Arrests Made in Lewiston, ME Death of White Man at the Hands of a Gang of African Refugees

Donald G. Giusti
Donald Giusti

I first told you about the clash instigated by a gang of ethnically mixed ‘youths’ here at RRW in June of 2018.
Many months later the local police have finished their investigation and arrests were made this week in the killing of  Donald Giusti who died when he was hit by a rock and beaten at a Lewiston park last June.

The news of the arrests is here at the Lewiston Sun Journal (hat tip: Kafir),

LEWISTON — A local teen who told police he threw a rock into a crowd during a fight last summer that struck the head of a man who later died denied a manslaughter charge Thursday.
Emmanuel Knurunziza, 18, appeared in 8th District Court after he was arrested as a juvenile earlier in the day by Maine State Police in Limestone. He was 17 years old at the time of the fight. The felony is punishable in adult court by up to 30 years in prison.

Only a pic of the 23-year-old Pierre Musafiri is available. 

In addition to Knurunziza, a 13-year-old boy and a 23-year-old man, both of Lewiston, were arrested early Thursday in downtown Lewiston in the June 2018 beating death of Donald G. Giusti near Kennedy Park. The two were charged with misdemeanor assault. The teens were taken to Long Creek Youth Development Center in South Portland.
Giusti, 38, died June 15 at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston, three days after he was beaten on Knox Street.
A medical examiner determined the cause of death to be blunt-force trauma that included two “significant areas” of trauma to Giusti’s head and brain. Deputy Medical Examiner Lisa Funte also noticed a “patterned injury” on Giusti’s left shoulder, a broken clavicle and a fracture to one of his left rear ribs, according to the autopsy report.
Police secured a search warrant for a videotape of the June 12 melee that showed a man throwing a rock that struck a man identified as Giusti. Knurunziza later told police he had “thrown a rock towards a group of people during the fight,” and was told afterward the rock had struck Giusti in the head.
A witness identified for police not only a person who kicked Giusti in the area where he had suffered a broken clavicle, but also a person — Pierre Mousafiri — who kicked Giusti in the area of his rib cage where he suffered a fracture, according to an affidavit written by Maine State Police Detective John Kyle II.

Interesting because this is the first time I am seeing any mention of gangs made up of both Somali and Congolese refugees.

A witness had told police he had seen 30 Somali and Congolese people fighting 15 white people at Knox and Spruce streets on the night of June 12. Seven police officers arrived at the scene at about 10:45 p.m., while the fight was in progress.
One witness, who videotaped a portion of the fight, told police a “white guy” had been running backwards and had stumbled. After righting himself, “he was struck in the head with a brick, which caused him to fall to the ground.”

Mayor Kristen Cloutier
Lewiston Mayor Kristen Cloutier said in a statement; ““We must make a concerted effort every day to relate to each other with civility and understanding….”

“After he fell, the Somali and Congolese group ‘stomped’ him for about 10 seconds, before they took off running,” Kyle wrote in his affidavit.
That witness said several people were armed with sticks, BB guns and a bat.
In the days after the fight, several people insisted the attack on Giusti and his friends had been racially motivated, the result of tensions that had existed in and around the park since the end of winter.
Lewiston police responded to those allegations as the investigation got underway, confirming the group included an ethnic mix.
Police had said the investigation took longer than some because of the sheer number of people involved and because many were juveniles.
In the courtroom Thursday, Knurunziza sat next to his father, his hair braided and pulled back. He wore a blue-and-black windbreaker and faded jeans. An interpreter translated English to Lingala, a Bantu language. [Bantus are Somalis—ed]

That last line is the information that confirms that the arrested men are refugees ‘welcomed’ to America by the US State Department and subsequently placed in Maine.
For more go here.

