Where in America Should I Live? For Sure, Not Minnesota!

Readers ask me that question from time to time as they see life becoming more challenging in states the Left is turning blue (or live in ones already deep blue).

Red Counties Trump won in 2020. A lot of counties to choose from, but not so many state choices to call home as the urban Democrat Socialists dominate governments in many otherwise red states.


If you like the arid West, I usually say Wyoming because it is the only state in the nation with no refugee program.  Diversity through migration will happen slowly there.  North and South Dakota are still promising.  Montana is beautiful, but also has an expanding cabal of Leftwing woke activists.

Conventional wisdom says Texas is a good bet, but I’m not pushing Texas for one obvious reason—the US southern border with Mexico!

A few heartland states are doing okay.

If you like the warm South, conventional wisdom recommends Florida, but I would look to a few of the gulf states as good choices. And, then further north up the coast, South Carolina hasn’t yet swallowed the Kool-Aid, well, maybe just a sip.

A lot of conservatives are rushing to Tennessee, but they have no idea about what is happening in Nashville which has become a mecca for the diversity is beautiful crowd. Don’t believe me, see that I have an entire category at RRW on Nashville.

Going north, West Virginia still holds promise, but forget North Carolina and Virginia, goners both in my opinion.  Most people don’t know that NC has a huge refugee population from Muslim countries.  North of Virginia there is no real hope for a peaceful conservative life in the years to come.

LOL!  I bet all of you are now ready to tell me your choices—please do! Send comments to this post!

But, what got me thinking about all of this again today is a story a reader sent a week or so ago.  It is an article by a young woman moving out of Minnesota where she was born and raised.

A local guy at my Maryland door just a few days ago said he wished we could just divvy-up the country giving us some safe states and giving them states like Minnesota, California, New York and so on.  He isn’t talking about racial diversity either, it is about conservative values vs. woke liberal ones.

And, then yesterday when I wrote this post at RRW about Winchester, Virginia possibly jumping on the refugees-welcome bandwagon, I wondered again, so where should one move in order to live in peace and raise families with others who share an America first world view.

Anyway….here is the story from Minnesota (hat tip:Bob).  Of course, Minneapolis isn’t all there is in Minnesota, it is a lovely state, but….

From the College Fix:

I’ve lived in Minneapolis my entire life. I’m leaving Friday. I no longer recognize my hometown.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Minneapolis is my home. My happiest memories are here. It’s where I learned to ride a bike, had my first date, received my high school diploma.

But today, I’m too afraid to even walk in my neighborhood by myself.

The ACE Hardware down the street? The one that I used to bike to in the summer? Robbed twice in the past five days.

The Walgreens next to my elementary school? Molotov cocktail thrown into it.

The Lake Harriet Bandshell, where we spent countless Mother’s Days? Homeless encampment popped up next door.

How did it happen so fast?  That may be the question you are asking yourself where you live?

She goes on with all of it, including the George Floyd riots and then wraps with this:

It’s easy to look at (for lack of a better word) disaster zones like these and mentally distance yourself from them. Yeah, that’s awful, but those people choose to live there. They’re the ones electing these leaders. This is their problem.

Yeah, it is. It is our problem.

And I can’t help but look around and wonder, “What happened here? Where exactly did it all go wrong?”

Was it the liberal mob? Identity politics? The cries of “RACIST!” when someone disagreed with a particular reaction or policy?

Was it conservative silence as the loudest voices got more and more radical?

Was it our acceptance that “we live in a blue area, this is just the way things are?”

How did it all happen so fast?

Whatever it was, I’m leaving this dark, surreal, twisted version of Minneapolis on Friday. And I pray to God that I never have to come back.

More here.

It happened fast because Minnesota has been overrun by immigrants of all stripes since at least the early 1990s.

And, here is how it will continue to go on for Minnesota.

Fueled by Black Lives Matter propaganda, the younger generation of ‘new Americans’ are refusing to assimilate and apparently hate America

From ABC News:

Protests reveal generational divide in immigrant communities

She (one of the ‘stars’ of this article) agreed that the United States offered opportunities for education and a “better life,” but she had also made up her mind that such a life would not be complete without justice for Black people.

After moving to Brooklyn Center from Liberia in 2015, she said she was treated differently as a Black person. People commented on the color of her skin, disapproved of the clothes she wore and once called the police on her and a friend for being too “loud.”

I will bet a buck that not one white person “commented on the color of her skin!”  Then this:

“I started to realize like, ‘Oh, America is not what it says on TV,'” she said. 

