2 thoughts on “New Post at RRW: Special Minneapolis High School Bemoans Loss of Somali Students

  1. Hi Ann
    I’m so glad to see RRW coming back however I like the focus you have taken on your Frauds, Crooks and Criminals list as well.

    I understand the limitations placed on the RRW and I have a suggestion….what if you integrated the two? You could continue putting out your FCC emails and have a listing of items….some linked to the RRW ….linking the two would keep your subscribers informed on both fronts and people like me who read multiple blogs and news outlets daily and share them could continue to do so without adding another site to the list of stuff to look at daily….I share your stuff and refer to your articles to my group quite often….your information is having the effect of waking America up to the refugee situation…..your are doing great work!!

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