Update: WordPress Did Shut Down Refugee Resettlement Watch Because They Disapproved of the Content

No time to tell you more now.
See what I said here on Sunday.  Imagine it! I was their customer for twelve years!
Just in case they shut down ‘Frauds and Crooks’ next, here is how you can reach me:
I don’t want to lose you, my faithful readers, and I expect to get a new website up somewhere else, but I need to know where to find you! So if ‘Frauds and Crooks’ disappears send me your e-mail address!
As one of my friends joked—we might have to invest in mimeograph machines and postage stamps if the Speech Police continue their rampage!

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37 thoughts on “Update: WordPress Did Shut Down Refugee Resettlement Watch Because They Disapproved of the Content

  1. If you are telling the truth, reporting what happened, why is that a problem? We are entering a socialist community that despises the real truth, they don’t want to hear their programs that give them millions don’t really serve the purpose and line their pockets at our expense. We are trying to recall Gov. Sisolak in Nevada and the strong arm is being pressed but we will continue….

    1. That problem is local but this media problem is National. Yes this and that “arm” are the Koch, Soros and Obama thugs…just like antifa.

    2. These people are a type of digital brownshirt looking to impose their imaginary utopia of all people, all cultures, all races are all exactly the same upon us by destroying the right to free speech throughout our digital town square. They are EXACTLY what Vladimir Putin would want to have undermining the core principles that made America the powerhouse of the world. He knows they represent the same ideas which eventually led to the collapse of his own country. He enjoys every act of censorship by the hands of these anti-American fools.

  2. Thanks for the contact email just in case. I appreciate all the hard work you do. I am new to your information thanks to DML.

  3. Hi Ann, I just checked. This site is YOURS – you own the domain name:
    So Wp – to the best of my knowledge, anyway – can do nothing. Wp itself is open source.
    Your previous site is https://refugeeresettlementwatch.WORDPRESS.com/ – so it’s in essence a subdomain of Wp, so Wp can do what it likes.
    I hope you downloaded refugeeresettlementwatch, so it still exists.
    Anyway, I’m a big fan of yours. A fan, an admirer, and a fellow adventurer who has discovered so many things she would never have thought possible. Star Wars has nothing on the adventuring we’re doing.
    All the best to all of us who care and dare and do,
    http://elsasblog.com and http://worldtruthsummit.com

    1. Thanks Elsa, yes I should have all the content and when I get it posted somewhere else will let everyone know

    2. I wouldn’t be too sure of that. It shows WordPress as the reseller. If WordPress is dealing direct with the registrar on her behalf, they can snag the domain. She needs to contact the registrar directly and make sure the domain is in her name only and WordPress has nothing to do with it. If she is paying WordPress to establish and renew the domain, that is not good. You need to deal direct with the registrar.

      1. Thanks, will look into this, but I just hate this tech stuff….grrrrr!

        1. “Reseller” is another word for “broker”. The domain might be in your name but WordPress is probably controlling it (if they did the transaction with the registrar to establish it, not you). When it comes due to to renew, are you making the payment to the registrar directly or is WordPress? If you are making the payment through WordPress, you are not in control of the domain and they can do things like allow it to expire (even if you put your payment through) and take the domain off the market, thus shutting you down.
          Sure, you can take them to court, but who has time and money for such things? Getting your money back is no problem, but you’ll still lose your domain. All of these web hosts know this. You need to contact the registrar and make sure you have full control of your domain and WordPress is out of the picture. After you do that, they can still shut the site down, but at least you have control of your domain and can continue operations with a different web host and people will be able to find you like they always have.
          Rule of thumb: deal direct with the registrar. Buy your domain on the open market and establish your site with a reliable web host who supports free speech. If you are letting the web host sell you a package deal where they establish your domain and get everything up and running, you are actually putting them in a position to rip you off if the site / domain has a record of high traffic and advertising value. High traffic = $$$$, and it might be in their interest to steal it and sell it for a profit.

  4. I figure now is better than when you disappear again! Thanks, Peggy ________________________________

  5. Today Word press in retaliation for requesting your e mails at another e mail site filled my box with 1000 e mails to fill my e mail up! It tells you WHO they are.

  6. I believe you, Ann, but it’s hard to believe. They are my provider too.
    A while back I tried to include in one of my posts the video by kitty werthmann, who remembered how Hitler took over Austria.
    As long as the URL was in my post I couldn’t post. Soon as I removed it–bang! Posted!
    I suspected, but didn’t say anything.
    My good friend for several years, the left is approaching out-of-control.
    Please be well and take care of yourself,
    James W. Nelson aka Forest9patrol

    1. Don’t vote for perpetrators…yes it is coordinated just like when we were monitored on our phones by Obama!

  7. I believe that they did the same thing to another site..
    Our country is going down the toilet I am afraid..

  8. get a good lawyer and sue them and splc for money damages please…

  9. Wow this is a coordinated attack on conservatives. The IRS scandal was just the beginning.
    We cannot give up, thanks Ann for your perseverance.

    1. Saul Alinsky still at work and with these radicals we will be torn down unless we stop them!

  10. I talked with an attorney friend of mine in Alabama about Facebook disabling other peoples share button on anything Trump I shared with them..Bring these organizations legally into conservative states like Alabama or other southern states…. and teach them a lesson…

  11. This is from the worpress.com link for complaints and reporting. The page advises starting a companion site for complaints disagreements. Great idea!
    Wordpress asks for legal documtents when complaining about a site. Has someone sued you and won a court settlement for defamation or copyright violation? Note again the difference between .com and .org sites .
    Before reporting a site with this form please verify that the site in question is hosted by Automattic. As a reminder, we have no control over self-hosted sites built using free WordPress software which may mention “Powered by WordPress.org” or something similar. Those sites use the open source WordPress software and aren’t hosted by us, so you should contact the appropriate web host with complaints.

    1. You are losing me in all this techy talk. Bottomline is that I was using wordpress software and was being hosted by wordpress. I should have known better! I’m moving the content now. And, no, I have never been sued for anything I ever wrote (never sued at all ever!).

  12. It may get so bad for conservatives or those talking about things the left does not want, like immigration, that we may all end up going to the Dark Web to host our content. Many are considering the Dark Web as a last resort, as a place to host their content.

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