A Quiet Sunday as FBI (Blame Trump) Scare Tactic Costs Taxpayers a Bundle

And, will serve only to make those of us who believe that The President is being maligned on purpose by our own government more resolute to continue fighting (oops!  I forgot that word–fighting–ist verboten now!).

Why was it left up to Patriots to spread the word. Why didn’t the FBI warn us about who really was planning the armed rallies?

I am still furious, more so now! at the FBI for warning  that “ARMED” Trump supporters might storm ALL FIFTY state capitals on Sunday!

See Reuters just yesterday morning!

“U.S. state capitals gird for pro-Trump armed protests, FBI flags risk of violence”

What kind of shoddy investigative work are they doing that they didn’t figure out that this was a set-up by a small group of anarchists calling themselves the Boogaloo Bois?

I’ll bet there were more mainstream reporters hanging around  state capitals waiting to smear Trump patriots then there were demonstrators of any stripe.

One of a couple of demonstrators to show up at Colorado’s Capitol. The scary lady’s sign says “Hold Congress Accountable for Negligence.” Somebody should FOIA state governments and find out what the police show-of-force cost the taxpayers.


USA Today  even had a Capitol Protest Tracker!  What are these creeps in the media going to do when they don’t have Trump to blame for everything?

From USA Today:

A quiet Sunday: Pro-Trump protests largely unrealized at Colorado Capitol, in other states

DENVER — Law enforcement members and journalists outnumbered the few people who showed up to protest at most state capitols across the nation Sunday, including in Colorado.

As the days until President-elect Joe Biden’s Wednesday inauguration tick by, federal officials have warned of armed and potentially violent protests at all 50 state capitals and the U.S. Capitol. Those protests were expected to begin as early as Sunday, USA TODAY reported, but remained largely unmaterialized throughout the country as of the Coloradoan’s print deadline Sunday.

This is the flyer the Boogaloo Bois created to try to instigate riots. Very scary that the FBI did not see through the ruse to warn us.

Late Sunday morning into Sunday afternoon, the area surrounding the Colorado Capitol building and Denver’s Civic Center Park remained calm.

Chain-link fence panels encircled the building. A handful of Colorado State Patrol troopers, who are regularly tasked with protecting life and property in and around the Colorado Capitol, were on the premises.

While a handful of demonstrators were present in Colorado, few appeared to be there expressly to support President Donald Trump. Some present carried signs decrying the deadly riot that happened at the U.S. Capitol while Congress was certifying election results for Biden on Jan. 6. Most of the demonstrators present left the area just before 3 p.m.

A few states like Michigan and Ohio had large groups show up, some wearing attire or affiliating themselves with the boogaloo movement. But gatherings and protests around the country were largely peaceful and muted from the chaos of Jan. 6.

Meanwhile, check out Gateway Pundit (yes you should just check it out every day) and see their report on how the Boogaloo Bois, affiliated with Black Lives Matter are bragging about their infiltration of the pro-Trump rally on January 6th.

Exclusive: ‘Boogaloo Boi’ Leader Who Aligns with Black Lives Matter Boasted About Organizing Armed Insurrection On US Capitol


Contrary to allegations leveled by the political left and their allies in the mainstream media, anti-Trump groups primarily perpetrated insurrection on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Dunn: “I strongly dislike Trump….just as I dislike Biden!”

The Gateway Pundit has obtained archived tweets from Mike Dunn, leader of “Boogaloo Bois,” an anti-government, anti-Trump group whose adherents call for a revolution toppling the federal government.

As rioters roamed the U.S. Capitol, Dunn boasted on Twitter about Boogaloo “fireteams” being employed inside the Capitol building. to taunt “tyrants” like Trump.

Boogaloo Boi “teams have been activated in VA and we currently have 4 fireteams inside capital and 7 more outside,” he tweeted.


A Google search of  the Boogaloo movement would lead you to believe the group is comprised of “far right,” “white supremacist” Trump supporters. But, the Boogaloo Bois are actually a far-left group aligned with Black Lives Matter in their disdain for Trump and Republicans.

More here.

Endnote:  I predict that on January 20th, when Biden/Harris are coronated, they will look like fools surrounded by 30,000 troops and razor wire.

Their administration will begin with images, for the whole world to see, reminiscent of a third world country where elections are bought and sold.

If there is any violence, know that it will be anarchists and revolutionaries like these Antifa/BLM/Boogaloo boys who don’t give a rat’s you-know-what about Biden and Harris.

Presidential Inauguration Committee Shows Some Gumption; 26 RINOs ready to throw in the towel

Three Republican leaders have refused to begin planning for a Biden/Harris inauguration and that has the Leftwing media throwing a hissy fit again.

