We Know Trump didn’t Incite Violence, But How did our Intelligence Community Miss the Planning?

Just the News has a lengthy piece this morning about how President Trump didn’t send his supporters to the US Capitol to commit violence on January 6th, we know that because we heard the speech.

January 6th was a massive security failure, and, for me, these are the most pressing questions I have about the events that day.

Did our intelligence community completely miss the advance planning by “knuckleheads?”  That is one scary thought.

Another scary thought is, if they didn’t miss the planning, then why wasn’t something done to back up the Capitol police?

And, my third scary thought is, if our vaunted intelligence agencies had an inkling of violence coming that day, why wasn’t Trump informed?

Read Just the News:

Growing evidence Capitol assault was planned weakens incitement case against Trump, experts say


Kevin Brock

Brock ( Kevin Brock, former assistant director of intelligence for the FBI) thinks that Trump “was caught by surprise at what happened” and was probably unaware of the segment of the crowd intent on violence. That was “a failure, frankly, on the intelligence that he should have been provided as president of the United States,” Brock said. “We shouldn’t be in a position where knuckleheads like Proud Boys and Oath Keepers can plan a disruptive violent event and it catches us by surprise.”

Still unanswered are questions about how much House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell knew in advance of the potential for violence and when they knew it. Also unresolved are lingering questions surrounding the Pentagon’s pre-attack offer to send National Guard troops to reinforce the Capitol Police.

Read it all.

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7 thoughts on “We Know Trump didn’t Incite Violence, But How did our Intelligence Community Miss the Planning?

  1. So the FBI has a major snitch leading a supposed pro Trump group, yet they know little or nothing about the riot, let alone any of the other riots he took part in. Did the FBI set up this group using their snitch to again try to discredit Pres. Trump or the 75 million Trump supporters.

  2. You say: We Know Trump didn’t Incite Violence. You ask: How did our Intelligence Community Miss the Planning? THE ANSWER: THEY DID NOT MISS THE PLANNING. From my reading, just a couple of days after the incident at the Capital, both the police and the FBI (or some American intelligence service) knew at least a day in advance, most likely well longer. BUT NO MESSAGE WENT FROM THE POLICE OR AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE SERVICE TO TRUMP OR TRUMP’S SECURITY FORCES. Quite something, isn’t it. Quite telling.

  3. Everything that has happened over the last 5 years has been carefully planned. There was a plan on November 3. Their plan is unfolding right before our eyes, Tyranny for all. 75-80 million should be thinking about making a Declaration of Independence. Read the Declaration of Independence and substitute Democrats everywhere the King is mentioned. We cannot contain Communism in America, it has to be eliminated. Just my thoughts

  4. That guy is part of a limited hangout if they’re now putting the Jan6th as violent siege by the OATH KEEPERS….. yes it was planned BUT BY THE DEMOCRATS, that’s why NPR was FILING THEIR BIG STORY ON THE VIOLENCE at 9:30AM — MORE THAN TWO **HOURS** BEFORE DJT EVEN STARTED TO SPEAK…

    The rally schedule from wgrz.com as of Jan4th shows “President Trump is expected to speak at the Ellipse on Wednesday at 11 a.m.” and he was LATE to boot..

    Sarah Palin [being interviewed] had the captured tweet announcement — about midway through the video with other observations by journalists on the site..

    and WE WANT TO KNOW why 2 of the DEATHS attributed to the riot were
    SUICIDES BY DC COPS… yeah Epstein didn’t do it either……
    what did they know and why do we not hear more about **this** idea?

    *That* alone would discredit the idea that DJT caused the fatal riots… eh?



    and btw, the ProudBoys’ leader has done extensive undercover work for the FBI as one of their rats… Hope you can tolerate this amount of tinhat talk, and the urgent need for EMPHASIS that permeates this battle with traitors….
    besides it keeps my ordinarily low blood pressure from getting too low, … ttyl

  5. First I’ve heard anyone say it was the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers responsible for the Capitol violence, and I find that hard to believe.

  6. It seems to me that the Trump voters really knew there was no competition from Biden. Everyone knew it. The dems kept quiet building their plans and executing them. The Trump team was not paying attention and that is the sad part because now we are all suffering. I sincerely believe the cheating happened in 2016 as the dems were very surprised and fraught because they did not cheat ENOUGH….

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