President Says He Will Now Halt all Immigration (temporarily)

LOL! I wondered if he listened to my man Jeff:


Here is the news from Conservative Treehouse last night:


Sorry I have been remiss in posting here, but see my posts at RRW on foreign-owned BIG MEAT companies (crooks indeed!), a longtime favorite topic of mine at Refugee Resettlement Watch.   (click on the headlines)

The meat giants lobby for cheap immigrant labor (you support those low wage workers with taxpayer-funded welfare) while they change the character of the American heartland!

Why Do Reporters on the Left Support BIG MEAT Jobs for Immigrants?


Meat Giant JBS Closes Greeley, CO Plant Due to Chinese Virus Outbreak


More Meatpackers-Meet-COVID Horror Stories

DC Open Borders Group Explains What is in COVID-19 Recovery Stimulus for Refugees/Immigrants

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However, I just came across this information from the Refugee Council USA (the lobbying arm of the refugee industry) that explains in great detail (and with links) how trillions will be distributed and how immigrants and refugees can get their piece of the pie.

See it here.

See my extensive archive on RCUSA by clicking here.

Lewiston, ME: The Back Story on the Election of a CAIR-candidate for City Council

I have dozens and dozens of posts at Refugee Resettlement Watch about the transformation of Lewiston, Maine that has occurred over a few decades as Somali refugees have ‘found their way’ to the Maine city.

MN Rep. Ilhan Omar congratulates newly elected Safiya Khalid. I told readers at RRW about CAIR crowing over her victory here:

I also have a couple of posts there that mention Safiya Khalid who won a seat on the Lewiston city council last fall to cheers from the Council on American Islamic Relations.

But, I missed the back story on how the twenty-something Somali won that seat as the darling of the local Democrat party, that is until I had an e-mail from a resident of the city who told me this horrifying tale.

This could happen to your town too!

Here is a bit of the e-mail to me from Mainer Maura Murphy:

As a resident of Lewiston, Maine who lived abroad for almost 30 years then came back to my hometown, I was horrified to see the decline and degradation. Part of it was post-industrial malaise and consequent multi-generational poverty for sure; part of it was the thriving drug trade started by dealers from other states who found central Maine’s drug capital to be an easy place to do what they could no longer get away with to the same degree in NY, MA, PA, D.C., etc.; and part of it was the abysmal way the addition of thousands of refugees and asylum seekers has been handled.

After returning to Lewiston several years ago, I was shocked to hear firsthand account after firsthand account of violence, theft, destruction of property, etc. committed by roving gangs of immigrant boys, gang bullying episodes–swept under the carpet by administrations–in all pubic schools to the point that parents have taken their kids out of schools, and much more.

I would not have believed it had I not heard directly from people who had experienced these episodes, including teacher friends who *quit* due to the double standard of permissiveness for immigrant students and other friends who have had rocks or chunks of ice thrown at their cars when driving through downtown.

See my most recent post on the killing of Donald Giusti. African Emmanuel Nkurunziza charged in his death.

Donald Guisti’s murder by a gang of refugee/asylum seeker youth–and the unbelievable way the investigation was mishandled–was not only the culmination of simmering violence committed by immigrants, but opened the way for a new wave of immigrant entitlement and bitter resentment of the community they supposedly came to to escape the brutality of their home countries.

You may have read about a Somali immigrant, Safiya Khalid, running for city council in Lewiston? While numerous media reports celebrated her victory, they declined to mention that her campaign had ruthlessly bullied her opponent under cover of darkness at his own home, in an effort to intimidate him into withdrawing from the race.

Even though there are *audio tapes* of the harassment, Khalid’s campaign *got away with it*, thanks to extensive media manipulation and a smear campaign to try to transform outcry against the bullying into an act of “racism”.

The bullies, and Safiya herself, were and still are the top officers of the Lewiston Democratic Party, as well as local elected officials. When I found out about this bullying, my first action was to ask the victim–who was then in the hospital–if it was true. He told me it was, and gave me the recordings. When I raised the alarm to my fellow local Democrats and Khalid herself–giving them the benefit of the doubt that they didn’t know–they personally attacked *me* for telling them. This is when I knew there was a wider campaign to be sure Khalid was elected at any cost, and a friend and I did our own investigation.

I wrote the article below initially to let people know that Walter “Ed” Hill was indeed running for Ward One Representative, and to alert them to what had happened.


“I Was Afraid They Were Going to Break Down My Door.” (Walter Hill)

On the evening of August 28th, 2019, longtime community volunteer and public servant Walter Hill made his way back to his suburban Lewiston home after having had hip surgery. A few blocks away from his house, he noted the familiar figures of Lewiston Democratic Party Chair, Kiernan Majerus-Collins, and his opponent in the upcoming election for Ward One City Council, Safiya Khalid, who served as party Vice Chair. Because Hill’s close-knit neighborhood was isolated — not a place where people usually spent time unless they lived there — their frequent presence canvassing there had been noticeable for some time.


