Bail Denied in Professor on Professor Attack in Massachusetts

Another story the national media is avoiding like the plague! 

Why? My guess is that because it involves a ‘new American’ committing crimes against Americans (on a lesser scale of course than our Kenyan Killer) and that is not a good look for the Lefties running the media in Donald Trump’s America.

Rie Hachiyanagi with attorney. Hachiyanagi reportedly came to the US as a high school exchange student from Japan and never went home.

This is an update of that very weird news we reported here and here about the December attack on a female Mt. Holyoke professor by a fellow female Mt. Holyoke professor who attempted to kill her colleague in a case of (supposedly) unrequited love.

Here is the latest news from a couple of weeks ago at the Daily Hampshire Gazette about the strange event at the elite (“inclusive”!) Mt. Holyoke. Thanks to reader Cathy for finding it.

Mount Holyoke professor accused of assault denied bail

GREENFIELD — Judge Mark D. Mason on Wednesday morning withheld the right to bail of a Mount Holyoke College professor accused of using a rock, fire poker and garden shears to attack a colleague in the alleged victim’s home late last year.

Rie Hachiyanagi, 48, of South Hadley, pleaded not guilty in Franklin County Superior Court last week to three counts of armed assault to murder a person age 60 or older, three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on a person age 60 or older, and single counts of mayhem, home invasion and entering a dwelling at night for a felony.

According to a report from Massachusetts State Trooper Geraldine L. Bresnahan, the alleged victim told police Hachiyanagi arrived at her Leverett home unannounced late at night on Dec. 23 and said she “wanted to talk about her feelings.” After being invited inside, Hachiyanagi allegedly attacked the victim, striking her with multiple implements including “fists, rocks, garden clippers and a fire poker.” All objects were recovered by investigators.

The alleged victim, who was present with supporters in court Wednesday, told authorities she believed Hachiyanagi was going to kill her. According to the report, when the victim asked why Hachiyanagi was attacking her, the assailant allegedly said “that she loved her for many years and (she) should have known.” Bresnahan’s report also states the victim convinced Hachiyanagi to stop the attack and call 911 by “playing along” and lying about having reciprocating feelings.

Continue reading to see the kinds of points Hachiyanagi’s attorney raises in his failed bid for her release on bail.  And, if you are wondering, the victim’s identity has not been made public (except surely everyone at Mt. Holyoke knows who she is).

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UK Daily Mail Reports on Texas Kenyan Killer Case; Most US Media Continue Blackout

Last Wednesday I reported the latest news in the dreadful serial killer case in Texas where Kenyan Billy Chemirmir is now charged in 14 murders of vulnerable senior women and where another 8 indictments could soon follow (possibly more as the investigation (we hope) is continuing).

In May 2019, Kenyan Satellite News reported on the reaction to Chemirmir’s arrest in his home village in Kenya.

I have noticed that whenever the US mainstream media is chicken to report news that they know is explosive involving a ‘new American’ who wasn’t here for a better life, but is here to commit heinous crimes, the UK Daily Mail steps into the breach.

You can read the Daily Mail story yourself.  I’m not sure where they get the 1000 number.

And, I don’t know why they reference Nigeria in the summary, but do mention his Kenyan roots in the story itself.

Accused serial killer healthcare worker tied to a THOUSAND unexplained deaths of elderly patients is indicted on additional murder charges

The story prompted me to have a look this morning to see which major news outlets in the US have even mentioned the story that first broke in May 2019.

Here is my sample (the story has been widely covered in Texas):

Washington Post:  Most recent mention—July 2019

Associated Press: Most recent mention—July 2019

Fox News (although covered by Fox in TX): Most recent mention June 2019

New York Times: zero

Time magazine: zero

CNN: zero

MSNBC: zero

If you find that I’m wrong, please send me links.

So that readers could readily access all of my posts on the vile man I call the Kenyan Killer, see my tag for Billy Chemirmir.


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Texas: Two More Indictments in Kenyan Killer Case

So far 22 senior citizens are believed to have been murdered by serial killer Billy Chemirmir, but he has only been indicted in 14 cases so far.

Here is the latest news yesterday on the horrific murder spree that the national mainstream media is ignoring I believe because it involves an African man who should not have been in the US allegedly murdering white senior citizens. (One woman, his last victim before being apprehended, was of Asian ancestry.)

From NBC Dallas/Ft. Worth:

Suspected Serial Killer Billy Chemirmir Faces Two More Charges, Capital Murder Cases Climb to 14

Billy Chemirmir, a man accused of smothering more than a dozen women living in North Texas retirement homes and robbing them of their jewelry, has been indicted on two additional charges of capital murder.

Leah Corken (2nd on top row) and Juanita Purdy (4th on top row) were murdered within two weeks of each other in 2016 at The Tradition-Prestonwood, a senior living facility in Far North Dallas demonstrating the brazenness of the alleged killer.


Chemirmir, 47, is now facing capital murder charges for the deaths of 83-year-old Leah Corken and 82-year-old Juanita Purdy, two women who lived at The Tradition-Prestonwood in Dallas and died suddenly in the summer of 2016.

Like in previous cases, both women were believed to have been suffocated with a pillow or choked to death prior to being robbed, though the exact nature of their death is unknown. Investigators said Chemirmir posed as a maintenance worker to gain access to the women’s apartments and later sold or pawned their jewelry.