[I know what you are thinking!  Maybe just go home then!—ed.]

Then Floyd’s death sparked protests, and she decided that “this was not the American dream I was promised.”

Kromah is not alone. Young people in the city’s East African communities came out to protest in droves following Floyd’s death.

Despite tension, at times, between Black immigrants from Africa and Black people whose long history in the U.S. began with slavery, protesters united around decrying police brutality they said plagued their communities.

The verse “Somali lives, they matter here,” often followed the protest refrain of “Black lives, they matter here.” And one of the most widely shared images of last year’s protests was a video posted on social media showing a protester in a hijab and a long skirt kicking a tear gas cannister back toward law enforcement officers in riot gear.

“I am Somali, I am Black American, I am Muslim,” 21-year-old Aki Abdi said. “If a cop pulls me over, he don’t know if I’m Somali or Black. They go hand in hand.”

There is more.  So is it any wonder that many are leaving Minnesota!

Of course, then that leaves the question we started with—where could people, of any race, who love America and want to live in peace, find a home?

That would be in any state that is not rolling out the welcome mat to massive numbers of migrants unwilling to assimilate as they import their third world values to America.

Ethnic diversity weakens the social fabric. It does not build strength.

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13 thoughts on “Where in America Should I Live? For Sure, Not Minnesota!

  1. Virginia is definitely in the grasp of the Communists and has been for almost 10 years.

  2. Actually of immigrants were assimilated it would work…see the case of German-Americans for example. WE FOUGHT 2 WARS against Germany, yet population is loyal today. Problem is ideology of anti-American anti-assimilationism IMHO. Without assimilation, immigration is just too dangerous.

  3. ..’Hat tip’ back at ya..

    What an embarrassment this place has become..

    Funny though.. The Hennepin County Attorney, Mike Freeman, as one of the hapless culprits here, along with MN AG Keith Ellison, (MN sen.) Amy Klobuchar, Ilhan Omar, CAIR-MN’s Jaylani Hussein, and the very strangest MN governor I have ever witnessed in almost 50 years, and ‘whackadoddle’ Minnesota clown car driver, Tim Walz, and others responsible for this manufactured Floyd & Daunte Wright catastrophe, are all in hiding now..

    Freeman has quietly sold his palatial home here AT A HUGE LOSS, and has moved to an undisclosed location..

    These people are remarkably unstable louts, and deserve what is coming for all of them soon.. They have created a monster, and one they cannot control..

    As an aside, but very much to the point, there is no place in Minnesota remaining, where the other 3 MPD officers, or the Brooklyn Center PD Officer, and 26 year veteran ‘peace officer’, Kim Potter can get a fair trial; as if there ever was..

    ..All of the above referenced idiots referenced above have seen to that..

    In Minnesota: ‘Due Process’ = 0 / ‘Mob Rule’ = ..pick a number..

    In Minnesota: A place where ‘Mob Rule’ rules all the time now..

    ..All of the above referenced idiots referenced above have seen to that as well..

    ..I have spent my last winter here..

  4. To the person that wrote this article about their take on America.

    First, in the past, people who came to America came in the legal way. We got to chose the ones we thought would benefit our country. They learned English, had a skill that would benefit America….and they swore their alliances to America. They felt lucky to be accepted into our country and they were/are assets to America.

    Thanks to the Obama/Biden/Soros Administration….our borders are flooded with people who come here to take from us, and/or destroy us. They have no love for our country and its’ Soverignty.

    It started in the 1960s….we had communist and Marxists Black and Whites coming in from foreign countries whose sole goal was to bring down America. They went into colleges and started the unrest and violence. There are now generations of them who took all the wonderful benefits America had to offer….while at the same time working to bring America down. That says generations of indoctrinated enemies of America still here.

    In 1961 -during the Nixon administration- one George Soros (formally George Swartz of Hungary) who got a dual citizenship with America. He had amassed his wealth by spying for the Nazis when he was a young teen; and telling them where the Jews were hiding and where they were hiding their wealth. He is responsible for the deaths of many, many Jews. And his reward was part of the wealth of the Jews that was taken from them.

    He has openly participated in the destruction of America. He did an interview with Barbara Walters wherein he looked right into the camera and stated how much he hated and despised America…..and he swore to destroy us. I don’t recall him giving a reason he hated our country.

    There isn’t enough space to tell you how many District Attorneys, Sheriffs and politicians from across America that he bought their way into our legal and banking systems.

