Making the moves! Time to get your communication house in order!

As I am sure you are all painfully aware, conservative voices are being silenced. BIG Tech and BIG government have colluded to make it very hard for us to communicate and disseminate news. I expect it to get even harder!

And, if you are like me— OLD!—it is a challenge to break long held habits and learn new tricks.

But, before I get to that, let me mention again that right now you can follow at least three (but there are many more) websites/blogs to fill you in on breaking news throughout the day.  Gateway Pundit, Conservative Tree House, and Just the News.

(Sorry if I am missing some of your favorites.)

You don’t need me to repeat what they are reporting.

For immigration news I check the news aggregator Borderhawk News that is linked in my sidebar.

So what am I doing to distance myself from BIG TECH that is working with the Socialists to change America?

First, I am dumping Google from my life. It will take time.  But, know that in a few days, I will no longer be using gmail that is linked in my sidebar at both of my blogs.

And, I have gone to Brave for all of my browsing needs. Be prepared for some additional work as you may have to make changes to passwords and get notices from say your credit card company wondering if someone other than you is accessing your account.

You can read about Brave here at The Federalist:

How To Stop Using Google Search On Your Computer And Phone

You will then most likely look to Duck Duck Go for your searches.

The Federalist also published a useful piece about the right-wing witch hunt which I will get to in a minute, but which contains this bit of information on changes you should be making.

Modify Your Online Presence. One of the most important steps you can take is to modify your online presence by jumping out of Google, Facebook, and iChat and into technologies that are less intrusive. Here are a few to use:

These are all examples of ways that you can search and communicate on the internet without having intrusive data collectors follow you around the whole time!

I don’t know Element and am staying on Facebook as long as I am able to reach the thousands I am reaching now with my Refugee Resettlement facebook page.  Or, LOL! Until they dump me.  I will eventually move to MeWe.

As I reported Twitter has blocked me from reaching my account there and I refuse to give Google any more information. Why stay at Twitter as they work to diminish your reach.  I am on Gab (@Refugeewatcher), but not super active and don’t have many followers yet.

Now to that Federalist article yesterday, the one with the tips above by Dan Carpenter (hat tip: Scott).  Readers may remember I discussed prepping last summer, see here reposted in December.

Who knew there were so many Americans of all stripes who don’t think it is a joke to be ready to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

But, LOL! Beware the Lefties think you are planning to overthrow the government because you have a stash of canned beans in your basement!

And, God forbid, we don’t want the government coming for our toilet paper trove as Biden forbids the destruction of trees ….

The Right-Wing Witch Hunt Makes It A Good Time To Keep Your Well-Stocked Pantry A Secret

More and more, people taking common-sense steps to incorporate resiliency into their lives are being labeled ‘insurrectionists’ and incriminated in the latest right-wing witch hunt.

Most “preppers” don’t dress in camouflage and live in underground bunkers, waiting for zombies. Nor do they sit in front of a conspiracy board plotting a government overthrow.

Today’s preppers come in all flavors. They’re Prius-driving data analysts who convert their homes to solar energy. They’re soccer moms who keep the spare room stocked with canned produce from last year’s garden. They’re outdoorsmen who know how to filter water in the backcountry.

Simply put, a “prepper” is someone who takes common-sense measures to prepare for future disasters. They do sensible things like storing food and water for potential supply chain interruptions, or having a generator to provide electricity in the wake of a devastating natural disaster. They shoulder the responsibility for their own wellbeing in the face of potential misfortunes.

Yet more and more, people taking common-sense steps to incorporate resiliency into their lives are being labeled “insurrectionists” and incriminated in the latest right-wing witch hunt. As the grip of fear tightens, the mainstream-media-consuming majority is quick to accuse people who have done no wrong.

Keep reading!

One last point on communicating.  I have been saying (begging!) for years for more of you to start your own blogs.  It is not difficult! There is a critical need for bloggers to write about their towns/cities/counties or states!

And, if you only reach a small number of people each, but tens of thousands of you have a blog, they will not be able to silence everybody!

What are you waiting for!

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