Perilous Times Ahead? Read American Renaissance to be Better Prepared

Gasp!  I will for sure be blasted for daring to even mention American Renaissance the brainchild of the man some call the devil himself—Jared Taylor.

Heck, I’m already a racist hater according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

But, who cares, and you shouldn’t care if you are labeled a racist, xenophobe or phobe of any sort for trying to understand what is happening in the country and the world and using your understanding to make the best and safest choices for yourself and your family.

At least, so far , we aren’t being arrested for our choices of reading material.

Thanks to reader Paul for sending this especially provocative piece published at American Renaissance yesterday. It does mention a theme I have been touching on here at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ from its inception and one that permeates Refugee Resettlement Watch and that is no matter how hard the Left tries to sell it, diversity is not our strength!

And, secondly, you have seen it here lately—the media, and law enforcement, keep the ethnicity, race or immigration status of a criminal under wraps as best they can so as not to “perpetuate stereotypes!”

From American Renaissance, a commentary by Fred Reed.  Just a few snips to whet your appetites.

And be sure to read VDARE too!

(Emphasis below is mine)

Blackness Fatigue: Enough Is Too Much

Reed: “Government and the media hide what is going on. In crime stories they increasingly do not publish the race or photo of perpetrators. This, they say, would perpetuate stereotypes, as indeed it would. Stereotypes are the aggregate observations of many people over time and are almost always accurate. “


Methinks the US may very well be heading toward a social explosion. The phrase “race war “is overwrought if it implies organized units and chains of command. However, in a country awash in firearms, a bloody, disorganized, continent-wide eruption is possible. To think “it can’t happen here” is complacently inattentive. We have already seen it in temporal and geographic piecemeal in the Fergusons and Portlands and Baltimores, in the armed anarchy of the cities. Arguably a broader uprising has failed to happen only because of intense pressure from government and media, and because whites have not acquired a sense of racial identity. If they do, or when they do, Katie bar the door.

Both racial war, and its close cousin, ethnic war, result from contact between groups of different kinds — that is, diversity, which causes most of the world’s bloodshed. Americans seldom notice this. One reasons is that they are constantly told that diversity is a blissful state. But it isn’t. Consider: Catholics and Protestants in Ireland, Sunnis and Shia in many places, Jews and Moslems in Palestine, Hutus and Tutsis in Burundi, Hindus and Moslems in India and nearby, Tamils and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka, Chinese and Indonesians in Indonesia, French and Africans in Paris, and so on. The assertion that “diversity is our strength” seems an attempt to avoid realizing that it isn’t.


The appeasement of blacks, fear that they might riot, runs through society.

Increasingly, jurisdictions simply give up on enforcing the law. Cities like Chicago and New York have abolished cash bail to that criminals immediately go free, and immediately often offend again. Baltimore and Chicago no longer prosecute minor offenses such as prostitution and urinating in public. San Francisco has made shoplifting of goods worth less than $950 a misdemeanor, the shoplifters not being Asians, with the result that to this date seventeen Walgreens have closed (video). Cities stop prosecuting the jumping of subway turnstiles as this is done only by blacks and Hispanics. The latter won’t riot. The former will, and governments know it. When blacks very often racially attack whites, the media suppress the story. There are many, many of these attacks, covered briefly in local media but ignored by the majors, caught on video that circulates widely online.


What the country is doing hasn’t worked, isn’t working, and shows no sign of working. Things get worse by the month. With Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and so on apparently doing everything they can to infuriate the other half of the country — gun control, open borders, erasing the South, anti-white indoctrination in the schools, promotion of sexual curiosities, on and on, anger will grow. As the man associated with Finland Station asked, “What is to be done?”

Unfortunately nothing can be done. Anything that might work is politically impossible, and anything that is politically possible won’t work. Cosmetics, moral preening, lowering of standards, party politics — none of these will fix the country. In calmer times, saner heads might prevail. Partial alleviation might be achieved by allowing, or encouraging, voluntary segregation, taking white police out of black neighborhoods, letting black neighborhoods decide what laws to enforce within their own boundaries, letting the races decide for themselves what to teach their children, and to the extent possible allowing racial autonomy. Instead, the elites will double down on what isn’t working and nothing will get better, except the monthly sales at gun shops.

There is much, much more.  Read it all and follow links to further information.

On most days, I’m not as bleak as Reed on the prospects for our survival.

But, don’t live in la-la land!

I’m not saying you must agree with every word Reed has written because I am sure that running through your minds right now are the names of all the wonderful blacks you know, or the black leaders we have come to respect, but don’t put your heads in the sand about the potential for serious conflicts ahead and be prepared to protect yourself.

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9 thoughts on “Perilous Times Ahead? Read American Renaissance to be Better Prepared

  1. Re: ‘Diversity is our strength’. The Republicans and Biden are clamoring to get all the afghans who helped the military over in the US as quickly as possible before we pull out our soldiers. They fear they will be murdered. Here we go again bringing in people from a war we fought because they are wonderful for helping the military. The afghans are likely muslims who do not assimilate. Mike McCaul was on TV yesterday putting the fear in us about saving them. He must be ignorant of the culture and religion of these people. These politicians are so clueless about history and sociology in general. Good that they helped the US but it was likely the best paying job in town by far. The afghans won’t like it here.

  2. As you mention, the article is by Fred Reed, and you can also find it on, where Reed’s articles appear regularly:

    Reed is an American, married to a Mexican woman, and lives in Mexico — about him I’ll just say this: he is not at all a friend of Whites, nor does he regularly write articles like this, i.e. ones that address racial realities in America in a way that is sympathetic, or quasi-sympathetic, to Whites.

