WordPress Would Not Tell Me Why They Removed Refugee Resettlement Watch

As many of you know I began blogging 12 years ago when I became interested in educating Americans about just how the process of Refugee Resettlement works in our country.

My work began when refugees were being quietly placed in nearby Hagerstown, Maryland and I simply wanted to know how the program works and who is paying for it.
Ann 2019 photo
My curiosity turned into an obsession with nearly an every day investigation into the federal program and related issues surrounding the Leftwing Open Borders goal of changing America by changing the people.
RRW was funded by no one, and so my work has been my charitable contribution to our great country.

RRW was filled with facts and financial data, reports on the refugee contractors, government information and reports on communities that were being targeted with resettlement (with a few horror stories about immigrant criminals/crooks/terrorists sprinkled in).

The way things are going now, I shouldn’t be surprised that the power on the Left has managed to silence that blog with its nearly 9,000 posts!  I just wonder why now?

If WordPress, which was hosting RRW, had such a problem with my content wouldn’t they have looked into it at some point over the last dozen years! 

And, why now when I hadn’t been actively writing there for more than a half a year! Was my archived data such a threat to whomever was complaining to WordPress?

(See my post in January about why I began writing ‘Frauds and Crooks.‘)
And, to top it off, they gave me no warning!

One day a reader was planning to look for something there and got this notice.  (See my post on July 1, here).
Screenshot (1030)
I contacted WordPress then to ask what was going on and got this (below) e-mail response after I noticed all data collection at RRW had stopped in mid-June. So….

When were they going to tell me they had shut down my work?

This is an e-mail I received from the “community guardians” at WordPress on July 1 after I contacted them! (I’ve taken out the links they provided):

Upon review of your WordPress.com site we have determined that your content does not align with our Terms of Service or User Guidelines. As stated in our Terms, we may choose to stop providing service to an account at any time, for any reason, or none at all.
As such, your site has been suspended and will not be returned. You can see a notification of your suspension in your WordPress.com dashboard notifications. [yeh, right, who reads obscure dashboard notifications! They have my e-mail address!—ed]
To download your content and take it elsewhere, the export tool below will be available for the next two weeks….


If you wish to continue to use WordPress for your site, you might consider a self-hosted WordPress installation. You can follow the guide located here to successfully transfer your content to a more suitable WordPress host.
Thank you,
Aline F. – Community Guardian

So, on July 2nd I went back to the “community guardian” and asked these questions:

Can you tell me exactly what caused your concern about Refugee Resettlement Watch. This month marks the 12th anniversary of the launch of that blog with you. And, in recent months there has been little new activity there. So just wondering why it is now, after all this time, [it’s] not aligned with your terms of service.
Is there a particular post(s) that concerned you and if so could you direct me to them?
Have you had recent complaints about the blog even as it hasn’t been active for many months?
Were references to certain organizations a concern?
Would really love to know as I find another host for the nearly 9,000 posts archived at RRW.
Greatly appreciate any feedback you can give me!
Thank you!
Ann Corcoran

Here is what I received in response on July 3rd.  We can call it the ‘go pound sand’ brush-off e-mail:

Upon review of your WordPress.com site we have determined that your content does not align with our Terms of Service or User Guidelines. As stated in our Terms, we may choose to stop providing service to an account at any time, for any reason, or none at all. We aren’t able to offer any further specifics.
We’ve canceled your WordPress.com subscription and refunded the purchase….


To download your content and take it elsewhere, the export tool below will be available for the next two weeks…


If you would like to continue using WordPress software for your site, you can import this file into a self-hosted WordPress installation with a different host.

Please keep in mind that other hosts may have similarly restrictive policies regarding this type of content. [emphasis mine].
[Signed] Community Guardian

I still don’t know what “this type of content” is!

I’m telling you all this now in case my new blog ‘Frauds and Crooks’ disappears before I return from a week-long vacation. I leave tomorrow, and will be back on the 13th.

