Texas: Keep the Kenyan Killer Story in the News as a Warning to our Vulnerable Seniors

Billy Chemirmir may very well be the most prolific killer in Texas history, so don’t let the mainstream media succeed in hiding the story because it doesn’t fit their narrative about immigrants and about Africans.

See the most recent news at ‘Inside Edition’ and be prepared to shed tears for the family members who were interviewed about the loss of their beloved mothers allegedly at the hands of a ‘new American,’ a man ‘welcomed’ to America.

Suspected Serial Killer Accused of Smothering 18 Seniors and Stealing Jewelry

The three daughters of murdered seniors explain that all three of their mothers lived on the same floor at the upscale Tradition senior living center.

Watch the news clip! 

See my tag for Billy Chemirmir, the man I call the “Kenyan Killer.”  I have been following the case since May of 2019.


Serial Killers are Getting Away with Murder and Not Just in Texas

“…if only that detective unit had a little more intellectual curiosity, how many other people’s mothers could have been spared?”   

(Scott MacPhee whose mother was murdered by the Kenyan Killer)


Reporter Lise Olsen at the Texas Observer has done an extensive examination of the failure of police departments across the country to solve murder cases that if solved early could have saved many other lives.


The report is long and begins with a recitation of the failings in the Texas case to identify early-on an alleged serial killer I call the Kenyan Killer, Billy Chemirmir, who alternately is believed to have posed as a health care worker or a maintenance man to gain access to elderly women’s homes and apartments some in upscale senior living facilities where families had every expectation that their beloved mother was safe.

I have an extensive file on the case.  Click here.

See my post last month:

Texas: Another Indictment in Texas Serial Murder Case

Olsen, at the Texas Observer, features the Dallas area police departments failures, but broadens her report to explain a reduction in the number of murder cases solved nationwide is a growing and shameful problem.

I will add one more shameful matter involving the Chemirmir case and that is that the national media has apparently decided to relegate the case to Texas media only.


As more homicide cases go unsolved, the backlog of unsolved murders grows and serial killers are free to kill again. Too few police departments are effectively deploying their resources to stop them.

Please read it all.

Olsen wraps with this  story which I hadn’t previously heard about.  At least a half a dozen vulnerable women were killed after Carolyn MacPhee who died on December 31, 2017 at the hands of Billy Chemirmir.

She fought hard because his DNA was (too late) found on her glasses.

Carolyn MacPhee met Chemirmir in October 2016 when her husband of nearly 60 years, Jack, was dying of a progressive nervous system disorder. The MacPhees had met in the 1950s at Washington State University in the mountains of Spokane. Even in her early 80s, Carolyn still had the flair of the girl she’d been when they became college sweethearts. She didn’t want to send Jack to an institution, but needed help to care for him in their Plano home. She found Chemirmir, who was working under the alias Benjamin Koitaba, through a service that claimed to vet home health workers, although Chemirmir, using a fake ID and already with a criminal record, should not have passed a background check. [Should not have still been in the country in my view!—ed]

“Koitaba” worked as a replacement caregiver in the MacPhees’ home off and on for four months—long enough to learn the family’s routine and the layout of their home.

As part of the care team, he received notice when Jack died. He came back to murder his former patient’s widow six months later, according to a Collin County indictment.When found on Sunday, December 31, 2017, Carolyn was dressed up and ready to go out to church.

Her son, Scott MacPhee, came to his mother’s house to meet Plano police officers that day. He was mystified by what he observed: “It was cold that day, but her coat had disappeared. And two valuable rings she always wore were missing.” He challenged a Plano detective about the missing items, but the response was, according to him, “Old people hide their stuff.”There was blood in the bathroom, in the garage, near her body, and even on her glasses. And yet his mother had no obvious wounds. Officers collected no samples of the blood. Nor did they take photos or videos, he said. No autopsy was ordered by Collin County officials.

The death investigation seemed like a whirlwind, Scott said: “We found her, the cops show up, the paramedics show up, the CSI department shows up, and they rope things off, they do all their investigation, and the detective says she died of natural causes.”

Months later, when he saw the news stories about Chemirmir’s arrest and all the other killings and robberies of older women, he called police again.Eventually, they called back. Through cell phone records, investigators told him they knew that Chemirmir had visited his mother’s home on the day she died. They requested her bloodstained glasses, which he had saved. On them was Chemirmir’s DNA.

So far, Carolyn MacPhee is the only victim whom police have identified among Chemirmir’s former home health clients, although he worked in other homes between 2013 and 2019, her son said. In that same period, police say he was carrying outserial murders.

What Scott can’t stop wondering is this: How many elderly people were marked as natural deaths whose deaths were not natural at all?

Publicly, the Plano, Dallas, and Richardson police departments have said that they are reviewing more than 750 other unassisted elderly deaths over the past 10 years, but Scott is skeptical of their commitment to the cold murder cases. “I have no evidence they’ve done that. I’ve seen no more indictments.”