    I think here he has taken a cue from a couple of earlier articles originally published on VDare by another author (Kenn Gividen), but re-published on, which tallied black-on-white killings ignored by the media in April and May 2021.

    [29 Whites Dead: April 2021—Another Month In the Death of White America]

    [24 Black-On-White Homicides]

  3. >Gasp!

    And if you unironically have any, you should try to get over your fear of association — after all, as I said re Jolie and climate refugees: it’s always going to be something — you’ll make a few lists because of what you cover and how you cover it, so whether or not you mention AmRen will make no significant difference.

    Besides, content-wise AmRen is a pretty milquetoast site (Taylor is an erudite gentleman) that also moderates comments in a prissy sort of way — e.g. they declined to publish the following comment on an article re a (unanimous) decision to remove a statue of Theodore Roosevelt from in front of a museum in NYC — Taylor is known (and viewed with a bit of contempt in some circles) for his reluctance to to talk about Jews (e.g. their role in undermining white nations demographically):

    “Searching his Twitter (Twitter/Biedersam) confirms that Biederman is a Jew (not that he alone is responsible).
    Too few Whites grasp the seriousness of this sort of thing, i.e. the erasure and moral condemnation of Whites and white history — Whites who think non-whites who’ve been taught that what Whites have was illegitimately acquired via unearned ‘privilege’, as well as the exploitation of non-whites via an ‘institutionally racist’ system, will stop at removing/tearing down statues are naive, stupid cowards.”

    1. Just wondering if you have your own blog where you post all of this information you find. If not, you should. You probably have figured out that very few people comment at my blogs and that I am actually a bit lazy about responding (which is probably why so few comment). Truth be told, I don’t do much on social media either because it seems a waste of time to put out information that reaches only a handful of people. LOL! I guess you could say that about my blog posting as well! Why do I bother. Really just for me (as a stress reducer) here at Frauds and Crooks, at RRW, since I have over 9,000 posts there since 2007, I feel I can’t quit (yet)…

      Anyway, if you have a blog, or website, let us know! And, if so, do you moderate comments there or just let anyone fire away at will?

      Have you met Taylor?

      1. No, I’ve never met Taylor — I admire him, and appreciate his courage and the work he has done/is doing, so I would like to — I’m not one who blames him for not ‘naming the Jew’ (is how it’s often expressed) — I understand it can take time until you are comfortable addressing the ‘JQ’; it took me some years — besides, there are a good many others doing it pretty competently.

        I also admire you and your efforts, as I said before.

        I have no personal blog or social media (Twitter, Gab, Telegram, etc) — I used to comment fairly often at, but much less often these days:

        If I had a blog, I would definitely let people ‘fire away at will’ — I’m pretty much a free speech absolutist, which is one thing I appreciate about Gab; Telegram is fairly similar, which is why they are being targeted, and will be much more heavily targeted in the near future (ADL etc).

        Is it possible for you to ‘white list’ commenters? — some sites do this: once it has been established that the person comments reasonably, they are (somehow, e.g. via moniker/email or IP) put on a ‘white list’, and can comment without moderation.

        Generally I am reluctant to spend time commenting where comments are moderated, since you don’t know if it’s a waste of time or not, i.e. if your comment will be published or not, or if so when — also less than prompt moderation makes any kind of dialogue impossible — so nowadays I usually don’t start commenting, or stop commenting fairly soon, on moderated sites.

        1. Of course the big drawback for those of us who moderate is that anyone who blogs as a part time hobby usually has a whole host of other things to spend time on rather than sit at a desk waiting to hear from people.

          If you saw the junk that comes in, and I don’t mean just controversial views (I am willing to hear all respectful views), but just plain junk and personal threats to other commenters, vulgar language and so forth you might decide moderating is worth it. Honestly the next step for me is likely to go to disallowing comments altogether.

          Years ago, before RRW was deplatformed, I had thousands and thousands of readers interested in Refugee Resettlement but most of those readers are gone now, lost interest or whatever, so as I approach my 14th year which begins this week, I will be considering winding down even further. This blog, Frauds and Crooks was a blog I set up just for ‘fun’ when RRW was dead for awhile.

          Thanks for visiting and sharing your views!

        2. Oh, and I forgot to answer your question about “white listing.” I haven’t a clue about how to set that up, or if it is possible with my present host.

  4. Fred Reed is as sharp as incisive as ever here. A bit darker than his average writing, but the subject is too serious for his usual humor. Our time as a nation may indeed be growing short. The decline could soon move into free-fall. If we must go through what is predicted, we — the Heritage Americans, the European stock — will come through it, if we come through it at all, finally and forever cleansed by fire of the foolishness of “diversity” and our self-sacrificial altruism and tolerance to the outsider.

  5. I think the only answer is separation. Non-whites lack of appreciation living in what Whites created, built, and died for disgusts me. Oh, they want all of it, just not Whites living here and Biden is giving it all to them.

    Had a discussion with a native American bashing me for being White, then saying to go back to Europe. I said, OK, we’re taking everything we invented, and built, brought here from Europe including horses and other animals.

    You’ll find yourself sitting on the ground in a teepee beside a fire to keep warm sending smoke signals instead of using a phone and the internet. Spears to hunt food…no guns for you, either. Get to gathering weeds…no doctors and hospitals.

    That was the end of the discussion. He didn’t reply. Maybe, this is what we need to say to all of them, but Whites are so afraid of being called racists, they cower at the thought.
    They would rather lose their country than be called a racist. Unbelievable!!!

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