By the way, it will be interesting to see what kind of inauguration will happen on January 20th in light of the COVID ‘crisis’ social distancing requirements.

Surely if its ol’ Joe and Kamala they will place circles on the Capitol lawn to keep the crowds (ha!ha!) down, but who would bother coming out under the circumstances.

Here is Yahoo News insisting Biden won and so how dare the Republicans refuse to start planning:

As Biden passes ‘safe harbor’ milestone, Republicans on inaugural committee refuse to say he won

Republicans on the Joint Congressional Committee on the Inaugural Ceremonies voted on Tuesday against a resolution stating that the committee was preparing for the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

One more little stunt by Pelosi and Hoyer for the lapdog media to run with!

Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.; Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo.; and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., all voted against the resolution. The three Democrats on the committee, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., who introduced the measure; House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.; and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., voted in favor. The measure, which would have recognized what Democrats and some Republicans say is obvious — that Biden won the election — failed to pass on a 3-3 tie vote.

“The extent to which Republicans are refusing to accept the outcome of the election and recognize Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as our next president and vice president is astounding,” Hoyer said in a statement released after the meeting of the committee. “Their continued deference to President Trump’s postelection temper tantrums threatens our democracy and undermines faith in our system of elections.”

The presidential inauguration traditionally occurs on the Capitol steps, although, owing to the coronavirus pandemic, plans for the ceremonies on Jan. 20 are in flux.

And as if we didn’t already know….

Hoyer’s motion to recognize Biden and Harris as the winners was basically symbolic; the joint committee has no power to decide who gets inaugurated.

But there was one useful thing in the Yahoo story and it is this.

It directs us to a Washington Post survey of Senators and Members of Congress where we learn The Post attempted to survey all Republicans to see who was willing to say that Biden has won.

Most never bothered to answer.  However, a handful did and of the 26 lawmakers identified as either saying outright that Biden won, or The Post  found comments they made in support of a Biden win and thus created this list of 26.

Now this is a very handy list for you!  If one of the 26 represents you (even if they are retiring), get on the phone today and let them know that you are not happy, that you are in fact pissed.

If the their office claims they were erroneously placed on this list, then tell them to get the list corrected by calling the Washington Post.

The headline in the WaPo says 27, but when you actually go to the list there are 26 named.  I’m guessing they originally fingered 27 and someone complained, but the story was never corrected.

I’ve screenshot them below in case they disappear.

Just 27 congressional Republicans acknowledge Biden’s win, Washington Post survey finds

Just 27 congressional Republicans acknowledge Joe Biden’s win over President Trump a month after the former vice president’s clear victory of more than 7 million votes nationally and a convincing electoral-vote margin that exactly matched Trump’s 2016 tally.

If you are not in the habit of reading the Washington Post (I’m not either) then it comes as kind of a shock that there is not even a pretense of reporting straight news. Reporters simply report their opinions as fact.

Those are the findings of a Washington Post survey of all 249 Republicans in the House and Senate that began the morning after Trump posted a 46-minute video Wednesday evening in which he wrongly claimed he had defeated Biden and leveled wild and unsubstantiated allegations of “corrupt forces” who stole the outcome from the sitting president.


In response to the congressional Republicans who have called Biden president-elect identified in the Post survey, Trump tweeted Saturday: “I am surprised there are so many. We have just begun to fight. Please send me a list of the . . . RINOS,” the disparaging acronym for Republican in name only.

More here.

See that a few, including Senator Sasse of Nebraska, did not respond and there is no supporting documentation for putting him on the list. Since he is a long-time anti-Trump R, did The Post just assume he is in the Biden-won camp?

Now let’s get to the list of Republicans who have said on record, one way or another (according to the WaPo), that Biden clearly won the election.

Notice that some of these did not respond, so The Post found statements they made and used those as the basis of their placement on the pro-Biden Republican list.




Again, looking for something to do from the comfort of your home!  Call some of these REPUBLICAN offices and tell them what you think—the election is NOT OVER!

I’ll try to remember to go back to the list in a week or so and see how many of your elected officials told The Washington Post that they want to be removed from the list.

Media Breakthrough! People Magazine Reports on Texas Kenyan Killer Case!

What does the horrific story of alleged serial killer Billy Chemirmir have to do with what we are witnessing with the 2020 Presidential Election steal?

Law enforcement did not, and is not, doing its job and the mainstream media is complicit in helping hide the truth because the narrative in both cases goes against the exalted media’s view of what they want you to believe happened.

Chemirmir is behind bars in Dallas awaiting a LONG OVERDUE trial. I wouldn’t be surprised if authorities, who really screwed up, were just hoping Chemirmir might die in custody before their errors were displayed in a trial that won’t be ignored thanks to the anger and dogged determination of the grieving families..