He now suspects his mom, fit and feisty, died only after trying to fight off her killer. He believes other lives could have been saved if the blood the killer left behind in his mother’s home had been tested sooner. “Nothing is going to bring her back, he said. “But if only that detective unit had a little more intellectual curiosity, how many other people’s mothers could have been spared?”

See Carolyn MacPhee’s obituary

Carolyn lived by Jesus’ commandment in John 13:34-35, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” 

Don’t miss my post below.

Visit Save our Seniors Safety and subscribe to their newsletter to keep up with what these women are doing to make sure their mothers’ deaths are not forgotten and that some good comes from their personal tragedies.

They are working on a legislative initiative and could use your help.

Texas: Their Mothers Were Murdered!

Texas: Another Indictment in Texas Serial Murder Case

Kenyan Billy Chemirmir was indicted in yet another murder of a vulnerable senior woman the day before last week’s March on the Capitol.  Other than the Dallas Morning News, crickets from the rest of the media.

And, you know why that is!  Chemirmir represents the exact opposite profile of what the media wants us to believe about the good immigrants coming here from African villages for a better life in America.


In my opinion, besides the fact that Chemirmir should not even have been in the country, the case represents a colossal failure on the part of the senior living facilities to keep their residents safe, and an even more frightening and extremely sad failure on the part of authorities who didn’t put the pieces together sooner.

Families had expressed concerns about missing jewelry and the conditions in their loved ones homes that should have been red flags to investigators.

From the Dallas Morning News:

Chemirmir indicted with 18th capital murder charge

A Dallas County grand jury has added an 18th count of capital murder against Billy Chemirmir, who is accused of smothering and robbing elderly people for years in Dallas and Collin counties.

The latest charge is in the death of Glenna Day, who was killed Oct. 15, 2016, at The Tradition-Prestonwood, a luxury senior living community in Far North Dallas.

Day, an artist, had worried about unexplained deaths on her hall.

Billy Chemirmir is accused in indictments and lawsuits with the deaths of 24 elderly people in North Texas.

Billy Chemirmir is accused in indictments and lawsuits with the deaths of 24 elderly people in North Texas. (Dallas County Jail / Dallas County Jail)

Chemirmir has been indicted in connection with eight other deaths at that complex, and he has been linked in lawsuits to one other. Including several other deaths that have not been included in his 18 indictments, he has been accused of killing 24 people from April 2016 through March 2018.

If convicted, Chemirmir could face the death penalty. He has said he is innocent and is in jail, with bail set at $17.6 million.


Before she died, a string of strange deaths down the hall had worried Day, her family says.

She told her daughter over and over in late 2016 about a number of her neighbors on the fourth floor who had died unexpectedly, but she didn’t have any more details about the strange deaths.

“Maybe I should move,” her mother told a friend.

Just a few weeks later, Day was found dead.

Unfortunately, the Dallas Morning News story is behind a paywall (or at least I think it is, I am a subscriber).  Reporter Charles Scudder deserves a Pulitzer when this is all done and I sure hope he is writing a book!

Chemirmir’s trial is scheduled for April, but could be delayed.

In what is surely a rare thing to see, the victims’ daughters have joined forces to attempt to strengthen Texas laws to make it more difficult for a monster like Chemirmir to have such easy access to anyone’s beloved mother in the future.


Texas: Their Mothers Were Murdered!

See my tag (Billy Chemirmir) for all of my posts on this nightmare story going back to March of 2018 when he was arrested at the end of a two year killing spree.

Egyptian Boxer Arraigned in Murder of Americanized Daughter

Surely another Muslim honor killing.

We have been so preoccupied with Election Steal news so this story reminded me that there are still ‘new American’ criminals among us (one of the primary reason for launching ‘Frauds and Crooks’ in the first place) and that there are bloggers, like Creeping Sharia, still hard at work getting the news out.

The sickening story is from the New York Daily News from before Christmas.  Here at Creeping Sharia.

Readers should know that Creeping Sharia was shut down by WordPress.com just as I was at Refugee Resettlement Watch because the speech police, using dirty tricks, are out to silence voices they don’t like.

Muslim fugitive arrested, held without bail in Staten Island strangulation of ‘Westernized, Americanized’ daughter

She was becoming more Westernized, more Americanized. She didn’t want to wear the hijab.

In other words, this was an Islamic honor killing.


A former Olympic boxer charged with the strangulation of his daughter — an activist for the rights of Muslim women — was arraigned on murder charges Tuesday and ordered held without bail, the Staten Island district attorney said.

Kabary Salem, 52, was extradited from Kuwait on Friday, ending a year-long manhunt that started shortly after his daughter, Ola Salem, 25, was found strangled in Bloomingdale Park, a 138-acre park on the South Shore of Staten Island, the morning of Oct. 24, 2019.

Salem fled the country, possibly spending time in Egypt, authorities said — and even tried to throw investigators off his trail by telling The New York Times his daughter had complained to him that she was being tailed by another car on the highway.

