Texas: Alleged Serial Killer Targeted Women Living Alone; Family in Kenya Hears the News

I’m determined to check every day on more of the details about how an alleged serial killer, an illegal alien from Kenya, murdered elderly women in their retirement homes, got away with it for so long, and now less than a week after first reports of the murder charges, the media has moved on. (See my post yesterday, here.)
Bill chemirmir tips
This morning the only relatively new story I see is from the local Plano, TX news where five of the victims lived and died confirming how he manipulated his way into women’s homes.

Chemirmir used his healthcare experience to access senior retirement communities. Then, he would impersonate maintenance workers to get close to elderly women. He allegedly targeted older residents living alone, without assistance.

Five and six days ago some of the major media reported the case when the news first broke.  The Washington Post got around to the story two days ago, but I am still seeing nothing on it from CNN, and the New York Times simply published the AP story five days ago and has not done any further reporting that I can find.
As I said yesterday, imagine if he was a white redneck! The story would be front page news for weeks!
However, you can often count on foreign news services when a crime was perpetrated by one of their own! Kenyan Satellite News tells us more!
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Minnesota: Somali Teens Attack Bystanders with Hammers and Pipes, Mainstream Media Mum

Diversity is beautiful alert!
Thanks to all of you who alerted me to this news from Little Mogadishu, Minnesota.
The frightening incident occurred last Friday evening at a light rail station near the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

U of Minn Light Rail Station
University of Minnesota light rail station

I’ve said it many times, but someone needs to make a quality documentary film about how Minnesota is being changed by an expanding Somali population originally seeded by the US State Department and ‘religious’ charities paid by the taxpayers to place large numbers of UN refugees there. 
Then take that documentary on the road!
We have been cleaning out UN refugee camps in Kenya for decades and now are seeing the fruits of that foolishness.
I expect Minnesotans think that most of America knows what is going on there, but I am telling you that average Americans (like those in Maryland where I live) have no idea there are even some Africans from a place called Somalia living there, let alone that they are causing such chaos.
Hah! Maybe in some ways it’s good that the very vocal Ilhan Omar is representing a portion of the state in Congress.  She is helping educate the rest of the country!
Anyway, back to the hammer-wielding Somali teens which reminded me of the Lewiston city park attack by Somali teens in June of 2018 that resulted in the death of a white man.  But apparently no injuries were reported in the Minnesota rampage.
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