WordPress Deplatforms Conservative Treehouse, NOT the First and Won’t be the Last!

Many of you have sent me the news that the Conservative Treehouse (aka The Last Refuge) has been notified by WordPress.com that they are being given the heave-ho and now must find a new host for their popular site.

When I saw the news of course I felt bad for them because I have been there.

Longtime readers here and at my blog, Refugee Resettlement Watch, which was birthed and began being hosted by WordPress in 2007 (and into early 2019), know that the same thing happened to me.

But, at least the Treehouse was given notice and time to remove their material.  I was shut down without notice and had to hire a professional webmaster to help me get my material, but even with that, all of my photos/graphs/charts and all of my thousands of subscribers did not make it to the new RRW.

Search engines (Google at least) still directs people to the old closed site.

(In the meantime, I had started Frauds & Crooks and got it removed from WordPress before they could do a job on it too.  I am at a hopefully safe host for now!)

By the way, I was not alone.  Creeping Sharia and Bare Naked Islam got the WordPress ax before I did.  I should have known it was coming.

I discuss all of that here in a panel discussion on Censorship at the Social Contract gathering in the fall of 2019.

So when I saw the news about the Conservative Treehouse, my first thought was why hadn’t the blogger(s) there made the move sooner.

You can read all about my communication with WordPress.com over their censorship by going here.  They said I had violated their “terms of service” after I contacted them to ask where was my site?

Upon review of your WordPress.com site we have determined that your content does not align with our Terms of Service or User Guidelines.

Signed by the Aline, the Community Guardian (that is not a joke!)

So, on July 2nd (this is all happening in 2019) I went back to the “community guardian” and asked these questions:

Can you tell me exactly what caused your concern about Refugee Resettlement Watch. This month marks the 12th anniversary of the launch of that blog with you. And, in recent months there has been little new activity there. So just wondering why it is now, after all this time, [it’s] not aligned with your terms of service.

Is there a particular post(s) that concerned you and if so could you direct me to them?

Have you had recent complaints about the blog even as it hasn’t been active for many months?

Were references to certain organizations a concern?

Would really love to know as I find another host for the nearly 9,000 posts archived at RRW.

Greatly appreciate any feedback you can give me!

Thank you!
Ann Corcoran

The Community Guardian responded.  She says flat-out they don’t have to give me any reasons!

Here is what I received in response on July 3rd.  We can call it the ‘go pound sand’ brush-off e-mail:

Upon review of your WordPress.com site we have determined that your content does not align with our Terms of Service or User Guidelines. As stated in our Terms, we may choose to stop providing service to an account at any time, for any reason, or none at all. We aren’t able to offer any further specifics.

We’ve canceled your WordPress.com subscription and refunded the purchase….


To download your content and take it elsewhere, the export tool below will be available for the next two weeks…


If you would like to continue using WordPress software for your site, you can import this file into a self-hosted WordPress installation with a different host.

Notice the threat!

Please keep in mind that other hosts may have similarly restrictive policies regarding this type of content. 

[Signed] Community Guardian

But, they never admit what exactly is the “type of content” they are censoring!

All of that was to preface my comments on this story at The Lid:

TECH TYRANNY: Silencing Conservative News With A Sick New Tactic — This Is Big


Go read it.  But, The Lid beware!  This form of censorship is NOT NEW! You are nuts to stay on WordPress.com. They will find you as soon as you become a threat to some group or individuals on the Commie Left.

If Biden and his comrades have their way we will be communicating by quietly traveling around the country and meeting in peoples’ basements!

EndnoteStory for another day!  Someone should investigate WordPress.com and the company that owns it Automatic!  

My Blogging Might be Most Useful at Refugee Resettlement Watch

As I have been hinting here, I am slowing down.  There are many many fantastic sites covering fraud especially now as it relates to the massive election fraud we are daily seeing exposed.  With only so much time in a day that I can devote to posting, I’ll concentrate right now at RRW since it really isn’t covered much these days elsewhere.

I have posted 9,557 posts at RRW since 2007 and I need to continue to build on the archives there.

I will still post here, but am driving myself crazy trying to do both.

