Montana: New American from Albania Arrested on Firearm Charges

Fabjan Alameti
Fabjan Alameti

Although the Justice Department in its statement on the arrest of Fabjan Alameti in Bozeman, Montana was quick to say this Albanian Muslim had nothing to do with the Muslim community of Montana, it will surely provide some expressions of—see I told you so—from Montana citizens who fought the opening of a refugee resettlement office in the state a couple of years ago.
After all, he was planning to shoot up a Montana hotel and kill “random people.” (He previously lived in NYC and clearly thought Montana was a good choice for him.)
There is no mention in any of the news accounts about Alameti that tell us how he came to be living in the US, but there is a chance he is from a refugee family.
We have ‘welcomed’ thousands of Albanians over the years.
Here is how I see it: If no one in authority wants to confirm or deny refugee status then we are free to assume he is a refugee, right!
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