Omaha: Sudanese Refugee Criminal Gang Busted

“When we’re dealing with gangs, we’re seeing the refugee population being there consistently.” 

(Omaha Police Capt. Tom Shaffer)

Oh, the joys of diversity!

Trip set gang
Six of the eleven arrested.  Go here to see the mugshots for the other five:


Nebraska has been an important refugee resettlement state for the US State Department and its resettlement contractors due to the many meat processing plants located there.***

If you are new to the issue of refugees and their importance as a source of cheap labor for global corporations welcome to the benefits (Ha!) of welcoming refugee workers to your states.

Big companies get cheap labor and taxpaying Americans pay for it in more ways than one!

President Trump has slowed the flow (for now!) of refugees from certain countries.

One gang down and more to go….

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Trump Office of Refugee Resettlement Still Doling Out Millions to Specific Ethnic Community Organizations

On a whim, I wondered if the Trump Administration had finally done away with one of the dumbest federal giveaways I’ve run across in my research on the US Refugee Program.

It is called the ‘Ethnic Community Self-Help Grant’ program and it is supposedly to help ‘new Americans’ from certain ethnic groups to assimilate (well, integrate is the word of choice for the Open Borders Left), but in my view the program actually encourages ethnic group separation.

Isuroon “empowers” Somali women in Minnesota and received a grant from you, the US taxpayer, for $180,000 to do their work.  Photo:

And besides, didn’t we hire the nine federal refugee contractors (listed here) to help the refugees get their stuff and to assimilate?

In fact, the real purpose behind the grant program is just like ACORN (remember the community organizers there!), but, in this case, to help refugees get their services (aka welfare) AND to get them engaged in “civic participation” meaning of course to get them involved in local politics and ultimately to become Democrat voters.

See who is getting your money!

(While we have no money to build the wall!)

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Rochester Mayor Responds to Trump Suggestion that Border Jumpers be Sent to Sanctuary Cities

But we don’t have the housing and the resources to care for them, Mayor Lovely Warren said earlier this week!


Mayor lovely Warren
Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren:  We are welcoming, but we don’t have enough housing and basic necessities!


And, she thinks America does (in some other city)?

The other day I mentioned an idea that apparently is being kicked around in the more-immigration-is-better crowd and that is to turn the asylum seekers (aka illegal aliens) over to refugee resettlement agencies for care.

But, of course, the kicker is that those phony-baloney non-profits are all living off the US taxpayer to begin with. 

But what the heck, at least it isn’t the Rochester citizens carrying the burden, right Mayor Warren?

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Maryland: Legal Immigrant Attacked for Wearing MAGA Hat

MAGA hatI said I would write about American crooks and criminals from time to time, and so I am with this post.

In my previous post I warned readers about jogging or walking alone, and it appears one is in double trouble walking alone while wearing this hat!

First, here is the bare bones story from WTOP in Montgomery County, MD thanks to reader Cathy for sending it.

Man in ‘Make America Great Again’ hat harassed, assaulted and robbed in Germantown

Two men are charged with attacking and robbing a man in Germantown, Maryland, who was wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat.

Montgomery County police said the victim was walking on Cottage Garden Drive on Saturday when he was approached by the men.

The two began harassing the victim and asking why he was wearing the MAGA hat.

The victim replied that he was entitled to his own views, and kept walking.

But police said the two men attacked the victim, told him to take off the hat, and hit him until he fell to the ground.

The victim was then robbed, and the two men fled.


The charges against 27-year-old Jovan Crawford, of Germantown, and 25-year-old Scott Roberson, of D.C., include robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery and second-degree assault.

What no hate crime? No photos of the perps? And, who was the victim who dared to wear a MAGA hat in the peoples’ republic of MoCo, Maryland?

I wanted to know more and this is what I found….

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A Refugee Issue to Watch! Somalis Staying Put in Kenya, Wait for Resettlement

As I mentioned last month, the Kenyan government wants the United Nations to close the massive camp—Dadaab—soon!

UN camp daddab
Dadaab houses nearly a quarter of a million mostly Somalis who won’t go home.

The UN is between a rock and a hard place after trying and failing to get large numbers of Somalis to go home to an increasingly stable country (well, stable for Somalia!), while Europe and the US have wearied of moving Somalis to the West.

As you know President Trump has nearly stopped the resettlement of Somalis to your towns and cities (a few are still trickling in!).

If Trump is no longer in office come January 2021, you know a future Democrat President will open the Somali spigot wide to make up for the ‘Trump lost years.’

So keep an eye on Kenya!

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CNN has Hissy Fit! Trump Considered Releasing Illegal Aliens into Sanctuary Cities

Well, if they must be released where else should he release them?  Wouldn’t Dems want them sent to ‘welcoming’ cities? 

In probably the most blatant NIMBY move ever by the Open Borders pushers, CNN was aghast this morning at the idea that Trump would consider such an “inhumane” idea—using children and families as pawns in a political game is an outrage (they sniffed!).

Miller looking strong
Boogeyman Miller! If you’ve noticed the mainstream media is doing an Alinsky-style hit on Miller (again!)

(NIMBY you may recall stands for Not in My Backyard and is frequently used when some project citizens object to is proposed for their neighborhood.)

Below is CNN’s news, but it doesn’t do justice to the outrage expressed by the morning anchors.  (Yes, I watch CNN every morning for a little while to see what ticks off the Libs on any given day!).

Trump pressured Nielsen to release detained immigrants into sanctuary cities at the behest of Stephen Miller they say.

The (now!) saintly Ms. Nielsen refused.

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Shock! Fraud and Corruption Rampant in UN Refugee Resettlement Program

And, an even bigger shock is that NBC is featuring this lengthy investigation into charges of corruption, fraud and bribery in the agency that selects refugees for your American towns and cities.

Featured in what is billed as a first installment of a seven-month-long investigation is Africa and specifically Somali resettlement from the huge camp, Dadaab, run by the UNHCR, that I mentioned in a post here recently.

Dadaab, featured in this corruption story, is the mostly Somali ‘refugee’ camp run by the UNHCR and was once home to Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar


It is a huge story both in impact and in its length, so I’ve snipped a bit here for you to get the gist of it.

Money, and lots of money, helps ‘refugees’ move to the head of the line and in this opening segment we learn that a likely crook is living in Minnesota (I know don’t laugh!).

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