See yesterday’s post at RRW:

Millions in Africa and Asia Assume Biden/Harris Will Open America’s Gates

This morning I’m working on a post on China and the fact that they don’t want any Middle Eastern refugees (actually they don’t take refugees at all).

One last thing, before the speech police took down RRW I had thousands of subscribers that were lost and I have never regained them. Of course when Trump won in 2016 all of us naturally assumed the refugee controversy was behind us.  It isn’t and now more than ever it will come raging back if Biden/Harris steal the election.

Turn Off Fox News and Read

I am overwhelmed, as I guess you are too!   I could turn this whole blog over to posts on election fraud, if I didn’t want to have a life!   But thankfully there are some excellent sources of news on the subject after you have turned off Fox News!***

70 Million Americans gagged when they saw this screen. Biden is not the next President until the vote is certified a month from now.  The Constitution doesn’t give Fox News or any of the other mainstream media mouthpieces the right to decide the election.


Many America Firsters are calling their cable companies to find out if they can get Newsmax and One America News.

A reader sent me a link for a news aggregation site geared entirely to the 2020 Election Fraud issue.  Update!  Looks like this site might not be going anywhere—no new stories posted today.

And Clarice Feldman writing at American Thinker gives readers some important facts about the potential illegal activity happening in key states and what the Constitution prescribes for election certification in a post published yesterday.

Another Cliffhanger

A Little Civics Lesson

On Saturday, when rallies were scheduled to take place in key battleground areas to demand only legal votes were counted, the major networks announced Biden-Harris were the winners. Apparently, they are under the impression that they decide election results. They don’t. On December 14, electors chosen by state legislators cast their votes. No one else but the state legislators have that right. (Article II, Sec. 1,§2 of the Constitution). Certainly not the press, nor state boards of elections, secretaries of state, governors, or courts.

If they have reason to believe the elections in their states were unlawfully conducted and the results fraudulent, they can act to override them. (You can see a detailed history of this section of the Constitution in this fine article by Daniel Horowitz.) The Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania  legislatures are majority Republican. At first glance these states — particularly the precincts in Milwaukee, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia — are the most suspect.  [Not Atlanta?—ed]

Is there ample evidence of fraud sufficient to have altered the will of the legal voters in these states? It sure looks that way.

Read on for a summary of where things stand as of yesterday, and pay attention to her closing line:

Never give up the good fight. Never hamstring your will to fight-on with pessimism.


Don’t miss my friend Leo Hohmann’s latest from last night:

Did American Patriots get HAMMERED by the globalist deep-staters?


***Endnote:  I will turn on Tucker Carlson tonight to see if there is any sign that he has been muzzled. If Fox lost Tucker, Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Judge Jeanine they would be finished.

Send me any links you see to stories about whether they are still on board, or are escaping.

And, one more thing, see RRW today as Muslims demand a seat at the Biden table.

Tell the President to Hang Tough!

And, thank him for all he has done!

Yesterday, a friend suggested we should all write daily to the White House to express our support for everything Donald Trump has done for America First!

And, urge him to fight for as long as it takes!  Of course he likely won’t see your individual comments, but surely there is a daily digest.

Go here:



By the way, I have resumed posting at Refugee Resettlement Watch because with all the focus understandably on the turmoil in the country, I want to be sure we don’t lose sight of the issue and continue to have a record of what is happening with the refugee industry here and what is happening in Europe and elsewhere as the migrant-spawned Islamic terrorism continues. 

President Says He Will Now Halt all Immigration (temporarily)

LOL! I wondered if he listened to my man Jeff:


Here is the news from Conservative Treehouse last night:


Sorry I have been remiss in posting here, but see my posts at RRW on foreign-owned BIG MEAT companies (crooks indeed!), a longtime favorite topic of mine at Refugee Resettlement Watch.   (click on the headlines)

The meat giants lobby for cheap immigrant labor (you support those low wage workers with taxpayer-funded welfare) while they change the character of the American heartland!

Why Do Reporters on the Left Support BIG MEAT Jobs for Immigrants?


Meat Giant JBS Closes Greeley, CO Plant Due to Chinese Virus Outbreak


More Meatpackers-Meet-COVID Horror Stories