Georgia: Pregnant Woman Stabbed by “Man” on Nature Trail

“My life was almost taken. Both my babies’ lives were almost taken.” 

(Valerie Kasper)

Just one more mentally ill homeless black man roaming America and committing violent crimes.

So, why is this story of interest?

Peachtree Creek Greenway a $10 million dollar “model mile” to connect people and places.


It caught my attention because this violent crime happened on a so-called greenway—a biking and nature trail that weaves its way through neighborhoods allowing public corridors for creeps with a criminal intent to be wandering far from the neighborhoods you would normally avoid and into communities you might assume are safe.

They call it “connecting communities.”  There are lots of papers on it, here is one.

For a little background, know that environmentalists dreamed up the greenway concept, originally called greenlining, knowing it would sell really well to upscale urban and suburban people who do want to exercise and get out into nature.

The next step to the greenlining plan is to control the adjoining properties, which enviros call the viewshed, as a way for the government to control land use.

When pushing new trails on a community, those environmental land use planners downplay the crime corridor potential—like the awful crime here on Atlanta’s Peachtree Creek Greenway.  

If you have trails like these near where you live, never, ever, use them alone! 

And, I would fight like hell to never have one through my community.

See also the story at US News. I didn’t use it because the “man’s” photo is not attached.  Where the photo should be, US News  features a political cartoon about Trump.

LOL!  Does US News have a fear of perpetuating stereotypes?

From CBS 46:

Judge denies bond for man accused of stabbing pregnant woman in Brookhaven

BROOKHAVEN, Ga. (CBS46) — A judge denied bond Friday for a man accused of stabbing a pregnant woman on the Peachtree Creek Greenway on June 5, citing the nature of the alleged crime and previous criminal history.

“Based on the facts and circumstances, as well as his criminal history and being out on bond on two charges — one of which is arguably a violent charge, I do find that he is a risk to the community,” DeKalb County Magistrate Judge Abbi S. Taylor said.

Christopher Jones, 30, was taken into custody Thursday morning near the Arts Center MARTA station. He is charged with aggravated assault with intent to murder, aggravated battery and cruelty to children in the first degree.

Police said a pregnant woman was walking along the Peachtree Creek Greenway with her three-year-old child around 5:30 p.m. when the suspect tried to start a conversation with her. As she walked away, the suspect allegedly stabbed the woman in the back, then stabbed her in her stomach and on her forearm.

“It just seems completely unprovoked and one of those questions that we’ll be asking why forever,” said the woman’s partner and father of her children, named Steven.

He and his partner are both international school teachers who met in Brazil. They were preparing to welcome their second child in September. The baby boy was born via emergency c-section after the attack. They will have a long road ahead.

More here.

Fortunately no one is dead this time.

See the video report and you will get a better understanding of why the woman’s partner doesn’t ‘get it.’

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10 thoughts on “Georgia: Pregnant Woman Stabbed by “Man” on Nature Trail

  1. So horrendous. The idea of greenways is wonderful in a utopia society where there are no bad guys. Waste of money to build a greenway anywhere. Too bad for foreigners who come here and get either killed or stabbed. Remember the Australian woman who was shot by the Minneapolis Somali cop? America is no longer what it was.

  2. Where in God’s name is (reverend?)Al Sharpton, (reverend?) Jesse Jackson, and for that matter, Georgia Senator (pastor?) Jon Ossoff, and crooked windbag Stacey Abrams, when it comes to situations like this occurring daily now, and this one in particular?

    ..How about the ambulance chasing Ben Crump?

    What, no press conference, or expressed outrage in front of the microphones?

    All the ‘usual suspects’ were just here in Minnesota, lamenting the death of ‘The Prince of Brooklyn Center’ with crocodile tears, and praising the short life of the illegal gun toting, car jacking, armed robbing, ‘saint Daunte Wright’, along with mourners and protestors, Ilhan Omar, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, our idiot MN Governor Tim Walz, Jaylani Hussein with CAIR-MN, and ALL of these fools lionizing this young and prolific career criminal..

    Where is the outrage in Georgia?


    Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

    1. Robert, No outrage unless the crime helps their agenda. death of white people, no big deal. Death of black thug by cop= outrage.

  3. I live on a farm with trails and old roads through out about 3 miles. I never venture on them without a gun. Of course I was not thinking about a human…doing any harm…..but bears or coyotes or bobcats. Of course a few years back who would have thought that the world would be as it is. I lived through Dr. King’s march, and he showed people that there can be peaceful movements and will never forget his “I have a dream speech”. He left us too soon, and his work was not completed. He was a peace maker and he put a mirror to the face of America on how racist people can be. He did it peacefully! He made an impression on a middle class white girl and will be forever grateful that I paid attention. Now look at the USA! Does anyone like what they are seeing?

  4. OT (the general topic is ‘teens’]

    “4 teens accused in suspected rape of 18-year-old in Idaho, report says”

    [Authorities in Idaho arrested and charged four teenagers on suspicion of rape on Thursday and Friday, including a 16-year-old who was also taken into custody.

    Nineteen-year-old Elias Lupango, 18-year-old Rashidi Mulanga and 18-year-old Swedi Iyombelo, all of Boise, were charged. Bail was set at $250,000.

    Prosecutors say the three men are from Tanzania. The Idaho Statesman reported that Iyombelo had been in the U.S. for five months and the other two for three years. The report said that they had worked at McDonald’s.

    The 16-year-old, who is also a refugee, was being held in juvenile detention.]

    Honestly, I’d also like to know if the victim is white; of course I realize this is a sensitive question from the point of view of privacy/protecting the victim.

    What most people don’t know: per FBI/UCR data, white on black rape is statistically insignificant: for all practical data tracking purposes, it does not exist, i.e. in some years there is not a single instance of it — yet each year, typically several tens of thousands of white women are raped by Blacks.

    1. Thanks for sending this… Idaho has been a target for refugee resettlement. I will look into the story.

  5. >They call it “connecting communities.” There are lots of papers on it, here is one.

    Suburbanites, i.e. white-flighters, are also skeptical about mass transit for the same reason — this is why MARTA = Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority was instead said to mean Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta, and has always met strong opposition when wanting to expand.

    Parts of Atlanta must be real shitholes — when riding thru on Amtrak, Baltimore looks like a third world slum.

  6. >So, why is this story of interest?

    To put it succinctly: Because we shouldn’t have to live like this — and more Whites need to realize it.

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