “state policy that requires stores” to notify the police about counterfeit bills and Mr. Abumayyaleh described the practice as “standard protocol” for businesses. He vowed that his store will no longer do so “until the police stop killing innocent people.”

For many small-business owners in low-income neighborhoods, the decision to not call the cops is not so easy. The problem isn’t that you will subject yourself to more crime without the police. It’s that the authorities often force the business owners to operate almost as an arm of the police. If they refuse, they risk being shut down by the city through nuisance abatement laws.

After a discussion about the stores that were once owned by Jews:

Today, many of these stores in major cities around the country are run by Arab-American and South-Asian-American merchants, but the justifiable resentments remain the same. [Resentments about how the owners go home to better neighborhoods at night.—ed]

Okay, enough of the nuisance laws etc. Here, fifteen paragraphs in, comes the admission that Arabs and South Asian Muslims are racist.

The facts of third-party policing do not take away from the need for conversations about anti-black racism within Muslim American communities. Although Muslim Americans routinely have to deal with the bigotry of Islamophobia, many have been in denial for far too long about the anti-black racism among the believers.

Remaz Khalaleyal

About a third of American Muslims are African-American and the history of Islam in the United States is deeply connected to the African-American story. Yet research by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, which studies American Muslims, shows that African-American Muslims still often feel unwelcome in South Asian and Arab Muslim circles.

In a powerful Instagram post, Remaz Khalaleyal, a Sudanese-American activist, addressed the owner of Cup Foods. “I’ll be honest, some of the worst micro and macro forms of racism I’ve experienced as a black Muslim have not been at the hands of white people but white Arabs/desis,” she wrote. (“Desi” refers to people from South Asia.)

She is right. Nonblack Muslims have a lot of anti-racist work to do.

And even if our current system of policing didn’t use crime and crime prevention as a way to pit stores and customers against one another, nonblack Muslims would still find ways to buy into anti-blackness. Racism isn’t limited to store owners, after all.

The death of George Floyd ought to show nonblack Muslim Americans two important things. As Americans, we must strive for better public safety for everyone. And as Muslims, we must find better versions of ourselves.

Read it all here. How great is that to know that white ethnic Europeans are off the hook for a change.

Muslim Shop Owners Told to Rein in THEIR Racism

By their fellow Muslims!

“How long did you think you were going to be able to run and operate a store that continued to harm and exploit black folks … without reaping what you sow?”

(Sara Hamdan, an IMAN organizer)

Who knew?

As I have said in a couple of previous posts, here and here, we wouldn’t have known that Arab and Asian (New American!) shop owners in Black neighborhoods treated their customers badly, sold them booze, cigarettes and unhealthy food and then went home to nicer neighborhoods every evening if it hadn’t been for the death of George Floyd.

The tensions in ‘diversity-is-strength’ neighborhoods that led up to Floyd’s death is further explained in this story at Religious News Service yesterday.

It seems this isn’t a case of white vs. black racial tension, but one of immigrant Arab exploiters vs. African Americans.   

Did you even know that the store that called police on Floyd was a convenience store owned by a Palestinian?

Minneapolis Cup Foods where George Floyd allegedly tried to pass a counterfeit $20.

Floyd’s death spurs debate on how immigrants should run stores in black neighborhoods

(Emphasis below is mine)

(RNS) — George Floyd was killed after employees at a convenience store owned by a Palestinian American Muslim — with a Muslim prayer space in its basement — called Minneapolis police over a suspected counterfeit $20 bill.

The role that the store played in Floyd’s death May 25 and in all that followed has been a bitter pill to swallow for many Muslim and Arab communities.

This moment has also reignited ongoing debates in Muslim communities over the ethical duties of immigrants who own businesses in black neighborhoods, from when and if they call the police to the role they can play in creating healthier food ecosystems.

“We know now that escalating situations to the police almost always does more harm than good, even for something as harmless as a fake bill,” Mahmoud Abumayyaleh, owner of the Cup Foods store that called the police on Floyd, wrote in a Facebook post.

Cup Foods, which has served customers in a largely black neighborhood for three decades, will no longer involve the police in nonviolent incidents, Abumayyaleh said.

“By simply following procedure we are putting our communities in danger,” he said in his social media post. Instead, he urged, “Work within your communities to find alternatives to policing, until the point that local and state officials decide to seriously hold police accountable once and for all.”

Food and liquor stores, often owned by Arab and South Asian immigrants, are common in mostly black, low-income neighborhoods. But the relationships between these store owners and the communities they serve have often been fraught with racial tension.


Rami Nashashibi

Rami Nashashibi, director of Chicago’s Inner-City Muslim Action Network, says a massive cultural transformation is needed for nonblack Muslim corner store owners to be allies for those they serve.


