Daniel Horowitz at Blaze Media Posts Excellent Analysis of Texas Kenyan Killer Case

“….in many ways it is the most blood-curdling mass murder of all time.

(Daniel Horowitz)

Normally I would simply update my post of two days ago, here, and move on, but Horowitz digs deeper and speaks with more authority and thus is helping spread the news to a general public that, as he points out, has never heard of what is likely the greatest mass murder of vulnerable senior citizens (outside of Cuomo’s China virus tragedy) in US history.

Blaze Media/Conservative Review:

Horowitz: The notorious alleged murderer of at least 18 seniors will escape death penalty

He’s likely the greatest mass murderer of seniors in American history (with the possible exception of Andrew Cuomo). Yet, if you polled most Americans, they’ve never heard of him because he is a black immigrant who overstayed his visa and all his estimated 18-24+ victims were white seniors. Now, Dallas prosecutors, in shocking news that will escape national scrutiny, announced they will not seek the death penalty.

Why is Chemirmir’s face not as recognizable as that of George Floyd?

In a most heinous murder spree that has gone unreported outside Dallas, health care worker Billy Chemirmir was charged in 2019 with murdering 18 seniors ranging in age from the 70s to the 90s over the course of at least two years in north Dallas.

He is believed to have used his access to seniors as a health care worker and smothered his victims to steal their jewelry. Civil suits name him as a murderer in at least six other cases, and given the age of some of the potential victims, there is no way of determining who else might have died at his hands.

As I reported at the time, Chemirmir had overstayed his visa from Kenya in 2003, but managed to use a lawless marriage loophole to obtain a green card rather than be deported. Despite racking up a subsequent criminal record, he was never tagged for deportation, which could have saved countless lives.

Here is a timeline of his immigration and criminal history predating the alleged murders that I put together last year.

Visit Horowitz here to see the time line and more.

And here is his wrap….

We all know what would happen if this were an American-born white suspect and the victims were 24 black seniors. Not only would the suspect get the death penalty within months, but judging by the response to George Floyd, the rest of us would be held culpable — in a big way. Because the races were reversed, very few people in the country have ever heard of the case, even though in many ways it is the most blood-curdling mass murder of all time.

Just know that there are thousands of staffers, lawyers, and advocates funded by evil people working around the clock on behalf of murderers – to help them escape capital punishment or even life in prison. Who is standing for the most vulnerable victims of perhaps the worst domestic mass murder committed by an individual of all time?

There is more.

Okay, so now where is cable news?  Where are you Fox News and Tucker Carlson?  Newsmax? OAN?

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9 thoughts on “Daniel Horowitz at Blaze Media Posts Excellent Analysis of Texas Kenyan Killer Case

  1. Thanks for keeping this on the radar Ann. I am following the story because of your excellent sleuthing. God bless you.

  2. He is probably getting off from death sentence because he is one of Obama’s relatives.
    Just making a joke but I did read ‘Dreams of my father’. Obama went back to Kenya to meet his fathers family and other relatives there. Lots of cousins, uncles, etc.

    The sad part of this is that if he doesn’t get the death penalty, he will likely get parole down the road. Another reason to tighten up on visas and overstays. Didn’t we learn anything from 9-11? All killers on a visa.

  3. I would be honored to walk him up those steps….stand him on the trap door, put the bag and noose over his head…tighten that knot…..and on direction by the Sheriff…..pull the lever…..
    Hang ’em high!

  4. Of course the ostensible reasons given for not seeking the death penalty (having to visit Kenya etc) are mostly bullshit and an insult to one’s intelligence — however they are indicative of the fact that death penalty cases are generally significantly more expensive to prepare, the trials last a lot longer, and there are mandatory appeals.


    Look at the list of death row inmates in TX: many have been there for over 20 years, even more for over 10 years — practically speaking, you have to ask: what’s the point if it will take decades to actually execute him?

    I’d like to know why he was granted a visa in the first place — because despite the fact he probably spoke English, it seems he was never able to get anything but the most menial employment in the US — so how could there have been firm, existing ties to Kenya that offered reasonable assurance he would return/not overstay? — normally such ties MUST include a history of substantial, lucrative employment, i.e. not just family ties.

    1. As I understand it, he got in originally on a visitor visa (a sister I think) and then went on to one or two marriages of convenience. Don’t quote me on that, I did see it awhile ago and it is in one of my posts early on. But the US has probably hundreds of thousands who overstayed an initial visa and then disappeared. The travesty is that he had some run-ins with the law and not even that sent up any red flags.

      1. >(a sister I think)

        Thanks — this kind of makes my point — a family visit may be the reason given for the visit (on the visa application), but that must be discounted when deciding whether or not the applicant is a likely overstayer — because obviously family in the US can and SHOULD also be seen a potential support network (at least initially) should the person intend or decide to overstay — this is why I said ties to the home country “MUST include a history of substantial, lucrative employment” — and even that should not be seen as a guarantee.

        >red flags

        Of course you are right about the rest of it — but once the US gave up any sense of (white) racial consciousness, it’s now not allowed to simply notice the obvious: that guy looks like he doesn’t belong here.

  5. In response to the above posts….As a daughter of one of the victims….He was over here on a temporary visa that had expired, married and got green card. To maintain a green card you must be a “law abiding citizen”. After several DWI’s, being arrested for battery, trespassing etc…. Had he been deported, my sweet mom would not have have been violently smothered, along with at this point- who knows how many others:-(

  6. Law abiding citizens are being betrayed by the police. the judiciary, and the executive branch. They are deemed worthless. These people are your SERVANTS. Kick them out if they do not perform their basic duty-to protect the people.

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