Fargo, North Dakota: “Man” Attacks Skateboarder in Deadly Knife Assault

Video images show Arthur Prince Kollie slashed Jupiter Paulsen a 14-year old girl for 25 minutes in a random attack, not in a big crime-infested coastal city, but in Fargo, North Dakota.  She was stabbed 25 times before he attempted to strangle her and left her for dead.

Her family took her off life support on Tuesday.


Of course the “man” who looks an awful lot like a West African immigrant to me is never identified anywhere as an immigrant.    I could be wrong, he may be born and bred American trash, move along, just a drifter on drugs.  But, if anyone out there knows more, let me know!

Otherwise, as Ann Coulter has taught us, in cases like this, one has to get out a “secret decoder ring” to figure out where someone (the “man”) is from when the perpetrator of a crime appears to be an immigrant.  Again, I don’t know that he is, or is not, a ‘new American’!

But, by the way, the last name Kollie is a widely used family name in Liberia We have thousands upon thousands of Liberians in the US who got here through Temporary Protected Status, a ‘temporary’ (ha! ha!) refugee program Trump attempted to rein-in.

Here is the dreadful story from Valley News Live.

(hat tip: Daniel)

You might be interested to know that I wrote about refugees in Fargo less than two weeks ago at RRW and cited an interview at Valley News Live.  See that post. Fargo has been a controversial refugee resettlement hot spot for years as Leftists work to diversify America.

Fargo, North Dakota: Deputy Mayor Surprised to Learn Refugees Still Arriving

Valley News Live on Monday:

Records: Suspect says he was high on meth during brutal stabbing of teen girl

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) – Official documents have been filed against the man who police say strangled and brutally stabbed a 14-year-old girl last Friday near a Fargo strip mall.

23-year-old Arthur Prince Kollie is charged with the attempted murder of Jupiter Paulsen, robbery and aggravated assault.

Fargo Police say they were called to 4340 13th Ave. S. after documents say a garbage man was driving through the parking lot and witnessed Kollie leaning over the victim. The witness stated Kollie had one hand on the teenage victim’s nose and the other hand on her throat. Documents say video surveillance shows Kollie spent around 25 minutes assaulting the victim before running off.

Documents say Jupiter had suffered approximated 25 stab wounds, among other injuries. The victim was intubated and required surgery. On Monday morning, Jupiter’s father told Valley News Live that Jupiter is ‘too far gone,’ and likely won’t make it.

Investigators later learned from the Jupiter’s parents that both her cell phone and backpack were missing.

Documents say officers were later called to Walmart on 13th Ave. S. where Kollie had entered with no shirt and black pants on. Security cameras show Kollie taking new clothing, entering a room and later came out wearing new clothing. Officers say they found discarded black pants with what appeared to be blood on them inside the room Kollie went into. Documents say investigators also found shoes with what appeared to be blood on them in the same room.

Police say Kollie was later located in downtown Fargo.

Documents say Kollie told investigators that he suffers from anxiety, depression and multiple personality disorder and is currently living at Stepping Stones Resource Center. Kollie stated he used meth on the afternoon before and had not slept since using.

There is more including information on Kollie’s previous run-ins with the law.

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13 thoughts on “Fargo, North Dakota: “Man” Attacks Skateboarder in Deadly Knife Assault

  1. ..Coming to a neighborhood theater of war near you..

    While Minneapolis, St. Paul, Willmar, St. Cloud, Rochester, and greater Minnesota citizens are experiencing similar barbaric behavior, from not only the ‘new Americans’ we have imported to our once civilized society, but a violence saturated community of empowered and emboldened without consequence, our Minnesota governor claims that in Minneapolis and St. Cloud, the (massive) crime and violence is ‘pretty typical’ and pretty much the same as always.

    ..’Nothing to see here. just move along’ heir Walz has declared..

    Thus, the additional requested police personnel by our legislators and CITIZENS is not warranted, he says. ..He scoffs at all those who point to the truth, and ambles along the trail of ‘nincompoop-ism’ as always.

    Prior to losing an additional 200 MPD Officers in the last 12 months, they were already shy of the 600 new officers requested previously by the adults in the room..

    In short, Minneapolis (St. Cloud as well) is an undefended WAR ZONE now, as well as many additional Minnesota towns and cities, and a free-for-all for the embolden predator criminal element, and the variety of groups (gangs) specializing in brutal thuggery, to do whatever they want this Spring, Summer, Fall, and for the foreseeable future going forward.

    We are like ‘lambs to the slaughter’ now, and just wait until the MS-13 crowd, the ‘no fly ban’ people arrive here from the middle east, and all around the globe, pouring in through OUR southern border. Soon, this will be a far worse real-life script than that depicted in the film, ‘Mad Max’..

    See the attached article.. What kind of animal does this?

    What, no Jaylani Hussen from CAIR-MN, or MN Attorney General, Keith Ellison, Tim Walz, or Dept, of Human Rights Commissioner, Rebecca Lucero, to come to Fargo-Moorehead, hold another press conference, and decry this sort of unspeakable brutality?

    I consider Ann Corcoran to be a long distance a friend of mine. She gets it! Whay can’t we?

    1. You can thank Obama for DUMPING 70,000 Somali Muslims in Minnesota, Need i say ANYMORE!

      1. Most people are surprised to learn that George W. Bush brought in thousands before Obama. I’ll have to post on that one day.

        1. >George W. Bush

          His new book is both a paean to immigrants and a plea for mass amnesty.

    1. I found it, but like I did, they are guessing. Hopefully more will come out.

  2. I sure hope someone finds out this person’s roots. Maybe one day the liberals will wake up and agree bringing in other cultures with no means of support is a bad idea. They are not just ‘People too’ . They have no appreciation for life, life is very cheap to them. I lived in Thailand for a year, and although great people, they do not value life like we do here in the west. The liberals might have to experience being a victim for that awakening to happen. This is such a sad story.

    1. They have to bring in MORE Turd World Filth to Create Chaos, Violence and Crime to Get MORE Power from the People!

      1. Is there nothing we can do? The Republicans in congress are worthless. I blame them for doing nothing when they needed to be bold and speak out the truth. We have to rely on our local and state governors etc. Soon everyone will be moving to Texas and Florida for safety.

        1. >Is there nothing we can do?

          I take your question as a kind of desperate realization that there is no electoral solution to this mess, i.e. we cannot vote our way out of it — a growing number are beginning to realize this, and therefore that the only solution is [insert ‘fed post’ here].

          Personally, I think this is one reason the Establishment is pushing the absurd ‘insurrection’ rhetoric so hard after Jan 06, and why they are treating those (mostly) trespassers so harshly (some could probably also be charged with vandalism and/or theft) — because they also know a certain fraction of the population is angry and getting angrier, and they want to make an example of the Jan 06 people.

          But the reality is that if 10% of white men would stop paying the income tax the system would collapse.

      2. It’s called anarcho-tyranny — the late Sam Francis is generally given credit for coming up with and popularizing this term.

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