Fear not, RRW will be back up, but it will take a few weeks and unfortunately a few headaches and a few bucks to get the job done!

Thanks to everyone offering advice about the tech aspects of all of this, I have a very capable helper and will be looking to move ‘Frauds and Crooks’ too.
Also, thanks to Michelle Malkin for mentioning my work and my troubles with the speech police.

Just minutes after finishing up my conversation with her [a Twitter user—ed], I learned that another researcher and investigator I’ve admired for years, Ann Corcoran, had her invaluable 12-year-old website, Refugee Resettlement Watch, terminated by WordPress this week. Poof. Gone.

With patriots being silenced all around me, it’s getting harder to feel patriotic. Who needs fireworks when our rights are going up in flames?


So, again, I am going to be away with very little access to the internet.  I won’t be able to post your comments or answer your e-mails this week!

If you are new to ‘Frauds and Crooks’ check out the categories in the right hand side bar and see what news and information I’ve been collecting.

And, if you want to keep this post, you might want to copy it and save it since who knows when they will go after me here.

LOL! make note of my PO Box in the right hand side bar!  We may all be resorting to snail mail for communications in the future!

Endnote If some pressing story breaks today, I’ll post it before dashing out in the morning. Otherwise, thank you for reading my blog(s) and see you next week!

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64 thoughts on “WordPress Would Not Tell Me Why They Removed Refugee Resettlement Watch

  1. Ann, as a fellow blogger I just want o offer my support and encouragement.
    I routinely re-blog your articles from Frauds and Crooks and depend on it to get the “real scoop”, so I sincerely hope that one does not go away too!
    You are a credit to the Conservative Blogging Community, so keep your head up! All for one and One for All!

  2. I bet it has to do with the number of Muslims now in political positions with the power to influence who ever runs word press

    1. I agree Joanne! They are ever increasing their numbers. Soon any criticism of islam will be considered hate speech (as it is in the UK)! I dont understand why the Left doesnt see how the muslims behave in this country (and others). They have told us right out they want to make the US a caliphate! We have 2 muslim women in Congress that obviously hate our country! Still too many Obama people in office, especially in refugee resettlement positions!

  3. Love your blogs. It’s nice to know what is going on out there. I try to inform people about all this bad
    stuff, most have no clue whatsoever, which amazes me.

  4. Dear Ann,
    The only thing that could not make you feel like the Lone Ranger in all of this is..you are not alone.
    Somehow almost every American is either being silenced in the background or overtly in their face. People are losing their jobs and lively hood because they speak out about what is going on.
    This is all so very dangerous for our country. It is reminiscent of exactly how Hitler started….a little here, a little there…then you have the total takeover of a country and people. Then certain segments of the population are targeted for total annihilation.
    Every day I wake up and think..surely the American people are going to respond to this atrocity…or that atrocity….but instead they focus on Nike’s latest slap in the face to America. That is not where our attention should be. Pretty soon there will be a tipping point….and it’s either rise up and be heard….or cower in our basements.

  5. i am so sorry to see this, Ann. You spoke to our very first Civics Club here in Front Royal a few years ago. You opened my eyes to this muslim immigrant problem. It is amazing to me how so many people who speak the truth are getting shut out of public discourse .

  6. Ann,
    You are incredible! Thanks for your good work and sorry for your troubles with the thought police!

  7. Really you need a lawyer for this…if you don’t have one I can recommend ours, Matt Simmons in Gaithersburg…will send his website in a subsequent email…
    Sent from my iPhone

  8. Ann – yours is another datapoint in big tech’s plan (funded by Soros et. al) to quash all non-correct thought in the public (cyber) square.

