Montana: New American from Albania Arrested on Firearm Charges

Fabjan Alameti
Fabjan Alameti

Although the Justice Department in its statement on the arrest of Fabjan Alameti in Bozeman, Montana was quick to say this Albanian Muslim had nothing to do with the Muslim community of Montana, it will surely provide some expressions of—see I told you so—from Montana citizens who fought the opening of a refugee resettlement office in the state a couple of years ago.
After all, he was planning to shoot up a Montana hotel and kill “random people.” (He previously lived in NYC and clearly thought Montana was a good choice for him.)
There is no mention in any of the news accounts about Alameti that tell us how he came to be living in the US, but there is a chance he is from a refugee family.
We have ‘welcomed’ thousands of Albanians over the years.
Here is how I see it: If no one in authority wants to confirm or deny refugee status then we are free to assume he is a refugee, right!

Here is a pretty good account (so far), this from NBC,

Man who wanted to join ISIS, plotted U.S. attack arrested at Montana gun range, feds say


HELENA, Mont. — An Albanian national who talked about joining ISIS and attacking random people to avenge a shooting at a New Zealand mosque was arrested at a gun range in Montana, authorities said Thursday.
Fabjan Alameti, 21, appeared before a U.S magistrate judge Thursday on charges of possession of a firearm by an unlawful user of a controlled substance and making false statements involving international and domestic terrorism.

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FBI apparently felt the need to say this in its statement: “We want to make it absolutely clear that Mr. Alameti has no known ties to Montana or any affiliation with the Muslim community in Bozeman.” We are expected to believe he just put pins in a map and found Montana.

Authorities first interviewed Alameti in 2018, and he later made pro-ISIS comments on Facebook, FBI Special Agent Matthew Duermeier said in a sworn statement filed with the court.
Starting in January of this year, Alameti spoke with a federal informant about fighting with the terrorist organization in Iraq and Syria and plotting an attack in the U.S. against a military facility, recruitment center, government building, “gay club” or Jewish temple, Duermeier said.
But Alameti also later said he would not carry out an attack on U.S. soil because the country had granted him citizenship, the FBI agent’s statement said.

After Christchurch, he changed his mind and said he would attack Americans anyway!

Alameti was traveling to Montana by bus on March 15 when a gunman opened fire in a Christchurch mosque and killed 50 people.
He asked the federal informant to send him a link to the video of the shooting because it would fuel him. “I will attack random people to avenge the blood,” Alameti told the informant, according to Duermeier.

Read the rest of the story here and see the part about how the hotel threw him out.

Let me know if anything new and interesting appears on this case, especially any information about which immigration program permitted him to be living among us.

By the way, for new readers, the Leftwing language controllers are using the phrase ‘New Americans’ with its positive connotation for all migrants coming to America (no distinction for them between legal and illegal), so I’m using it too for frauds, crooks and criminals!

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4 thoughts on “Montana: New American from Albania Arrested on Firearm Charges

  1. Per the old tale of “The Hatfield’s & The McCoy’s” example, these people play both roles, and BOTH are the VICTIMS…and the PERPETRATORS..all at the same time? ..Just ask them..
    Confused yet? Don’t be..
    This game of – “we must avenge” this or that – although WE stared the fight in the first place – has been going on for 1,400 years and counting.
    This is a form of “That sometimes-useful-byproduct-of-a-HOG-PEN”..
    EG: The so called Palestinians lob rockets, burning kites, dig tunnels for suicide homicide attackers…and then the Israeli’s fight back accordingly… And, this self-defense by the Israeli’s, of course, MUST be avenged by the PLO… Get it?…Please Get it….
    Minnesota, in fact, and the latest corrupt MN Attorney General, Keith (AKA’s: “X” – “Hakim” – “Mohamed”) Ellison,is trying to create a “task force”, designed to examine the fake wave of so-called “Islamophobia” in Minnesota…with a window dressing mention of anti-Semitic concerns as a misdirection play…and STACKED with Terrorist organization(s) membership, and Islamist member(s) as well, for this faux examination of “the Minnesota problem”…as THEY scream victim-hood.. ..AGAIN.. …to create and promote their not-so-stealth anti-blasphemy Sharia “law” agenda..
    This IS of course, Hog Excrement!
    Good work Ann..

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