Catholic Bishops Bemoan Possible Further Slowdown of Refugee Admissions

Of course they do!  If the President reduces the number of refugees permitted to enter the US through the US Refugee Admissions Program they will take a huge hit to their pocketbook.

pope welcoming migrants
Fine and dandy, but do it with private charity, not taxpayer dollars!

(Except of course that they will still receive millions of dollars annually for ‘caring’ for the Unaccompanied Alien Children swarming across our border.)
I told you a few days ago that rumors were being spread among the federal refugee contractors that the President in his annual determination due for submission in September is contemplating a big fat goose egg for the number of refugees to be welcomed to your towns and cities in FY2020.
This story at Catholic News Network is meant to gin-up Leftwing Catholics to complain to the White House and Congress about Trump.

US bishops say reported shutdown of refugee program is ‘disturbing’


Washington D.C., Jul 22, 2019 / 01:01 pm (CNA).- If reports of major cuts to the U.S. refugee resettlement and asylum programs are true they are alarming, the chair of the US bishops’ migration committee said Friday.

Bishop Vasquez
Bishop Vasquez of Austin: We want 95,000 paying clients in 2020!

Politico has reported that officials in the Trump administration were considering cutting the annual refugee cap next year to zero, or to greatly reduced numbers such as 10,000 or 3,000. This represents the total number of refugees that would be allowed into the United States in the next fiscal year.
“This recent report, if true, is disturbing and against the principles we have as a nation and a people, and has the potential to end the refugee resettlement program entirely,” Bishop Joe S. Vásquez of Austin said July 19..
The reports were leaked to Politico from three individuals close to recent meetings of security officials.
“As Pope Francis has said we must work for ‘globalization of solidarity’ with refugees, not a globalization of indifference. Rather than ending the program, we should work instead to restore the program to its historic norms of an annual resettlement goal of 95,000,” Vasquez concluded.

More here.  And, go here for Vasquez’s full statement as chair of the Migration Committee for the USCCB.

The Bishops will lose MILLIONS of dollars in income!

Conspicuously absent from either of those reports is any mention of the USCCB’s boodle from the feds (well, from you the US taxpayers).
So I went to see what I could find about how much the Bishop’s Migration Fund is being paid to place refugees in your towns and found this report about their funding in 2017.
Previously the Bishops had a very slick annual report (here in 2014) on their Migration Fund, but now they have their federal bucks buried in a larger financial statement.  See it here.
This is a screenshot showing the millions you gave (involuntarily) to their refugee business income. Again, this is just their refugee pile of money, and does not include millions more in federal funding this ‘Christian charity’ gets from the government.

Screenshot (1038)_LI
95% of the Bishops’ refugee resettlement program is funded by you (involuntarily)!


Tell the President to cut refugee numbers and get rid of the contractors who spend much of their time badmouthing the Prez while sucking off the federal teat!

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