Montana: New American from Albania Arrested on Firearm Charges

Fabjan Alameti
Fabjan Alameti

Although the Justice Department in its statement on the arrest of Fabjan Alameti in Bozeman, Montana was quick to say this Albanian Muslim had nothing to do with the Muslim community of Montana, it will surely provide some expressions of—see I told you so—from Montana citizens who fought the opening of a refugee resettlement office in the state a couple of years ago.
After all, he was planning to shoot up a Montana hotel and kill “random people.” (He previously lived in NYC and clearly thought Montana was a good choice for him.)
There is no mention in any of the news accounts about Alameti that tell us how he came to be living in the US, but there is a chance he is from a refugee family.
We have ‘welcomed’ thousands of Albanians over the years.
Here is how I see it: If no one in authority wants to confirm or deny refugee status then we are free to assume he is a refugee, right!
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Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society Cries the Blues over Trump's Low Refugee Admission Numbers

No, they are not alone, the other eight federal contractors have begun their anti-Trump chorus as the 6-month-mark in the fiscal year has been reached and they see that once again refugees (paying clients) admitted through the US Refugee Admissions Program will be low.
(I reported the low number here last week.)

Hias at the border
The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society at the border last week putting on an anti-Trump media event!  Shouldn’t they be focused on the refugees we pay them to care for?

Not surprisingly my alerts are filled with news stories this week about how the meany Donald Trump is causing suffering for those waiting all around the world for their ticket to your town.
But, as you may remember, the Trump Administration said the numbers for regular refugee admissions would be low because the Administration was faced with a huge and growing-daily backlog of asylum seekers at the southern border.
Asylum seekers are refugee wannabes—they say they will be persecuted if returned to their home countries and therefore have a “right” to ask to stay in America permanently.
But, this is what never made sense to me—if groups like the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society cared so much about those waiting to get here from Africa, Asia and the Middle East who have been at least nominally screened, why are they at the border putting on media stunts to pressure us to allow illegal aliens (they call them NEW Americans) of all sorts across the border?
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At the Southern Border, We Could Be Catching the Liars on-the-Spot!

fleeing family sign
The fleeing family sign has a whole new meaning these days!

With all the consternation surrounding the issue of illegal aliens entering the US with a child in tow and claiming the child is the alien’s child, why aren’t we using this quick DNA test?
The Leftists love science, they should love this quick and easy method of sorting out the children and keeping them safe from gang members and human traffickers!  Right!
So why isn’t Homeland Security at the border and the Office of Refugee Resettlement, which is responsible for connecting unaccompanied children with their parents, using DNA testing?  Seems it is a no-brainer.
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