Pennsylvania: Missing Amish Girl’s Body Found


Eighteen-year-old Linda Stoltzfoos had not been seen since last June when her family reported her missing.  She was walking home from church in the Bird-in-Hand section of Lancaster in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish country.

Some early media accounts speculated she had run away from her community.  The go-to position for woke types?

Rest in peace

You may have seen this story.  I usually prefer to post news you might not see elsewhere, but this one, although widely covered, really got to me.

Perhaps that is because the Amish have chosen to live a quiet God-centered life just so they could be separate from the world’s evil doers.

After reading several accounts of what happened earlier this week when the young woman’s body was found, I’ll go to my usual first choice media outlet for cases like this—the UK Daily Mail.

The man, the alleged killer, was already behind bars and charged with murder.  Even without the body, they have the goods on the “career criminal” thanks to extensive police work, DNA evidence, witnesses, cell phone data tracking, and surveillance camera evidence.

None of the reports say how authorities found the body, but I am guessing the evil creep gave them the tip as part of a plea deal to help save his hide.

UK Daily Mail:

Body wrapped in tarp and buried in 3ft grave IS missing Amish girl, 18, who vanished on way home from church: Remains were found behind workplace of man charged with murder

Human remains found during a search Wednesday are that of the missing Amish teenager who disappeared in Pennsylvania last summer, officials believe.

Linda Stoltzfoos, 18, was last seen walking home from a church service in the Bird-in-Hand area of Lancaster on on June 21 last year. She never returned home.

Justo Roberto Smoker had been adopted as a child by a family who gave him every opportunity.

In December last year Justo Smoker, 34, was charged with criminal homicide. Officials said then that the suspect’s DNA was discovered on the victim’s stocking, which had been found buried in the woods alongside her bra.

He had moved her body

Lancaster County DA Heather Adams said Thursday they now believe Stoltzfoos was killed within hours of her kidnap and initially buried at that location before her body was moved to where it was found Wednesday.

The remains were found buried more than three feet down and wrapped in a tarp behind Dutchland Incorporated, the former workplace of Smoker in a rural area in the eastern part of Lancaster County, she said.

A a dress, bonnet and shoes matching what Linda was last seen in were also found. Prosecutors noted that Wednesday marked exactly 10 months since Stoltzfoos disappeared.”

More here.

An autopsy is to be performed today.

Some reports I read indicated that Smoker’s car had been seen in the area in the days before Linda went missing as if he was out looking for a victim.

As is the usual case, we are not told if Smoker, who was supposedly living on the street when he was adopted, was born in this country.

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5 thoughts on “Pennsylvania: Missing Amish Girl’s Body Found

  1. No matter where he was born…..Biden/Obama/Harris are bringing in tens of thousands like him into our country.

    Those flooding through the borders, getting on planes and being dumped off across America are bringing in diseases that we conquered decades ago. Indiana can attest to that when Obama put all those foreign “refugees” in their state…it brought a highly virulent form of TB that they are still fighting.

    They don’t share our language. They don’t share our values. Most of them born in brutal countries where it is the norm. They will bring that “norm” here….it’s already started.

    You and I can’t afford the costs they are bringing. While American’s suffer …everything will be paid for them from our taxes….from money we earned….not them.

    Our children will never have a chance to get a good education, nor be able to afford marriage and the kids that would have been born. While these intruders have many children.

    I once went to Mexico. I don’t go to foreign countries anymore. We don’t speak the same language. That almost got me killed.

    Conversely, they don’t speak our language….which is going to get many killed when they start moving around our country. Our Courts will be packed and Americans will wait years to get into courts. Some states will let the criminals roam free until they get a court date. Guess what they will be doing while they wait.

    We used to laugh at the term “TDS”…..the ones that had it have now advanced to full blown Communists, Marxists, Socialists—mental illness….and all the other “ists”. Pick one.

    What ever you call it, it’s still the end our country as we know it.

    The enemies of America and now building a TOWER OF BABEL….trust me.

  2. This case is a tragedy. Think the mennonites will burn down businesses, riot in the streets, destroy neighborhoods like blm /antifa does when a white on black incident is committed?. Yet here we have a black on white crime that was so horrible. My point is, it matters not the color of the skin but what was in the heart. This man was pure evil, a career criminal that upped his game to murder. Too bad the sentencing for the other crimes was so lenient. He got so many years for all the others, but didn’t serve nearly the total time that he could have. Many people failed here. In the end, the most innocent of all, paid the highest price.

  3. Really sad. With a name like Justo Roberto he was probably a border jumper. It would be nice to know since the Democrats are so obsessed with race and ethnicity.

  4. So terrible, as usual with black on white crime, the media is not reporting this. We also don’t know if this was a bias crime or not. I do know that some of the local politicians have been trying to force the Amish on the grid by claiming that their outhouses present a health hazard. The Amish have been buying guns and they supported Donald Trump for president.

    They have successfully developed their own independent economy and community. They educate their own children and have no dependence on big corporations. This is a lifestyle that is the opposite of what the left and neoliberals want.

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