Texas: Alleged Serial Killer Targeted Women Living Alone; Family in Kenya Hears the News

I’m determined to check every day on more of the details about how an alleged serial killer, an illegal alien from Kenya, murdered elderly women in their retirement homes, got away with it for so long, and now less than a week after first reports of the murder charges, the media has moved on. (See my post yesterday, here.)
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This morning the only relatively new story I see is from the local Plano, TX news where five of the victims lived and died confirming how he manipulated his way into women’s homes.

Chemirmir used his healthcare experience to access senior retirement communities. Then, he would impersonate maintenance workers to get close to elderly women. He allegedly targeted older residents living alone, without assistance.

Five and six days ago some of the major media reported the case when the news first broke.  The Washington Post got around to the story two days ago, but I am still seeing nothing on it from CNN, and the New York Times simply published the AP story five days ago and has not done any further reporting that I can find.
As I said yesterday, imagine if he was a white redneck! The story would be front page news for weeks!
However, you can often count on foreign news services when a crime was perpetrated by one of their own! Kenyan Satellite News tells us more!

Kenyan Satellite News has a fairly detailed report about the crimes Chemirmir is accused of including information I haven’t seen anywhere else about where he came from in Kenya and when he came to the US.
Leave it to a foreign news service to provide facts our US media is apparently not going to give us!
(Since I am not able to copy and paste from the story, I’ve taken some screen shots of the text.)

Breaking News: Man from Kenya Charged with Serial-Killing 12 Elderly People in US by Smothering them, Given $9 Million Bail

Screenshot (62)
Screenshot (65)
Yikes, he came to live among us twenty years ago! That is a long time he could have been killing vulnerable elderly Americans.
Later KSN continues with more information about Chemirmir’s Kenyan family,
Screenshot (63)
Screenshot (64)
The whole KSN story is here.
I’ll have more tomorrow.  I’ve made a tag for the Kenyan killer, so you will be able to quickly see older posts as I continue to follow this horrible case that is being ignored by most of the national media.

Someone make sure the President sees it!
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  1. We need to pressure the AG and start reverse actions against the ACLU, your right they ALL
    would be all over this, Look at the attack in MN. this week, white on black, it would of only began.

  2. Thank you, Ann. I suspect there may be quite a few more of these illegal immigrant killers posing as healthcare workers in retirement communities. Retirement home HR offices are to blame for hiring non-citizens.

  3. Contact Epoch Times. They are a conservative newspaper. President Trump reads it and frequently quotes it.

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