Minnesota: Trial Opens in Case of Somali Police Officer who Killed Unarmed Woman

And, get this, Mohamed Noor’s defense attorney brought up the Somali police officer’s early life in a refugee camp in Kenya, and Minnesota Public Radio makes a point of mentioning the makeup of the jury—half are white and half are “people of color” with several immigrants among the jury members.  Sickening the way this is being set-up!

If you are new to this story, see my post at Refugee Resettlement Watch from last year. There are links to follow for a review of the news that Noor killed Australian Justine Ruszczyk  (sometimes referred to as Damond, her fiance’s name) when he says he feared for his and his partner’s safety.




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Feds Bust Billion Dollar Medicare Scam, Call it ‘Operation Brace Yourself’

How many of you on Medicare have received robocalls telling you that neck, knee or back braces were yours free, all you had to do was respond to the call?


Well thanks to the FBI, the Medicare Fraud Strike Force, and other federal law enforcement agencies at least those calls, which came from international call centers, will stop.

I’m repeating myself, but the President really should be bringing attention to the numerous and successful fraud busts his administration is prosecuting. 

And, as several of my reader have pointed out, imagine if the Democrats got their way and there was Medicare for all!  Imagine the massive fraud that would follow!

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