Since the police killing, IMAN has partnered with the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative, a racial justice education organization, to launch “Corner Store Witnesses,” a new training curriculum aimed at nonblack Muslim business owners.


Imam Jihad Saafir, who heads Islah LA, an inner-city Muslim community center in South Los Angeles, said stores and restaurants run by Muslim immigrants were often the source of alcohol, cigarettes, drug paraphernalia and unhealthy foods that have taken a toll on locals’ health.

Beyond overpolicing, common concerns with immigrant-owned corner stores include gentrification; exploitative pricing; racist hiring practices; hostile security measures such as bulletproof glass and cages; the sale of alcohol and nicotine products; and the sale of junk food, as well as a lack of fresh produce and other healthy foods.

“In many ways, residents in those neighborhoods perceive those store owners in the same way those Palestinian store owners perceive Israeli settlements in the West Bank,” Nashashibi, who is Palestinian American himself, argued. “What justification are you using to be in that black community?”

Linda Sarsour: We have a long way to go to build relationships with the black community.

But we are marginalized so we can marginalize others!

RNS continues….

Many Arab and South Asian store owners respond to allegations of racism by pointing to their own marginalized identities and their need to protect their income. Many are working-class; some are undocumented.

Activist Linda Sarsour, whose father owned a store in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood for 38 years, urged Muslims not to blame Cup Foods’ owner for Floyd’s death, noting that the store has a positive relationship with locals.

“I understand that we have a long way to go to build transformative relationships between Arab/Asian store owners and local Black communities,” she wrote in a Facebook post. “These communities deserve business owners who are contributors to communities not just takers.”

There is much more definitely worth reading!

So where is the outcry by Antifa and its ilk against the racist exploiters of poor African Americans—the Arab and Asian immigrants?

And, where is the mainstream media?


Don’t Miss Latest Rep. Ilhan Omar News! Claim She was Raising Money for a Food Drive was False

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze has all the gory details:

Minnesota imam confirms Rep. Ilhan Omar improperly raised cash from his charity meals program

Shortly after Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz issued a “stay-at home” order on March 25, local Imam Tawakal Ismail partnered with 115-year-old charity GMCC to deliver meals to seniors and disabled individuals in immediate risk of hunger.

On April 9, GMCC’s website announced the meal program’s partners and major donors. The list included the imam’s charitable organization Darul Hadiith, and GMCC’s Minnesota FoodShare program.

Absent from the list: U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, or any other elected official or candidate.

This was intentional. Responding to questions via phone and email, Imam Tawakal states that the project is strictly “charity work,” and that he has been explicitly rejecting political partnerships and forbidding campaign photo or video opportunities.

On May 5, GMCC posted a formal news release announcing the program’s growth and success, and again listing partners and major donors. No political campaigns had joined, as expected.

Unexpectedly, Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted this fundraising appeal the same day….

See her tweet and read it all!

For my Ilhan Omar archive, go here.

Never Let a Good H-1B Visa Go to Waste!

Todd Bensman writing at the Center for Immigration Studies does a deep dive into the case I reported here in March of the Mayo Clinic doctor who wanted to kill kuffar.

Thanks to ‘meanymom’ for catching the story from a week ago.

How’s that vetting going?

Muhammad Masood

During his two years working as a “research coordinator” on an H-1B visa for the Rochester, Minn., Mayo Clinic, Pakistani medical doctor Muhammad Masood allegedly saw himself as having gotten “behind enemy lines” where “not many people cant [sic] even reach here to attack.”

A federal criminal complaint almost lost in the nation’s Corona-19 virus crisis alleges that Masood planned from the day he arrived in America on his H-1B visa in February 2018 that he would use the rare access it afforded to learn something useful about his enemies so as to conduct violent jihad in line with his perceived religious duty.

By January and February 2020, according to the complaint, the 28-year-old was messaging on an encrypted platform about how sick he had grown of smiling every day at the “passing kuffar”, a derogatory term for non-Muslims that often justifies execution. All the smiling was “just not to make them suspicios [sic] … I cannot tolerate it anymore.”

He messaged that he could not let his H-1B visa go to waste. “Sometimes I wantto [sic] attack enemy when I am behind enemy linea [sic] itself,” he messaged in January. “[I] wonder if I will miss the opportunity of attacking the enemy when I was in the middle of it.”

By the grace of an undercover FBI investigation, Masood will do no such thing.

Agents arrested Masood on March 19. By then, he had changed the plan from attacking the local kuffars he hated so much to joining ISIS in northeast Iran and Afghanistan, or in Syria as a medic, or maybe engineering drones “and also fight”. It’s unclear why he changed his mind about attack on U.S. soil.

Keep reading!

So we aren’t producing enough docs and need to be welcoming the likes of Masood?