They lie by their silence!

But finally a breakthrough for heartbroken families as People Magazine, read by the masses, is reporting on the horrific case.

Shame on you New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and the list goes on!

If this is the first time you are hearing about Billy Chemirmir and his helpless victims, I want you to try to imagine if one of these vulnerable seniors, whose last face they saw on this earth was Chemirmir’s, was your own mother or grandmother.

From People Magazine:

Police Thought Deaths of 22 Seniors Were from Natural Causes — But Now They Suspect a Serial Killer

Three weeks before Christmas in 2017, Diane Delahunty spent the day visiting with her grown children at Preston Place Senior Living Apartments in Plano, Texas. After lunch, her children went home, leaving the vibrant 79-year-old in her comfortable upscale apartment. The plan was for her kids to return later in the week to help her decorate her Christmas tree.

But it never happened.

Three days later, Delahunty’s daughter returned to the apartment to find her mother dead on the floor with a bump on her head. The family assumed she had fallen out of bed and hit her head on the doorframe, but they also noticed that her wedding and engagement rings were missing.

“I was angry,” Edward Delahunty tells PEOPLE in its latest issue. “She was in good health. I wanted to know why this happened.”

Tucker Carlson Curries Favor with the Leftwing Media Mob

Update!  Powell says Tucker was insulting and rude.

I guess you can say I am now completely done with Fox News after Tucker Carlson went after Sidney Powell last night.  He was the last of their performances on the screen in my house.

Remember the rumors awhile back about Tucker in 2024—what a joke that is!

The lying anti-Trump ‘give me the evidence’ media mob is overjoyed to be reporting this news which is universally headlined: Tucker SLAMS Sidney Powell.

Newsweek is not the worst of them, but here is what they say:

Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Hits Back After Tucker Carlson Criticizes Lack of Evidence

Sidney Powell, a lawyer for President Donald Trumps campaign, has responded to Fox News host Tucker Carlson after he said she had provided no evidence to support her claims of voter fraud.

Powell calls this our generation’s 1775 moment in American history. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/nov/19/sidney-powell-election-fight-is-the-1775-of-our-ge/

The former prosecutor alleged at a press conference on Thursday that electronic voting machines had changed votes from the president to former Vice President Joe Biden but offered no proof.

In his monologue, which was also published as an op-ed on the Fox News website, Carlson told his prime time audience that he had asked Powell politely for evidence and would have had her on the show but she wasn’t willing to co-operate.

There were many ways Carlson could have said this without the snarky aggressive tone. In most cases like this the host would simply say, we reached out to Powell but did not get a response to our request.  It was almost like he was saying: I am a big media star and you dared to turn ME down!

“Apparently Mr. Carlson missed the news conference today,” Powell said in a statement late on Thursday, according to Washington Examiner breaking news reporter Anthony Leonardi.

“I would continue to encourage him and all journalists to review all the materials we have provided so far and conduct their own investigations.

“Evidence continues to pour in, but a 5 minute television hit is not my focus now. Collecting evidence and preparing the case are my top priorities,” Powell said.

If you missed the Trump legal team press conference it is here. It was over an hour and a half long. I was glued to it!


Thanks to reader Cathy for sending the following.

If you were in Washington, DC last Saturday you felt it!  It is not an overstatement when I say, you knew you were part of history in the making.


If this massive fraud on 73 Million LEGAL American voters is now swept under the rug, we are finished and our once great nation will be on the same level as Cuba and Venezuela, and that is what the commie Left wants!

If you are still holding onto your Fox News security blanket, let it go!

Right now Newsmax and One America News are where you should be.  Watch for other media outlets that could show up as the RESISTANCE grows.

LOL! If I were Donald Trump right now I would be directing one of my children to begin setting up Trump TV to crush the fake news media and break its hold on the country.

One more thing! See my post yesterday at RRW about how Somalis are claiming they are responsible for keeping Minnesota out of Trump’s win column.

Two Images of Fox News Yesterday: The Good/bad/ugly

First the bad and ugly. Twitter was alive with this short off-mic moment featuring Sandra Smith making faces at comments by long time conservative super lawyer Cleta Mitchell.

Apparently someone inside Fox leaked it after a Saturday airing of ‘America’s Newsroom’ with Smith and Trace Gallagher.  Smith’s off-camera face is revealing.

Over 2,000 comments are a fun read.

One commenter said: “We the 70 + million deplorables built Fox, now we tear it down.”



But, there was good too as Tucker Carlson did not fail us.  If you missed his opening monologue last night here it is:


Will be watching to see who goes and who stays at Fox News…..