Group Seeks to Place 1,000 "Emerging Journalists" into US Newsrooms to Promote Progressive Agenda

As if it wasn’t bad enough—the media bias, that is—a group I had never heard of is recruiting young ethnically diverse “journalists” to fan out across America into newsrooms at local media outlets in what might be described as a seeding program for furthering their control over the already seriously Left-leaning media.

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Report for America is an initiative of the Ground Truth Project.  A sample of their work!

In recent days I’ve been hammering the point that media, large and small, attempts to keep important details about migrant crimes from the public, this initiative would only make that worse in the coming five years as they seed young political activists disguised as journalists into your local papers and TV news stations.
Thanks to a reader from New Jersey who sent an advertisement for a job with Report for America.

Finding a recruiter! Here is a portion of the job description that caught my reader’s eye:

Join our growing team as the Director of Recruitment!
Report for America sends emerging journalists into newsrooms around the country to report on under-covered topics and communities. In an era when local newspapers are laying off reporters at unprecedented rates and even shutting their doors, our program aims to fill the gaps in news coverage by supporting journalists who focus on critical beats like public education, affordable housing, indigenous issues, and more. An initiative of the nonprofit media organization The GroundTruth Project, RFA aims to harness the skill and idealism of the next generation of journalists plus the creative spirit of local news organizations.
We aim to place 1,000 corps members at news organizations within five years.To succeed in this mission, we’ll need a Director of Recruitment who will be responsible for recruiting prospective corps members and newsrooms. This individual will also oversee the screening and selection process. The location for this job is negotiable.
RFA attracts applicants who are geographically, ethnically and culturally diverse.

This next bit made me laugh—the job requires that the recruiter must come with “deep connections,” presumably connections to movers and shakers in the Washington and New York establishment.

– A successful history of work with professional organizations, universities, students and/or newsrooms, and many deep connections.

Now have a look at The Ground Truth Project:

Sennott and Waldman
Sennott and Waldman envision a corps similar to AmeriCorps to place young people into the empty desks at local news rooms to focus on “issues of social justice.”

The crisis in journalism has become a crisis for our democracy. We are calling on a new generation of journalists to serve in community news organizations across the country. Report for America is a partnership between The GroundTruth Project and Google News Lab with additional support from The Lenfest Institute for Journalism, Knight Foundation, Galloway Family Foundation, Center for Investigative Reporting, Solutions Journalism Network and other leading organizations focused on the future of journalism.
Report for America (RFA) is a call to service at a time of crisis for the profession. Co-founded by GroundTruth executive director Charles Sennott and veteran journalist and social entrepreneur Steven Waldman, RFA is rooted in the best practices of public service and offers an innovative model that strengthens America’s free press.
RFA will pilot reporting corps positions across the country starting in early 2018 at news organizations that serve under-covered areas.

Go here to see their funders, their media partners, board members and advisers.
Here is what I want to know, why is it that those on the Left are busy, busy, busy changing America every day while people with a conservative world view seem to always be on the defense reacting to their initiatives?  Or, mostly not even reacting!  

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17 thoughts on “Group Seeks to Place 1,000 "Emerging Journalists" into US Newsrooms to Promote Progressive Agenda

  1. 3rd Party payment of journalists used to be considered an unethical practice, like payola…corruption on its face
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  2. I think that you are uncovering the mechanisms that the 1% use to take control over our local institutions, our communities and our culture. My guess is that the master plan here is to offer money and help to dying local news organizations in exchange for taking some control over them.
    What they don’t get is that local news has moved to the internet. At least that’s how it is in my town. Citizen journalists have taken over.

    1. So glad to hear you have citizen journalists…I would like to see more of that where I live!

  3. Have you seen where Virginia Beach has taken 15 bids from private companies to investigate the Dewayne Craddock attack? What is the FBI’s job?

  4. Somewhat concerning, given the deep pockets of their backers. On the other hand, the only media outlets on that list that aren’t already on the ropes are NPR and NYT. I believe the rest of them are already being propped up as propaganda outlets, only viewed by people who think that way in the first place, and pretty much in the red financially. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine attempting a career as a mainstream “journalist” unless I was already of the leftist, multi-culti persuasion–I’m pretty sure those are the only people they hire these days, so this organization is almost redundant.
    It has struck me for some time that the people who wish to scrap out a living working for these outlets would write or say about anything to keep bread on the table, as it was never a very high-paying profession, even back in the glory days. I think deep down they recognize that DIY sites like this not only emphasize their lack of credibility, but reflect what they really deserve to be paid and it frightens them to no end. Saturating their already lib-infested operations with more “reporters” isn’t going to save them in my opinion.

  5. All we need do is look where the funding comes from. As we, the conservatives, struggle with
    little funding, apathy and this projected hatred of all we believe, is ubiquitous, our voices
    are small, we must not despair, there are young people listening,
    Keep on with your good works. I do believe we can win.

  6. One part of the elephant is PBS, alleged to be the PUBLIC Broadcast System. When it was first funded with taxes, the purpose was to put the fear into corporations that abuses like pollution would be publicly aired and to provide non-commercial children’s programming. The public was concerned with the growing power of money replacing us in government. PBS was to be our voice. Yes, predictably it didn’t work out. Now, I see by looking at the link you provided, that PBS is working WITH the powers they were created to balance against. And, PBS is private, not public. They’re just another outlet for the same powers.
    Near as I can tell, all they do is make documentaries telling us how bad we are and how good new Americans are. They want to get rid of the existing public with our existing culture (what’s left of it), and replace us with a globalized people who will serve them better. No one trusts the media anymore, and PBS could be the worst because they, like all leftists, think their stuff stinketh not. They’ll fog us with propaganda while replacing their audience with one that hasn’t seen the last few decades of their act. Can’t wait to see a black transgender muslim Big Bird hard-selling GMO quinoa Cheerios from China to the latest generation passively absorbing their propaganda.

  7. Can you please tell us if ICE actually arrested anybody Sunday? I won’t believe it till I see evidence and apparently they don’t want to give evidence. I googled it and all I found was a raid in Sept. 2017.

  8. So, the clearly leftist group actively seeks more leftist soldiers for their war against America? I can understand them. To strengthen your own army is a quite natural strategy during any war. But I can’t understand the absence of at least as successful counter-actions in the opposite camp. Just rightful tweets, noble articles, high hopes for the next elections and the like peaceful politics as usual… Meanwhile it is an obvious war, and a years-long one, at that!

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