Send News about Frauds and Crooks to the White House

A reader reminded me a few days ago that I needed to encourage you to not hesitate to send news and comments to the Trump White House.

Trump in front of White House
Let the President know what you think!

She wanted to know if I had a line to anyone there and if news that I post here about frauds and crooks ripping off the American taxpayer ever got to the White House.
The answer is—not that I know of!

Make it a centerpiece of any campaign!

As I mentioned in a comment recently, I think that a ticket to electoral success would be available to candidates (Trump too!) if he or she focused on exposing and cleaning-up frauds and crimes against the American people.
Yes, of course, one can daily see that the Dept. of Justice is finding and prosecuting some very large fraud cases involving food stamps, medicare and medicaid, but the big media rarely mentions those stories (is it because many involve ‘new Americans?’).

What have you got to lose? Five minutes a day!

Click here to Contact the White House. Make it a regular thing! You never know when your comments might break through!
By the way, I notice that the subjects across the top of the site include—economy, national security, budget, immigration and opioid crisis—signifying I assume President Trump’s priorities.

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14 thoughts on “Send News about Frauds and Crooks to the White House

    1. Don’t get discouraged, just keep it up …. a little bit every day or every few days and see what happens!

  1. Here is a link to the DOJ’s healthcare fraud arrests last summer. If you scroll below the pictures there are links to unsealed records. There is no easy way to see what percentages are immigrants, but the names in high-immigration states are overwhelmingly foreign. I randomly checked a few American-sounding names like ‘Brown’ and found that one to be Meiuttenun Brown doing Medicare fraud with Tasadaq Ali Ahmad and ‘others’.
    My plan is to systematically work a state like Michigan and send the White House a few names with the amounts they defrauded us in a series of emails. It’s tedious to research each name, but that’s the only way to get information on nationality and immigration status. To me, it is plain that rolling out the welcome mat to people who have no affinity for us makes us more vulnerable. Doing it on the scale that we have been doing is to invite criminality.
    Under Obama, Holder said they recovered $8 for every dollar investigating Medicare fraud. Last year the DOJ claimed $4. They should keep ramping up at least until they hit break even.
    Thanks for all you do and for this site. You are an inspiration and you’ve gotten me into the habit of contacting the White House regularly.

    1. Thanks for all that good information! Even if you get no response keep doing what you are doing.

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