New York (again!): Pakistani-born Teen Charged with Providing Material Support to ISIS

We welcomed another ‘new American’ who wants to kill us!

Planned a knife attack at a local Dunkin’ Donuts!

And, what is up with Queens and Islamists?

See my post yesterday about two Muslim women in Queens planning attacks on their fellow Americans, now this “kid,” as his lawyer describes him, had similar plans.

Lawyer: “By all accounts he’s a kind, shy, caring young kid who’s living with his family.”


You may have seen the story last Friday, but just in case!

From the New York Post:

Teen who plotted ‘ISIS knife attack’ planned to escape on his scooter: prosecutors


A reclusive, braces-wearing teen who lived behind a white picket fence with his devout Muslim family was secretly an ISIS sympathizer — and was plotting to launch a knife attack at a Dunkin’ Donuts and other targets near his Queens home, the feds alleged Friday.

Awais Chudhary, 19.  I wonder, did he know the women who plead guilty last week in Queens?  

His getaway vehicle of choice? A Razor scooter, federal prosecutors in Brooklyn say.

Awais Chudhary, 19, planned to strike at the Dunkin’ just blocks from his East Elmhurst home, and was also targeting pedestrian bridges over the Grand Central Parkway to the Flushing Bay Promenade and the World’s Fair Marina, prosecutors said in court papers.

Chudhary had texted back and forth with two undercover agents he believed were ISIS terrorists, sharing his attack plans and telling them that he’d pledged his allegiance to the terror organization, the feds said.

At one point, he allegedly sent one agent an ISIS diagram of the human body that he’d found online, showing where best to plunge a knife into a victim, the feds said.

He also allegedly asked for guidance on constructing a small “bucket bomb,” which he hoped to fling from an overpass onto vehicle traffic below.


Chudhary was arrested in Queens on Thursday as he tried to pick up items he’d ordered online for his attacks: a tactical knife, a mask and a special wearable strap to hold a cellphone he’d hoped to use to livestream the carnage, the feds said.

The wiry, bearded teen was ordered held without bail at his Brooklyn federal court arraignment Friday on charges of providing material support to a terrorist organization.

Unbelievable, his lawyer downplays his alleged attack plans by saying it was only a Dunkin Donuts he was targeting!

“This is not something where he’s masterminding something in the subway or Times Square. He’s looking at a Dunkin Donuts,” his court-appointed lawyer, Samuel Jacobson, argued in asking that bail be set at $100,000.

The plot was just a “fantasy,” the lawyer insisted.


“By all accounts he’s a kind, shy, caring young kid who’s living with his family.”

More here.

By the way, we don’t admit huge numbers of Pakistanis as refugees, so I always wonder how did we get so many.  Which legal avenue are they accessing to get here in such large numbers?

There is a detailed recitation of the case against him, here at the US Justice Department.



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4 thoughts on “New York (again!): Pakistani-born Teen Charged with Providing Material Support to ISIS

  1. After President Ronald Reagan was duped by the Democrats into signing off on an amnesty in the late 1980s the major migration of Indian and Pakistanis began. Many of Pakis and Indians were already here on several types of non-immigrant visas, they simply exploited the amnesty programs.

    They overwhelmed the USINS amnesty infrastructure by using counterfeit ID. They claimed they had illegally entered the U.S. and were now claiming to have been in the U.S. prior to the entry cut off date for the general amnesty, or they counterfeited pay stubs to show they were working in agriculture for over 90 days. It was two fold amnesty based either on employment in agriculture or by the date you supposedly illegally entered America.

    Once these former non-immigrants gained at least employment authorization, which originally was granted at the time the amnesty application was filed, the alien smuggling took off in earnest.

    Because of the incredible number of amnesty applicants, there was insufficient resources for the USINS to investigate the claims. Law firms sprung up everywhere representing these Indian and Pakistani amnesty applicants.

    The law firms were assigned attorney ID numbers and computer runs were done to see which were filing the most. The numbers showed certain law firms were filing huge numbers of applications, far beyond what the older larger, well known immigration practices were filing.

    Suspecting fraud, certain USINS amnesty offices would stop issuing employment authorization to the law firms suspected of perpetrating fraudulent applications. When this happened, the law firms affected would call around to other nearby cities, and ask other law firms if their local amnesty office was still issuing employment authorizations cards. Once they found one, they, in many cases, simply used “white out” and altered the applicants address to that offices’s jurisdiction.

    The lawyers would hire “call cars” to transport their clients to the alternate city office.

    The USINS and now the USCIS use “A” files per alien registration (application), those that filed under the amnesty were given files from the A90 to A94 series. The Lion of the Senate wanted the amnesty program to be a success. Success was graded by the numbers, meaning they wanted lots of people immigrated through amnesty. Being the case, the USINS managers soon realized the way to reach success was to approve the applications as quickly as possible. And boy did they ever!

    So now we had the nucleus of the Indian/Pakistani population created in America, then through “family reunification” and six or seven additional amnesties created by the federal courts, the population grew exponentially.

    This is why amnesty poses a grave danger to our sovereignty and national security.

    1. Thank you! I would like to publish this as a guest post. Let me know if that is okay!

  2. Our Homeland Security is about going undercover and waiting for 19 year old Moslems to call and pledge their support to ISIS.

  3. So, this “shy, caring, braces-wearing” “young kid” who wants to stab and drop bombs on innocent Americans is actually a 19-year-old with a long beard? The man in the illustration looks about 40: how dare they run THAT picture next to those words???

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