“My brother suffered!” Punk Arrested in Austin Mass Shooting that Left One Dead

When I started writing this blog a couple of years ago, I figured I would mostly be writing about food stamp fraud, Medicare fraud and miscellaneous political frauds and crooks with an occasional violent crime thrown in.

But, with the arrival of the Black Lives Matter era, the stories jumping out at me are ones that confirm almost daily that white American lives don’t matter as African Americans and illegal aliens (some legal ones too) take aim at us and each other.

Indeed the last three stories I posted here are on that subject, here, here, and here.

You have surely read about the news of the mass shooting in downtown Austin, the liberal capitol of conservative Texas that left this man dead.

I wouldn’t be mentioning it (because I can’t write the same blacks killing whites story daily) if it wasn’t for the news that I read at The Blaze.

Perpetuating stereotypes!

The Austin American-Statesman newspaper refused to publish the police description of one of the shooters they were looking for saying they would be “perpetuating stereotypes” if they told the public what the punk looked like.

Texas newspaper refuses to publish description of mass shooting suspect: ‘Perpetuating stereotypes’

A prominent Texas news outlet refused to publish the police-provided description of a suspect believed to be responsible for a mass shooting in Austin, Texas, over concerns that doing so would be “perpetuating stereotypes.”

Police in Austin, the capital of the Lone Star State, announced 14 people were injured after at least one person opened fire on people on Austin’s historic Sixth Street after 1 a.m. Saturday.

The perpetrator(s) apparently fired at random. Police did not know the motive, and they said gang-related activity had not been ruled out.


Yup! Arrested Jeremiah Roshaun Leland James Tabb fits the description. The 17 year-old will be tried as an adult.

When divulging details about the mass shooting, police provided a description of the suspected perpetrator, explaining they were searching for a “black male wearing a black shirt with a skinny build and with dreadlocks.”

However, the Austin American-Statesman, one of Texas’ most prominent newspapers, refused to publish that description, claiming they would be “perpetuating stereotypes” if they did.

The decision by corporate media to not describe or show a photograph of a perp when the perp doesn’t fit the Leftwing narrative the media is promoting is why I often have to search, often without success, for photos and information on where the criminal originated if he or she is a person of color or a new American.

From KXAN:

‘This senseless tragedy has put an end to all his dreams’: 25-year-old dies in downtown Austin mass shooting

Douglas John Kantor, 25, died from his injuries at an Austin hospital Sunday at 12:01 p.m., police say.

Kantor’s family said he was taken to Dell Seton Medical Center.

“He was shot through the abdomen just below the rib cage, straight through,” Kantor’s brother Nick Kantor said.

He suffered from the time of the injury until time of death, it was the most gruesome thing I could think to wish on someone. It’s painful to discuss, but I think the public deserves to know what my brother suffered.”

Two other victims of the over a dozen shot are in critical condition.

A second suspect is in custody.

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7 thoughts on ““My brother suffered!” Punk Arrested in Austin Mass Shooting that Left One Dead

  1. My sincere sympathy to the family. This thug not only put an end to his dreams and life…It is a parent’s worse nightmare for the rest of their life. Siblings feel a void in their life; I know because I lost one of my sisters.

    To the Austin-Statesman:
    You are privileged idiots. You just admitted that you could give a damn about the other citizens of your town. You’re worried about your image with other Lefties, but to hell with future killings because you wouldn’t help identify this thug quickly.

    Let’s assume the victim was your son….how fast would you help to look for the killer? And would you worry about what the other Leftys in you town would say?

    Austin used to be a great town…a bastion of Freedom and American Spirit….Texas strong.

    Your town went quivering idiots years ago … an embarrassment to all of Texas.

    My grandfather was border patrol in Texas for 40 years. I guarantee you he would not have cowered at the thought of catching people who dare to take precious lives.

    You stupidly seek the approval of others in your previlegd ivory towers. Everyone who gets your paper should stop their subscription immediately.

  2. Good Lord! No one is safe in America..

    ..The leftist generated – AND SUPPORTED – nightnare..

    I remember when Kamala Harris – one of the Biden-istas – was raising money to bail out the scum and terrorists here in Minneapolis, Minnesota..

  3. “Biden shifts focus of crime victims office from citizens to immigrants”
    WHAT BS!!!
    The Biden administration will convert a government office created by former President Donald Trump that had assisted Americans who were victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants to focus instead on helping immigrants who are crime victims.

  4. Local DFW ‘media’ also refused to mention the description of this louse… choosing instead to say, “For a description of the suspect, see our website.”

    This is the new code for what we all know is the truth: The Perpetrator Is A Member Of The Group Of People We Keep Claiming Is Oppressed By The Rest Of You.

    One of those injured is a mother of three, worked multiple jobs to support her family, now apparent permanently paralyzed. There will be NO mass protests/riots/domestic terrorist activities of ‘community grief’ for ANY of these victims.

  5. Once again liberal media denies essential agency of accountability to the Black community. This is a racist, malevolent MO, in use for decades while cloaked in empathy.

  6. Between Covid and the street murders taking place….beginning to look a lot like some type or mode of population control. Especially in those who kill so easily or do not think any human life is valuable to anyone. How many grieving parents, has this left or brothers, sisters, grandparents. When our own government plus others try to devide a nation by the color of their skin. The other problems come. How much does CRT pay into this? Trying to put down another race. So who is racest? How many more criminals coming through borders, people who may be mentally ill or want to do people harm regardless of the reason! Could it be that some are still mad about slavery? Do they want someone to pay for something that occurred 150 years ago…….as my GG grandfather was removed from his land in Scotland Highlands in favor of the British wanting to raise sheep for their meat and wool. One can find it difficult to find a fine wool sweater in the USA. If we are unable to come together and act as just citizens of a great country and especially if this type retoric keeps moving ahead then I am certainly worried about the outcome.

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