Dallas District Attorney Going for Death Penalty in Serial Murder Case

This is an update for a story the national media is avoiding for reasons I explained here yesterday.
Billy Chemirmir, an illegal alien from Kenya, will face the death penalty in the “heinous” murders of over a dozen vulnerable senior citizens whose families thought they were safe and well-cared-for in their assisted living homes. [There are 19 cases believed to be tied to Chemirmir but not all have been charged.—ed]

Kenyan chemirmir
Think about it! If Chemirmir had been deported to his village in Kenya after his first run-ins with the law, these beloved mothers and grandmothers would not have suffered.

The Dallas Morning News is following the case closely as well as a few local news outlets, but major media is shockingly silent considering Billy could end up being the most prolific serial killer in Texas history!
Where are you New York Times? Where are you Washington Post? Where are you CNN? And, where are the defenders of women’s rights (only one of the victims is a man)?

Dallas DA seeks death penalty against serial killer suspect Billy Chemirmir

Dallas County prosecutors will seek the death penalty against Billy Chemirmir, a capital murder suspect accused of smothering more than a dozen elderly women in North Texas senior living complexes.
District Attorney John Creuzot’s office filed paperwork Tuesday seeking capital punishment in the suspected serial killer’s case, according to Dallas County court records.
Capital murder in Texas carries either an automatic sentence of life in prison without parole or the death penalty. Prosecutors reserve the death penalty for crimes deemed especially heinous.
Chemirmir, 46, is accused of posing as a maintenance worker to gain access to the apartments of women in Dallas and Collin counties. Police say he then smothered the women with a pillow before stealing their jewelry to sell online or pawn.
Many of those deaths were initially listed as natural causes. It is difficult to tell if someone was smothered unless there is other suspicion of foul play. After Chemirmir was arrested in March 2018, however, police began looking at older deaths to identify potential victims.
Chemirmir was charged with capital murder in Harris’ death and the attempted murder of the two other women.
At that time, police announced they were investigating hundreds of other deaths to see if there were links to Chemirmir.
“We’re going to make every attempt to identify all the victims in the communities across the metroplex and fully investigate this case,” Plano police Chief Gregory Rushin said at a 2018 news conference. “This is terribly disturbing.”

Law enforcement is calling people all over the country to alert them to the possibility that mom didn’t die peacefully!

In the months since, families around the country have gotten calls from law enforcement, saying their loved ones might not have died peacefully in their sleep as they previously believed. Instead, police told them, they may have been victims of a serial killer.

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And, do not miss the time line of the murders that police have investigated so far.  In one month—March 2018 (the month of his arrest)—Chemirmir allegedly killed four times (at least!).
He was caught because he got sloppy and failed to finish the job—one tough old lady lived to inform the police.
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Justice for Seniors!

Help spread this news since the PC media won’t!
Endnote:  I have a tag specifically for Billy Chemirmir because someone needs to write a book—the case is a classic one!  The African illegal alien should not have been here.  Police missed clues in a sanctuary city. Apparently greedy assisted living homes feared they would lose ‘customers.’ The women were all old and white (except for Harris who was Vietnamese).
And, last but not least, because immigration is fast becoming the most critical issue facing America with the 2020 Presidential race around the corner this case represents all that is wrong with our immigration system and with the MEDIA!

Pittsburgh Syrian Refugee, Mustafa Mousab Alowemer, Pleads Not Guilty in Plot to Bomb Black Church

His lawyers claim his planning was just “puffery and bragging.”
This is a brief update of the story I posted here last month.
From the Associated Press.
Readers, do you realize the progress being made here?

The word refugee is in the headline!

This AP story could easily have read: “Pittsburgh man pleads not guilty…”

Syrian refugee pleads not guilty to church bomb plot charges

PITTSBURGH (AP) — A Syrian refugee accused of plotting to bomb a Christian church in Pittsburgh to inspire Islamic State of Iraq followers has pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges.
Mustafa Mousab Alowemer entered his plea Wednesday during his arraignment in federal court. His lawyers have dismissed the alleged plotting as “puffery and bragging.”

Legacy church
Mustafa’s alleged target where Nigerian Christians worship (among other immigrants).

Alowemer is charged with attempting to provide material support and resources to the Islamic State of Iraq and two counts of distributing information about an explosive, destructive device, or weapon of mass destruction.
Authorities claim he had detailed plans to bomb the Legacy International Worship Center, a small Christian church.
Authorities say Alowemer was born in Syria and came to the United States in 2016 [as one of Obama’s 15,000+ robustly vetted Syrian refugees—-ed]. He was arrested last month while meeting with undercover FBI agents.

As I said previously, when I began ‘Frauds and Crooks’ in January of this year I expected to be writing about frauds involving Food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, grant fraud, immigration scams and so forth, but instead I’m now writing mostly about violent crimes planned or perpetrated by so-called “new Americans”  —stories largely overlooked by the mainstream media!

This African Immigration Fraudster Got Caught!

Editor:  As we work on getting this blog and Refugee Resettlement Watch hosted elsewhere there may be a glitch or two along the way.  Yesterday that happened with my update on the Kenyan Killer story, see here, where the link did not work.

Prince Mark Boley could get five years in the slammer!

Well, at least this Liberian didn’t get away with the all too common marriage scam which we have mentioned in  a couple of posts lately*** involving men who married, or attempted to marry Americans, in order to stay in the US after initially getting into the country on a visitor visa of some sort.
See how he was caught lying……
From Fox News,

Green card scam thwarted by ‘best sex ever’ text that arrived as immigration agent was reviewing phone, prosecutors say


A Liberian soccer player’s attempt to trick U.S. immigration authorities into giving him a green card backfired after an agent in Rhode Island viewing the phone of the woman claiming to be his wife saw an incoming message from another person thanking her for the “best sex ever,” prosecutors say.
Prince Mark Boley, 30, is now facing up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine after being convicted by a federal court this week of lying to immigration officials and providing false information on immigration documents, the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the District of Rhode Island announced.
The steamy text that sparked an investigation into his behavior came in June 2017, when authorities were questioning the validity of his marriage to a U.S. citizen that occurred a year earlier, the office said. Boley was seeking a green card and the woman he claimed to be his wife allowed an immigration officer to review her phone in hopes to make clear that the two truly were in love.
While the officer was going through messages on her device, a new one popped up – from “Chriss”, complimenting her for the “best sex ever”, the Providence Journal reported.
“At trial, the woman testified that her marriage to Boley was a sham, and that she married Boley solely for the purpose of him obtaining a green card,” the office continued. “She testified that she and Boley did not live together and never had a physical relationship, but that Boley did take steps to create a paper trail that he resided with her, such as having some of his mail sent to her address where he did not live.”

*** Both the Kenyan Killer, Billy Chemirmir, and the Nigerian who brutally murdered the Utah coed either did marry or attempted to marry Americans in order to stay in the country.
How many more are out there?