CNN Posts News Entitled “Here’s what we know about person accused of killing Mackenzie Lueck”

Looking for updated news on the horrible murder of a Utah college student (see my post on the arrest of Ayoola Ajayi here on Friday evening), I see that CNN did an update last night with the above headline.

ayoola ajayi booking photo
Ayoola Adisa Ajayi is expected to be charged tomorrow. We will be watching!

Eager to learn what more the mainstream media might have dug up about the man arrested in the horrific case in Salt Lake City, I opened the link.

They don’t know squat!

There is absolutely nothing new there, but more importantly there is no mention of what alternative media had already reported—that he is Nigerian! (that according to his booking report!).

Some alternative media are also reporting that he came on a student visa and never left. 

Shouldn’t a good investigative reporter find that information with just a little work?

Where are you New York TimesWashington Post?

And, hey CNN, if you don’t know anything, than don’t post headlines like this one!

The Kenyan illegal alien allegedly killed elderly women by suffocating them with a pillow.  Have you seen his face on cable news?

It is maddening, just like the Texas story of the ‘Kenyan Killer’—-now it appears this ‘new American’ may have killed a minimum of 18 senior citizens—these stories are kept from the average American who only watches cable news.

(Thanks to Breitbart for getting the Texas story out more widely!)

Why aren’t we competing with our stories?

The Left loves to tell their heartwarming stories about “new Americans,” but we dare not tell the horror stories.

And, frankly, immigration control activists aren’t good story-tellers for the most part!

Why is that?

Texas: Story of Kenyan Killer Disappears from the News

After all, it was only a bunch of elderly, mostly white, women allegedly smothered to death with their pillows.  Old women, so who cares!


Chemirmir victims
The murder of Lu Thi Harris, upper left, is the first case investigators unraveled.  Harris is originally from Vietnam, likely a refugee.


Imagine if these had been Hispanic or Black women killed by a white American serial killer. The story would be front page news for months around the world!

When the ghastly story of how an illegal alien, Billy Chemirmir, broke (nationally) in mid-May of this year with the announcement that investigators had found a total of twelve deaths (so far) linked to Chemirmir, I said I would follow the case closely.

So every day or so I do a search and find nothing—zip, zero, nada—as the story drops down a media black hole.

Why is that?

Here are just a few reasons I believe the story is getting virtually no media attention: Chemirmir is black, his victims were mostly white, he was in the country illegally, the Texas police likely screwed up the investigation in a sanctuary city (Chemirmir had previous run-ins with the law), and lastly perhaps because the crimes are so horrific against vulnerable elderly women that the PC media movers and shakers know that if it was known widely it would add fuel to the immigration control agenda of the political right….

….and, heaven forbid, the President might tweet on the story if he saw it on Fox News!

Indeed, this past week marks a full year since Chemirmir was indicted and placed behind bars in the first case–the murder of Lu Thi Harris.

See my earlier posts on the Kenyan killer by clicking here.  I promised that I would follow this story, the ultimate nightmare for those of us who have elderly parents or grandparents living alone, to its end.

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New Rules to Help Stop Fraud in Diversity Visa Program

Did you know that when over a million people a year apply for the Diversity Visa Lottery in hopes of getting one of 50,000 tickets to your American town, that, in the past, applicants were not even required to show proof (a passport) that they live in the country from which they are applying.

See what Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review said about the lottery in 2017.

That matters especially because some countries are barred from participation due to the large number of successful migrants to America in the previous five years.***

Readers! Our whole immigration system is one big fraud opportunity. 

For over 10 years I followed the US Refugee Admissions Program and saw the fraud on our country in that legal program and everywhere you turn it seems that someone is scheming, finding some way, to milk our system and it’s not just happening at the southern border.

This story about new requirements in the diversity lottery (we don’t have enough diversity!) is being reported in the Kenyan press!

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Kenyan Killer Update: So Many Questions and Few are Even Asking Them

Every day I check to see if anyone has written anything new about the horrific serial murder case in Texas involving an illegal alien from Kenya who is charged with smothering twelve (maybe more as the investigation continues) vulnerable older women in order to steal from them.