  9. if you use Matt, use him to go after SPLC as well as WordPress for money damages…he sued the CIA for me and my wife’s dotcom website partner in the 1990s…very smart and determined…tell him I recommended you consult him…

  10. There is a concerted and well-orchestrated movement to push out truth tellers, Trump supporters, and the like across all sectors of society. Ravelry knitting did this, and The Ren Hen restaurant, where Sarah Huckabee-Sanders dined has doubled down against conservatives, saying they have the right to deny them service. Know this is well planned and funded. Stay strong and stand united, patriots!

  11. I’m sure you are tired of hearing me beat this drum, but I’m going to give it one last thump: you need to make sure you have full control over your domain name. If you have that and back up the site regularly, you will never be completely shut down and people will always be able to find you again if you run into trouble with your web host.
    If it were me, I’d be looking at who hosts the likes of Incogman or DailyStormer. If someone is able to keep the likes of those guys online, I’d say it’s pretty unlikely you’d be messed with. You should familiarize yourself with companies like EIG–operations like that are bringing multiple web hosts under a single umbrella, right under everyone’s noses, and they don’t care about free speech. You have to dig to see who owns what online now, just like the MSM.

  12. When outrageous becomes the norm, the county is in very deep trouble. The TRUTH is being pummeled by the entire Leftist/Progressive armada of thugs and tyrants. If free speech isn’t restored, if this modern version of “burning the books” isn’t stopped, the country can expect terrible civil turmoil. Patriots and freemen will tolerate only so much.

  13. Really no clue?
    Let me know if you need a bullet list.
    kind regards,
    Moira Walsh in St Cloud Minnesota.

  14. I thought that the lefties were trying (Trump or not) to transform your USA into a copy of the USSR. My, but how wrong I was! The present-day Left censorship is not any copy, it’s something much worse and quite original, at that… The old bureaucratic Soviet censors had never used some idiotic motives, like “for any reason, or none at all”. Here Down Under I just can’t understand why your great freedom of speech was allowed to become a freedom of censorship so easily and peacefully, while all kinds of the omnipresent “community guardians” are eagerly continue to metastase?

  15. Hello Ann Thank you for telling us what happened. I have a blog with them too . I reread the legal stuff and it seems if you leave the blog post site un-used for a period of time ( section 1 ) then it seems that can do as they please with it . Please keep up the good work, Best regards Chris Wales Mineola NY 13. Termination
    We may terminate your access to all or any part of our Services at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately. We have the right (though not the obligation) to, in our sole discretion, (i) r*eclaim your username or website’s URL due to prolonged inactivity, *(ii) refuse or remove any content that, in our reasonable opinion, violates any Automattic policy or is in any way harmful or objectionable, or (iii) terminate or deny access to and use of any of our Services to any individual or entity for any reason. We will have no obligation to provide a refund of any amounts previously paid.
    If you wish to terminate the Agreement or your WordPress.com account, you may simply discontinue using our Services, or, if you are using a paid service, you may cancel at any time, subject to the Fees, Payment, and Renewal section in these Terms. All provisions of the Agreement which by their nature should survive termination shall survive termination, including, without limitation, ownership provisions, warranty disclaimers, indemnity, and limitations of liability.
    On Sat, Jul 6, 2019 at 8:03 AM Frauds, Crooks and Criminals wrote:
    > Ann Corcoran posted: “As many of you know I began blogging 12 years ago > when I became interested in educating Americans about just how the process > of Refugee Resettlement works in our country. My work began when refugees > were being quietly placed in nearby Hagerstown, Marylan” >

    1. No, not for lack of activity because I started two other blogs with them years ago and one is still on line and no one has posted for years there.

  16. I can help you restore your site. There is an archive site that backs up websites frequently. I see a backup of your whole site that was done on June 25, 2019 @ 22:16:11. You can purchase your own domain name, get your own hosting, and get it back up and running quickly. Let me know if you’re interested.

  17. Thank you for your work on refugee resettlement watch. It was a very valuable resource. I hope it can be revived at some point.