“I want to know what happened to her, what is the reason for that, but no one tells me,” he told the news outlet. “I am just waiting.

“She was a really good, beautiful girl.”

Keep reading to see what he did (for Allah) to his “beautiful girl.”

And, Creeping has a follow-up story here. Ola Salem was once an activist FOR Muslims wearing the hijab.

I see that over the years, I’ve posted many times at RRW about honor killings.

Texas: Three New Murder Charges in Kenyan Killer Case

Things seem to be moving now in the case of Billy Chemirmir alleged to have murdered 24 vulnerable seniors in a killing spree that could have been halted early on if investigators hadn’t been so quick to dismiss family members concerns about missing valuables.

Chemirmir, an immigrant from Kenya with questionable legal status, is alleged to have smothered his victims with pillows before stealing their jewelry.

A few days ago we reported that People Magazine became the first major news outlet outside of the Dallas Morning News to give this horrific story the attention it deserves.

Here is Charles Scudder, the intrepid reporter at the Dallas Morning News with the latest.

I sure hope Mr. Scudder is working on a book!

Three more capital murder charges filed against Billy Chemirmir, bringing total indictments to 17

Medical examiner records indicate that investigators think the serial murder suspect in April 2016 also killed Catherine Probst Sinclair, bringing the suspect’s list of potential victims to 24.

A Dallas County grand jury on Tuesday handed down three new capital murder indictments against Billy Chemirmir, the man accused of smothering elderly residents of North Texas senior living facilities and stealing their jewelry, cash and other precious items to sell at Dallas-area pawn shops.

There is no evidence so far (that I know of) about where all the jewelry was pawned.  A knowledgeable reader told me that he would have had difficulty moving that much jewelry in the Dallas area and would likely have needed an accomplice or accomplices in other locations.

Chemirmir has now been charged with 17 counts of capital murder and two counts of attempted capital murder in Dallas and Collin counties. He has also been linked through medical examiner reports and civil case filings in seven other deaths, bringing the total to 24 deaths in North Texas.

If convicted, Chemirmir could face the death penalty. He has said he is innocent and is in jail in lieu of an $11.6 million bail.


The new charges against Chemirmir, who turned 48 on Tuesday, are in the deaths of Joyce Abramowitz, Doris Wasserman and Margaret White. All three were killed at The Tradition-Prestonwood, a luxury senior living complex in Dallas, and all had been previously identified as possible victims through civil lawsuits against the complex.

Joyce Abramowitz

Abramowitz died in July 2016. In April, she reported to police that several pieces of jewelry had been stolen from her jewelry box while she was on vacation. After she died, her son reported that a safe was missing.

White died in August 2016. The executor of her estate, Paul Wright, noticed her apartment was missing her fine jewelry — including a wedding ring.”



Another potential victim

“Medical examiner records shared with The Dallas Morning News show that investigators think Chemirmir also killed Catherine Probst Sinclair, a potential victim who hadn’t previously been named by The News. Her death was in April 2016, meaning that officials suspect that the killing spree began at least a month earlier than previously reported.”

Catherine Probst Sinclair

When you look at the timeline created by the Morning News it makes this sickening case even more disgusting.

Sinclair is now believed to be the first victim (that we know of) smothered by Chemrmir on April 8, 2016 at the Edgemere.

Phyllis Payne was murdered there on May 14th and Phoebe Perry on June 5th.

On June 28th, 2016 Chemirmir was arrested at Edgemere on suspicion of criminal trespass and sentenced for some other outstanding crimes to 70 days but was released in 12 days.

Upon release, he picked another senior living facility to continue his killing spree.

On July 18th he murdered Joyce Abramowitz at the Tradition-Prestonwood, followed by another seven victims in a row at that location.

His spree continued until his last victim’s body was found and he was arrested on murder charges in March of 2018.

The Dallas Morning News editorialized about the case yesterday as Texas lawmakers start to make noises about changing laws in the state to make it safer for residents of senior living facilities.

The title of the editorial refers to the fact that one family was not notified that their dear mother might actually have been murdered long after the medical examiner had determined she died of natural causes.  The family learned from a friend who saw her mother’s name on Facebook as a possible victim of a serial killer.

Facebook is not the place to learn your mother was murdered

Credit the determined daughters of Chemirmir’s victims for keeping a fire lit under this investigation.

And, if you have a beloved relative in any kind of senior living facility or nursing home, this case should be a wake-up call for you to keep a very watchful eye on your loved ones no matter what state you live in!

Read about the daughters who created a website to get their message out that  changes in the law must be made so that this could never happen again to anyone’s beloved senior.

And, finally it is shameful that the mainstream media is not reporting this story. I believe that is because it involves white women murdered by a black man who should not have been living among us in the first place. Flip the script and this story would be in your faces every day!

If you know people in the media especially at Newsmax or OAN, please let them know that news is breaking on this horrific case.

See my extensive archive on the case by using my tag for Billy Chemirmir.