Members of the Lewiston Democratic Party: Alicia Rea, Christopher Hodgkins, Owen Cardwell-Copenhefer, Jared Golden, Kiernan Majerus-Collins, Safiya Khalid and Jim Lysen


As much as Hill was looking forward to campaigning himself, he was completely spent from his medical procedure, and just wanted to get back to the place he had called home for more than 25 years. “I really wanted to get out there and let people know I was running and have conversations about Lewiston, but I literally couldn’t move,” said Hill. “The timing just couldn’t have been worse.”

As a new wave of pain swept over Hill upon arrival at home, he took his medication, settled in as comfortably as possible on the couch and fell asleep. About 20 minutes after returning, he was jolted out of a deep sleep by the sound of pounding at his door. It got louder. He realized there was more than one person on his property. The banging and kicking got louder, and was coming from multiple directions. Both doorbells were ringing. Under cover of darkness, Hill’s house had been surrounded and was being relentlessly pummeled.

From his position on the couch and in a daze, Hill recognized the voices of two people, both officials in the Democratic Party holding multiple local and county leadership positions, Kiernan Majerus-Collins and Owen Cardwell-Copenhefer.

Go read it all!  See what happens next and consider that this is happening in America!

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Free Speech Dead in France; We Could Be Next if Dems Take the White House

Have you ever used the phrase “invasion” when talking about mass migration to America, or how about publishing anything about the “great replacement?” If so, beware of the Dems, if the Open Borders Left regains control of the White House.

It won’t be just Dems out to get us either, but as Michelle Malkin has learned some of our ‘conservative’ friends want to silence speech around the issue of immigration.

If it is happening in France, it could happen here—just a few years down the road.

From Paul Joseph Watson (hat tip: Jim):

French Intellectual Sentenced to 2 Months in Prison For Calling Mass Immigration an “Invasion”


French intellectual Renaud Camus has been given a 2 month suspended prison sentence for saying that mass immigration into Europe represents an “invasion.”

Renaud Camus is a gay, former Socialist, who penned his controversial treatise on what he calls “The Great Replacement” in 2011.

Camus will only avoid jail by paying 1800 euros to two “anti-racist” organizations, SOS Racisme and the LICRA (International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism).

The writer, who is the author of Le Grand Remplacement (The Great Replacement), was charged with “public incitement to hate or violence on the basis of origin, ethnicity, nationality, race or religion.”

The conviction stems from a November 2017 speech in Colombey-les-deux Eglises to the National Council of European Resistance in which Camus declared, “Immigration has become an invasion.”

The irreversible colonization is demographic colonization, by the replacement of the population,” said the author, adding, “The ethnic substitution, the great replacement, is the most important event in the history of our nation since it has existed; as with other people, if the story continues, it will not be that of France.”

Camus also called for a “national consensus of resistance” to oppose Islamization in “the struggle for the salvation of our common civilization, Celtic, Slavic, Germanic, Greek-Latin, Judeo-Christian.”

The part of Camus’ speech that specifically garnered the attention of judges was when he talked about European people being replaced.

Camus said mass immigration “is the substitution, the tendency to substitute everything with its emulator, normalized, standardized, interchangeable: The original with its copy, the authentic with its imitation, the true with the false, the mothers with surrogate mothers, the culture with free time and entertainment.”

By the way, at Refugee Resettlement Watch I have been labeling my posts on Europe in an archive I call “Invasion of Europe” for ten years!

Don’t let the Leftwing fascists silence you, keep talking and use the words that are most appropriate.  Have no fear!

Third World Waiting for Trump to Leave so Border Invasion Can Go into High Gear

Editor:  Don’t miss this morning’s post at RRW about how much the President is saving taxpayers by cutting the US Conference of Catholic Bishops funding!

Reader Jonathan directed me to this important post by Todd Bensman at the Center for Immigration Studies on Friday.

U.S.-Bound Migrants Gambling on Trump Defeat in November

TAPACUHLA, Mexico — Honduran Katherine Cabrera is among thousands of migrants who didn’t expect to get bottled up in this southern Mexican city, unable to proceed to the American border as planned, because of President Donald Trump’s insistence that Mexico block them with troop deployments and whatever else the Mexicans could come up with.

New Mexican travel restriction rules required that Cabrera either go home with her newborn child or stay here in Tapachula to apply for Mexican asylum and await an outcome perhaps months in the future. Rather than return home as some have, though, Cabrera said she reached a carefully reasoned-out decision. She’ll stay in Mexico and pursue that asylum claim in a calculated gambit: that Donald Trump will lose the November 2020 election and once the Democrats control the White House, they’ll reverse everything Trump did and reopen the U.S. southern border so that she can finally breach it.

“I want Trump out!” Cabrera said. “I’ll wait for that because it would make things easier to get in.”


Read it all and then see that additional migrants from Central America can’t wait and were attempting to break into Mexico just over the weekend. Story from Reuters.


Meanwhile the President has announced a new effort to halt the explosion of so-called “birth tourism.”

And, his refugee reform has been temporarily halted by a court injunction sought by the federal refugee resettlement contractors that stand to lose millions of tax dollars if the President reins-in the dysfunctional Refugee Admissions Program.

Moral of the story—everyone needs to get busy to re-elect Donald Trump.

Demographics is destiny! We need an additional four more years to work on halting out-of-control migration.