Refugees First! Americans Last!

That is going to be the way Chairman Joe rolls.

He says he will admit more refugees than Saint Obama ever did!

If you are interested in how the Biden/Harris Administration is getting ready to open our doors (using your taxpayer dollars!) to 125,000 refugees in 2021, then please follow me at Refugee Resettlement Watch!

Here is today’s news:

HIAS Tells Supporters—Pressure Biden to Stick to Promise—125,000 Refugees THIS Year

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3 thoughts on “Refugees First! Americans Last!

  1. I believe that within 6 months after thousands arrive….there will be race wars. When average Americans start getting squeezed out of their jobs and living places…..we’re going to see conflicts like we’ve never seen before.

    As hard working Americans get shoved aside from their good paying jobs…like the pipelines….and replaced by non-english speaking foreigners, things will get worse and worse for Americans.

    This reminds me of when Obama was giving corporations big tax breaks to push their long time American employees out….and hiring non-Americans. I remember one Christmas time when there was a wave of foreigners replacing Americans…AT&T, Disney, McDonalds, and more. Places like in corporate accounting. McDonald’s fired 72 corporate accountants…..and replaced them with predominately Asians. And they did it at Christmas.
    I’ve never bought anything from McDonald’s again.

    If anyone thought we had seen the last of racism….there will be worse racism by the Biden/Obama coup. This time, racism will be against whites and Hispanics ….Biden’s EOs are clearly showing us that.

    Those tax dollars did not go to Americans….it went to China. The ones that came here to take American jobs was sending money back to China….the same when Mexicans came here to take jobs. At one point it was reported by the Trump Administration that over 4 billion was wired back to Mexico by Hispanics working here.

    Biden is Obama’s boy….a brain-addled puppet…..Obama has put Susan Rice behind the OZ curtain to operate Biden’s strings…this is the woman who was deeply involved in the con of the unmasking of the China coup against Trump.
    To date, we have not seen one person go to prison….and we never will….Barr was secret Left…and fooled everyone from the President to Americans. He was and is Deep State Swamp.

  2. A remedy to this invasion, and because we all know the federal government is insane, is State Nullification. That ol foundational principle of state-federal dual sovereignty has been ignored by the feds–but also by the States themselves. ONLY those powers expressly enumerated in the Constitution fall within federal purview. All other powers, expressed or not, reside with the individual States. As such, and per both Madison and Jefferson–but also understood by all framers, States are duty-bound to protect their citizens from federal overreach and from invasion by foreigners. Here’s the problem: by in large, States have been bribed into submission. As a result, this voluntary union of sovereign States has morphed into a subjugated union of vassals almost entirely dominated by their federal overseers. If States were to just say no on constitutional grounds, then where would the feds resettle these refugees? In the congressional basement? AND if the border becomes the sieve the Beijing Biden Mafia is intending it to be then the States are duty-bound to intercede by deploying their militias to stem the invasion. It’s that terribly simple. But, alas, most States have no spine or principle. They are merely impotent beggers. At the moment, I see only Texas as a State willing to do what is needed. We shall see…

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