  18. Ms. Corcoran, you need to get your own website on a CONSERVATIVE server as others have suggested. I will pay for it year by year, if you wish (through GoFundMe or some other way that benefits us both with anonymity). Let me know if you need help with this.
    There are MORE CONSERVATIVES in America than the liberal leftists, Socialist, and Communists living in America, want you to know.

    1. Thanks so much, and yes, am working on it. Sorry I didn’t answer sooner, but my week away (this past week) happened to fall just as this was all happening. Note that I do have a paypal donation button and want to thank all those who have contributed to my move to another host. Again, I am working on it!

  19. I hope your right and the rights of all free people are not taken away by the governments or any other group or person

  20. Ann, great job with RRW and we’re adding FCC to the BadBlue database. Ridiculous how WordPress has abandoned any notion of free speech, but not surprising. I’m going to hammer them on social media for a while and see if anything results.

  21. Free speech is a precious thing and a blessing that our founding fathers ensured was mandated in the constitution. Unfortunately it is under attack,and the internet is hastening it’s demise. As we become more reliant and forced to depend on the internet for the exchange of ideas and news we risk governments placing restrictions upon it or the owners of domains simply kicking you off without explanation; effectively silencing you. Europe is restricting content under hate speech laws that are very ambiguous. Fear and intimidation are limiting what people speak about in private and in public.
    U.S. citizens must vigorously defend the right to speak freely about anything, anytime, anyplace.
    You have performed a great service to this nation by diligently researching and post many hidden facts regarding the refugee resettlement program.
    Thank You

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Again, sorry not posted sooner but I’ve been away. Should be back tomorrow with a new post!

  22. Well Ann, this is my first time visiting your site. But from what I can tell, the overlords have determined that you may have had a little too much to think. The re-education camps should be opening soon for non-group think people such as yourself.
    I really hope things work out for you though, despite my massive sarcasm at the beginning of this. People such as yourself are vitally important in this world, because you have seen the alternatives. And they aren’t pretty. It’s too bad that all these people that are pulling the proverbial strings, learned absolutely squat about history, and are forcing everyone to go down a very dark road that has been driven many times over in our history.

    1. Thanks for your good comment. The timing of this setback with WordPress couldn’t have been worse as I had a long-planned vacation this week… but I am back to business now!

      1. Vacations are great… When you don’t have to return to work lol. My dad was a teacher for about 40 years, and one of the things he instilled in me was, to learn history. Right from grade two, he would give me something to look up (in a book!), and ask me questions about it. It really annoyed me, as I preferred playing rather than looking something up in Britannica Encyclopedia. So, ultimately, I did what any good son would do, and followed in my father’s footsteps, and tortured my kids with this too. I will always remember the first subject he got me to look up, and I made it a point of making it the first thing I got each of my kids to look up as well. The subject was; Who was Lady Godiva, what did she do, and why did she do it? I am hopeful that all my children have learned from history, as the “revised history” they teach in school these days is a travesty. I have taught them to stand their ground, no matter how many people think that they are wrong, as long as they have done their research, and can back it up. Empirical evidence is almost faux pas today, and has been replaced with feelings instead. This needs to stop now, before it becomes irreversible.

        1. Thanks for sharing the story. Wish I knew about that particular torture when my children were growing up!

          1. Well, far be it from me to pass on such an opportunity when it presents itself. HA!
            I have great kids though. All show respect for their elders, have a really good group of friends, have (my) wicked sense of humor, and are incredibly smart. Which reminds me of another story! About three years ago, I was flying to Vancouver Island to pick up a car for my wife. When I boarded the small twin turboprop aircraft, a bunch of “young adults” came on the plane and were past drunk, and well on their way to Cohan’s Bar drunk (The Quiet Man). I am very liberal with my admittedly colorfly descriptive language in private, but am very careful in public. These four or five young adults would have made an Irishman blush. I could see the disgust on some passengers faces. So, I leaned over and told them to watch their language. To their credit, they did. Upon a short conversation with them, I found out that I went to highschool with one of their mothers. And, boy oh boy, do you ever want to see how fast the “yes sir’s” and “no sir’s” started coming out? I would like to think that it will be a lasting memory for them, that you can say whatever you want while in private, but conduct yourself highly in public.