In the case of Purdy, her daughter told NBC 5 in a July 2019 interview that about $28,000 worth of jewelry was missing after her death. Corken’s family told NBC 5 she was found without her wedding ring on, something her daughter said was highly unusual.

The Dallas Morning News which has been leading the coverage of the case quotes an attorney for the distraught families.

Trey Crawford, who represents the Corken and Purdy families, among others, said: The indictments are a sharp reminder of the horrific truth our clients live with every day — that their loved ones endured unimaginable suffering and terror at the hands of a killer. It’s every family’s worst nightmare.”

Yes, imagine that Chemirmir’s evil face was the last one you saw before leaving this life.

It is outrageous that the mainstream media outside of Texas ignores this story!  So, please bypass them and get this news out to your social media networks.

All of my posts on the dreadful case are filed in a tag for Billy Chemirmir.

Pennsylvania Police: African American Vietnam Vet Run Over and Killed by Drunk Mexican

This is a story I missed last week.

You know the Left loves to tell their ‘stories’ to play on your emotions, well this one should play on ours and needs to be widely shared.

Samuel Jackson (right) survived Vietnam only to die on his own PA street. This is a news story and photo you won’t see on CNN! Can you imagine what an uproar there would be if the alleged killer was a Trump supporter!  Cable news might have had to interrupt their impeachment extravaganza!


From Breitbart:

Illegal Alien Allegedly Killed Vietnam Veteran Day Before Veterans Day

An illegal alien living in Pennsylvania is accused of killing a Vietnam War Veteran the day before Veterans Day, according to law enforcement officials.

Nemias Perez Severiano, a 31-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, is accused of killing Samuel Jackson, a disabled 69-year-old who served as a Marine in the Vietnam War, the day before Veterans Day this year in Norristown, Pennsylvania, according to the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.

On November 10, police said Severiano was driving drunk when he hit and killed Jackson before fleeing the scene of the accident. According to court records obtained by CBS Philly, the illegal alien had been drinking for five hours at a nearby bar before the fatal crash.

“While at the bar [Severiano] indicated he consumed seven to eight Modelo beers,” the arrest records stated. “[Severiano] informed the detectives that when he left the bar, he was ‘a little drunk.’”

Jackson’s sister, Peggy Jackson, said her brother “loved the Marines” and was “so proud to have served his country.”

“It was basically his day, it’s what he fought for,” Jayden Guidici, Jackson’s grandson, told ABC 6 News of his grandfather’s love of Veterans Day.


As Breitbart News reported, Marine Corp Veteran Richard Dunn donated his uniform to Jackson so he could be buried in uniform.

More here.

Send this story out to all of your social media lists!

More than 600 Children Recycled at the Border in the Past Year

That is one of the shocking pieces of news the Senate Homeland Security Committee heard on Wednesday while the entire media apparatus of the United States was fixated on the Trump Impeachment Extravaganza.

Luckily for us Stephen Dinan at the Washington Times was not mesmerized by the Schiff Show in the House of Representatives.

Just now when I received Dinan’s story (h/t Joanne), I quickly searched to see who else reported this disgusting news and only see a reference to a C-Span video of the hearing.

Shame on the media. It appears that no one other than the Washington Times covered the important Senate hearing.


More than 600 children ‘recycled’ by migrant smugglers at border: ICE

More than 600 children were “recycled” through the border over the last year, including some who were carried across eight times, by a different person each time, looking to exploit lax policies to gain a foothold in the U.S., a top ICE official told Congress on Wednesday.

And those are only cases that were detected, officials said.

ICE: Fake families in a quarter of the cases!

The recycled children are one of the more disturbing aspects of illegal border flow over the last 12 months, which set records for the number of children and families who snuck into the U.S.

The families were drawn by a lax policy, imposed by a federal court, that gives adults a quick release into communities as long as they brought a son or daughter with them.

The result was massive levels of fraud, with adults renting or outright buying unrelated children in order to present themselves as a family, authorities said. In some cases it was a one-off, but in other instances children were “recycled” across the border multiple times, said Derek N. Benner, acting deputy director at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“We’ve identified over 600 children that have been recycled,” he said.

That means that once they came across with an unrelated adult, they were then separated by the smuggling operation and taken back south across the border to be brought back again with a new adult, he said.

“Some of them had indicated they’ve made the trip as many as eight times, with separate, unrelated adults each time,” he added.

Mark Morgan, acting commissioner at Customs and Border Protection, recounted one case where they caught a Honduran man who’d “bought a child” for $80, then attempted to cross into the U.S.

“Why did he do it? Because the loopholes in our system told him — and the smugglers made sure he understood — ‘You grab a child, that’s your passport into the United States,’” Mr. Morgan told the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

Continue reading here.

Fake refugees everywhere!

Lies, fraud, corruption from Africa to our Southern Border.  If you aren’t reading RRW yet, see that the UN is being accused of fraud and corruption in one of the major camps in Africa (Uganda this time, not Kenya) from which we receive refugees.

Note to those who have sent me stories recently.  Thank you!  I hope to post more of the horrible frauds, crooks, criminal news that you have been sending.   So much to report and so little time!