    He and his wealth has worked consistently to that goal of destroying America. He’s also good friends with the Clintons, Obamas, and other prominent politicians …and funded their campaigns.

    The list of all the companies he owns or has controlling interests in is longer than my arm. Of special note: voting machine companies and ammunition companies.
    He no doubt is behind the funding of the enemies of Jews around the world. To this day I don’t understand why he isn’t in a Super Max prison for life.

    As for the fact you state you are Muslim…most people don’t know a lot about the discipline you follow…..but I do …from former Muslims I knew and from reading many books after 9/11. The “discipline” of Islam if antithetical to everything America stands for and is.
    To name a few: women and girls are valued less than men and they are subjects of all the men in their lives; even strangers who are men.
    Part of their religion requires a Muslim to kill the ones who don’t follow that religion to the letter once they are called to do so. If they don’t…they and their family are killed.

    When I see a Muslim woman in public in their tradition dress, I cringe. I think of the times when Blacks were slaves….now it’s Muslim women and girls.

    Then there is the issue of FMG. What a horror to visit on little girls who will never experience full “womanhood.” it is barbaric. It reminds me of when slaves were branded and the men were castrated.

    To Islam , America is the great Satan. That right there is the most important to me.
    Islam is in no way compatible with the the freedom of America; especially with other religions in our country.
    I am happy you have found a place that you feel free. I want that for all humanity. I just don’t want you or any others to come here and try to change America. The country I love and the country you found peace.

    REMEBER: America, under God, Indivisible, with Truth and Justice for all.

    This has been spit on a lot lately….hopefully, not for much longer.

  5. Ann, Montana has had a pretty good legislative session this year and we feel the conservatives have really made some headway. We have a Christian Republican governor and he is trying to lead our ship to calmer waters. However, we have been inundated with folks from out of state. I say, if you are liberty minded and a Constitutional thinker, come on in, but if you ruined your city/county/state with your stupid socialist/liberal policies, then don’t come here. We do not want your kind. I mean it.

    1. I agree with you 100%. Montana is like no other state. I had very seriously thought about moving there about 20 years ago.

  6. Thanks for this very timely post Anne. I chose carefully and moved to Nevada four years ago. I still believe it is a “Red State” taken over several years ago by a small group of Democrats who stole the elections. I know many Conservatives who are poll watchers who tell detailed stories of the many techniques uses by Democrats to change the vote count. No one who is aware, really believes that Sisolak won the Nevade governor’s race in 2018. If we can uncover all the stolen elections, we will find that many areas are not “Blue”… they are majority “Red”.

  7. I, too, grew up in Minnesota – Minneapolis specifically- the immigrant influx began LOOONG before the early 90’s Somalis were brought into MN in the 70’s – believe that was the beginning- ??

    1. Kath, I should have researched my other blog and not been so lazy tossing out early 90s. I forgot all about this post I wrote in 2008. I laboriously checked all the refugee annual reports all the way back to the beginning of the program and learned that we admitted over 4,000 Somalis to the US as refugees from 1983-1993. Many of those were placed in Minnesota. Others might have come through other means, but it was the US Refugee Admissions Program that was signed into law in 1980 that really got the Somali migration moving to America. https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org/2008/09/10/how-did-we-get-so-many-somali-refugees-the-numbers-are-telling/

  8. Already made my choice. In February, I moved out of St. Paul, MN to North Dakota.

    Maybe not a choice for everyone, but I’m from the Dakotas and always planned on moving back anyway. Riots forced me to do that 10 years earlier.

  9. Don’t move to CO! On the CO mass shooter. I wondered why we haven’t heard more on the Ahmad Al-Issa’s massacre at a King Soopers supermarket claimed 10 lives. Here’s why:

    “The Al-Issa clan had migrated to America from Raqqa, later the capital of ISIS, the year after September 11, and started out in Aurora. The Aurora council voted unanimously last year to continue resettling refugees. Aurora is a hub of the Muslim presence in Colorado.

    Colorado’s Muslim population more than doubled in a decade and stands at an estimated 70,000. Much of that population comes from the same basic region as the Al-Issa clan.

  10. Sorry I was away most of today and am only now finding time to post all of your great comments!

  11. I’m also a cradle to probably grave Minnesota resident and our family one of the first. I wonder daily
    WHY? do you come from your political /invested countries, and attempt to change a very prospering
    country and our communities, go back and take your advice and negativity, along with our liberal
    media, entertainers and athletes, and so how you do and LAST! We will be much safer, and peaceful
    without all of you, DO IT !!

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