  23. I initiated ” #savetheconservative” recently in which I asked everyone to boycott all BIG TECH on July 4, 2019, for 24 hours. I have no idea if I was the only one who did it. I warned everyone what would happen when our enemies, the anti-Christ, Pharisee Judaic Talmudic, gained control of the “Gates” of BIG TECH and it seems I was Prophetically Correct. The opposite of “Politically Correct” LOL smh

  24. You are not the only one experiencing this from WordPress. I know and/or have heard of others. It is all put in context when you realize The Bigs, The Majors, and the Tech Giants have one goal: Control.
    You might not have seen this on Wikipedia, but at this link here [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WordPress.com#Wordpress.com_vs_Wordpress.org ] it mentions your blog:
    In August 2007, Adnan Oktar, a Turkish creationist, was able to get a Turkish court to block Internet access to WordPress.com by all of Turkey. His lawyers argued that blogs on WordPress.com contained libelous material on Oktar and his colleagues which WordPress.com staff was unwilling to remove.[19]
    WordPress.com was blocked in China, but like other sites, it is intermittently unblocked and blocked.[20]
    Matt Mullenweg commented: “WordPress.com supports free speech and doesn’t shut people down for ‘uncomfortable thoughts and ideas’, in fact we’re blocked in several countries because of that.”[21]
    In August 2018, WordPress.com began removing several pages that suggested the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax.[22]
    In 2019, WordPress.com reversed its previous anti-censorship stance and began shutting down numerous right wing blogs,[citation needed] hitting some that had been up for over a decade such as Chateau Heartist[23][unreliable source?] and Refugee Resettlement Watch based on their ideological content.[24][unreliable source?]

  25. This was some propaganda in New York Times 1864. I was surprised it was recorded as History.
    ” The rebels commenced an indiscriminate slaughter, sparing neither age nor sex, white nor black soldier nor civilian. The officers and men seemed to vie with each other in the devilish work. Men, women and their children, wherever found, were deliberately shot down, beaten and hacked with sabres. Some of the children, not more than ten years old, were forced to stand up and face their murderers while being shot. The sick and wounded were butchered without mercy, the rebels even entering the hospital buildings and dragging them out to be shot, or killing them as they lay there unable to offer the least resistance. All over the hillside the work of murder was going on. Numbers of our men were collected together in lines or groups and deliberately shot. Some were shot while in the river, while others on the bank were shot and their bodies kicked into the water; many of them still living, but unable to make exertions to save themselves from drowning. Some of the rebels stood upon the top of the hill or a short distance from its side and called to our soldiers to come up to them, and as they approached, shot them down in cold blood, and if their guns or pistols missed fire, forcing them to stand there until they were again prepared to fire.
    All around were heard cries of “no quarter,” “no quarter,” “kill the damned niggers,” “shoot them down.” All who asked for mercy were answered by the most cruel taunts and sneers. Some were spared for a time only to be murdered under circumstances of greater cruelty. No cruelty which the most fiendish malignity could devise was omitted by these murderers. One white soldier who was wounded in the leg so as to be unable to walk was made to stand up while his tormentors shot him. Others who were wounded and unable to stand up were held up and again shot. One negro who had been ordered by a rebel officer to hold his horse was killed by him when he remonstrated. Another, a mere child whom an officer had taken up behind him on his horse was seen by CHALMERS, who at once ordered him to put him down and shoot him, which was done. The huts and tents in which many of the wounded had sought shelter were set on fire, both that night and the next morning, while the wounded were still in them, those only escaping who were able to get themselves out, or who could prevail on others lees injured to help them out, and even some of these thus seeking to escape the flames were met by these ruffians and beastly shot down, or had their brains beaten out. One man was deliberately fastened down to the floor of a tent, face upward, by means of nails driven through his clothing and into the boards under him, so that he could not possibly escape, and then the tent was set on fire. Another was nailed to the side of a building outside of the fort, and then the building was set on fire and burned. The charred remains of five or six bodies were afterward found, all but one so much disfigured and consumed by the flames that they could not be identified, and the identification of that one is not absolutely certain, although there can hardly be a doubt it was the body of Lieut. ALBERTSON, Quartermaster of the Thirteenth Tennessee Cavalry, and a native of Tennessee. Several witnesses who saw the remains, and who were personally acquainted him while living here, testified that it is their firm belief that it was his body that was thus treated. “