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17 thoughts on “Arrests Made in Lewiston, ME Death of White Man at the Hands of a Gang of African Refugees

  1. When I was hosting my radio program for 8 years with KDWA Radio, in Hastings, Minnesota, I interviewed the city manager for, Lewiston Maine (GREAT INTERVIEW), after all the alphabet soup radio and TV outlets beat he and the mayor up for having the nerve to say STOP – NO MORE,, we are being buried in red ink… I did several stories about this disaster in Maine.. This made national news in 2002. That was then..
    Lewiston, a blue collar ‘rust belt’ town, of only 50,000 people (second largest city in Maine), became 51,000 people in only one year. The annual budget for services there was busted in 6 months. They were being driven toward becoming FLAT BROKE.. Lewiston’s Mayor put an immediate STOP to any further Somali’s – so-called ‘refugees’ – from being sent to Lewiston, by the UN and State Dept, etc.
    All hell broke lose, and here came the signs, the picketers, and all the usual suspects to complain… …”racist” this, and “Islamophobic” that, and “anti-immigrant” was what they all screamed from the roof tops.. That was 2002..
    NOW, Lewiston is a disaster zone.. ..and THIS IS THE RESULT.. And, the mosque needs security?
    Since 2012, 13 Christian Churches have been burned to the ground in Minnesota. And, the mosques need Security / faux-police squad SECURITY CRUISERS style vehicles? …in Bloomington, Minnesota, St. Cloud, Minnesota, and so on? They need security? From their own rampaging Somali Gangs perhaps? Certainly not from a bunch of crazed Lutherans, Catholics, Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, and so on..
    Now, Minnesota has serious problems, and incident after incident, occurring in Rochester, Minneapolis, The Mall of America, Lake Calhoun, Willmar, Waite Park, St. Cloud, Fairbault, St. Paul, Valley Fair (Shakopee), Scream Town (Chaska), Uptown area of Minneapolis, OUR University campus locations, “Little Mogadishu”/Minneapolis, and so on.. ..And, it is the MOSQUES which NEEDS SECURITY?
    Please…Don’t pee down my leg people and tell me its raining..

    1. I was recently attacked by mob of Somali thugs in Minneapolis. I have some video of the attack. Minneapolis police did not respond immediately after police arrived I show them video. They didn’t care.

      1. I’m beginning to suspect that “the vast majority of Somalis” – be they Muslims or not – is not so dangerous as the leftist mayors’ vast majority (to tell nothing about their voters’ vast majority, naturally)

  2. There isn’t a video on Youtube where it’s said that the Somali in Minn. was a Moslem. Please print the original report where he was called a Moslem. Thank you.

    1. What original report? I assume you are talking about the man who threw the little boy over the ledge.

      1. The name ‘Emmanuel’ was used by what you described as a Somali or was he from Congo? The last name ‘Aranda’ is clearly Spanish. The Mall of America Emmanuel Aranda wasn’t Spanish unless he’s from the Dominican Republic. The police in Minnesota reportedly never asked his religious affiliation.

  3. What kind of “mayor” shows cleavage in a pic? Yuck! How femme-y and powerless to make vapid statements as she did.

  4. This is a national disaster and it has been coming for some time. I recognized it clear back in the 1970s when the trickle became a torrent of illegal aliens – and once again, to reiterate – that was 1975. No, fast forward. We are at the breaking point. We don’t need to worry about threats from Russia and China. Our F**ked up Congress continues to “fiddle” with “getting Trump” while America burns and trust me – it will burn. We simply cannot sustain ourselves any longer. There are only so many resources and capability. Blaming those of us who understand the gravity of the situation by calling us racist, and every other derogatory name the politically correct can think of is meaningless and a cop out.
    Someone once told me, “You want to go to Europe? Well, you’d better go now. The Europe you have known will soon cease to exist.” That same logic now applies to the U.S. Trump sees it. He gets it. Physical barriers do work. I know. I’ve lived just north of a triple fence for over 40 years. I well remember what it used to be and what it is today to live here. A fence is not the end-all – but it does help and there is nothing racist or bigoted about it. Remember, if we do nothing, we are done as a country. It’s coming – and it’s picking up speed. You haven’t seen anything yet!

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