Bill Chemirmir ugly
Is Chemirmir’s the last face twelve women saw before they were brutally murdered?


The only bit of new news since the story broke two weeks ago came from John Binder at Breitbart here.

If you are new to ‘Frauds and Crooks‘ all of my posts on this case (that I plan to follow until the women get justice) are tagged here at ‘Billy Chemirmir.’

So this is an older story I hadn’t mentioned in any detail from the Dallas Morning News (they have done a good job reporting the story) about how hard it is to determine if an older deceased person died of natural causes and frankly rarely does anyone bother to check if they might have been killed with a pillow that leaved no easy-to-see marks.

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Update: Kenyan Killer Overstayed a Tourist Visa, Married an American

On my daily hunt for more news about Billy Chemirmir, accused of murdering twelve elderly American women by smothering each with a pillow, I see no mainstream media has shown further curiosity about an alleged serial killer who preyed on vulnerable white women in order to steal from them.

Chemirmir and victimes
New American Billy Kipkorir Chemirmir pictured with four of his alleged victims.


His killing spree went on for several years before investigators caught a break and arrested him in March of 2018.

No major media is interested, but thank goodness Breitbart reporter John Binder was curious enough to find out how Chemirmir actually got into the US.

We earlier reported that Kenyan media had an interest in a case involving one of its citizens, however, no major media in the US has pursued his immigration status, indeed most have never even mentioned the case!

Authorities in Texas are now searching through information on other deaths of elderly women who died alone and fit a certain profile—white and with some means (so they had possessions for Billy to sell!).

Editors note: I’ve had some complaints that the e-mails you receive as a subscriber have various problems. I can’t control that, it is a wordpress issue. I want to encourage all regular readers to simply come to ‘Frauds and Crooks’ every day to see what is new! The link is here and new stories are always at the top!

Continue reading to see Breitbart’s news…..

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Texas: Alleged Serial Killer Targeted Women Living Alone; Family in Kenya Hears the News

I’m determined to check every day on more of the details about how an alleged serial killer, an illegal alien from Kenya, murdered elderly women in their retirement homes, got away with it for so long, and now less than a week after first reports of the murder charges, the media has moved on. (See my post yesterday, here.)

Bill chemirmir tips

This morning the only relatively new story I see is from the local Plano, TX news where five of the victims lived and died confirming how he manipulated his way into women’s homes.

Chemirmir used his healthcare experience to access senior retirement communities. Then, he would impersonate maintenance workers to get close to elderly women. He allegedly targeted older residents living alone, without assistance.

Five and six days ago some of the major media reported the case when the news first broke.  The Washington Post got around to the story two days ago, but I am still seeing nothing on it from CNN, and the New York Times simply published the AP story five days ago and has not done any further reporting that I can find.

As I said yesterday, imagine if he was a white redneck! The story would be front page news for weeks!

However, you can often count on foreign news services when a crime was perpetrated by one of their own! Kenyan Satellite News tells us more!

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Texas: Kenyan Alleged Serial Killer was Well Known to Law Enforcement

I’m telling you this story, about an African illegal alien who is charged with the murder of twelve (so far) elderly women, gets worse by the minute.

Billy Chemirmir, the ‘poster child’ for everything that is wrong with our immigration system and the mainstream media!

See my previous post about Billy Chemirmir the most ignored possible mass murderer of modern times!

Why is the news being buried?  Is it because his victims are old? Is it because he is a black African? An illegal alien? Because law enforcement did nothing about getting him out of the country earlier? Political correctness? Or, all of the above?

Heck Kate Steinle got more attention as a murder victim than these twelve women are getting.  Don’t get me wrong, Steinle’s death deserved the attention it got, but shouldn’t we get twelve times the attention in this apparent case of premeditated murder!

Before I tell you what the Daily Caller reported two days ago, think about every older woman you know—your grandmother, your mother, your aunt, the sweet old lady next door, your local friends? Imagine them meeting the death these women endured? 

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