  26. I have not received an email from you today, why not?

    1. Hi Tom, I’ve been away on vacation this week. Toward the end of the post I said this: “So, again, I am going to be away with very little access to the internet. I won’t be able to post your comments or answer your e-mails this week!”
      I hope to have a post ready to go tomorrow. If you don’t receive an e-mail then, let me know! (But, LOL! it is wordpress that sends those out). Thanks for subscribing to Frauds and Crooks.

  27. Hopefully I did not getting any of the below wrong or leave out too much as I reblogged this to a site I frequent:
    “12 year old Word Press site removed for violation of terms of service. Explanation of what the violation was not given.
    This is Ann Cochran’s original site: https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com was rather large, with voluminous amounts of citizen gathered information / data / stories and yes antidotes on the little understood and vastly unreported refugee resettlement phenomena in the USA. She started the site after short notice was given to her home town on refugees to be planted there by a government sanctioned private organization without any input, say or preparations from the towns people. In her towns case they were able to turn the unplanned resettlement away in the nick of time. As Ann’s site developed in the succeeding years she was able to document and help spread the word of this Trojan Horse like phenomena that started under Bush, picked up greatly under Obama and continues to this day even though it’s now eclipsed by the ongoing invasion happening on our southern border.
    In the absence of a media that should have been looking out for the people Ann, by ferreting out and prying free information on the local, state, country and world wide levels was able to piece together a vast mosaic of scattered information and paint a somewhat coherent, but ever changing picture to inform and awaken the concerned in our sleepy electorate as to what was heading their way via various government sanctioned back door programs.
    Ann’s site cataloged with maps, charts, diagrams, human interest stories much information to include the numbers, ethnicity, and past histories of various populations being targeted for or already resettled in various states and locals through out the country, where then a running commentary was thus provided that included the mechanization of how all this was, and even now is, happening with only the consent of a very few.
    I’d hope a sight like this could be saved and archived in the national library of congress since it provides one of the few and most complete pictures of what has been happening in this country concerning the vast migration flows into the United States of America.
    Lastly, take a look or another look at the link word press uses to say the site is no longer available
    What the heck is up with that back ground picture!”
    Link to the comment here: https://wqth.wordpress.com/2019/07/13/dear-kmag-20190713-open-topic/comment-page-2/#comment-199457
    This is a Qanon and MAGA friendly sight but it’s hardly everything we do.
    Thank you Ann for all you’ve done and continue to do. Someday I hope to impart to you a quick story on how you indirectly helped save a small Texas city from doubling in size.

  28. Thank you Ann for your dedication to all of us. Have a good vacation.

  29. Too many desert rats to count. Everyone must stand strong to fight this virus. It is spreading faster than people think. Until it gets to the doorsteps of the enablers it will continue to spread. Their main way of taking over is by concentrating number into cities and taking control of the local government then moving into higher levels of government. It started right after WWII in Dearborn. Ford Motor hired many and they now own Dearborn and have spread to Hamtramck. We need more spotlight put on their plans and current achievements. Blessings to those that oppose this evil virus.

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