Here is What I Saw in Washington, DC Yesterday….

I have already heard from some of my faithful readers wanting to know what happened in our once beautiful capital city***.

This will be a short report today because I would like to see more facts about what really went down at the Capitol.

I spent the morning near the White House waiting with hundreds of thousands of peaceful patriots to hear the President speak.

Here is a screenshot of where I was. This view is what the President could see.  But, even this photo taken at 8:35 a.m. does not begin to show how massive the protest gathering was, especially when the President took the stage hours later.

To get your bearings, that is the base of the Washington Monument in the upper left hand corner. I am farther right in the gathering, as that is a jumbotron we could barely see.

Here is the youtube video of the scene (which youtube might eventually scrub):


President Trump was scheduled for eleven, but didn’t speak until noon.

Although the temperature was in the moderate low 40’s, most everyone appeared to be pretty darn cold as they waited for many hours in an absolute stunning sea of flags and banners of all sorts.

When the President finished, most of this massive crowd began moving toward the Capitol building where some Members of the House and Senate were attempting to present a case that the election might(!) have been a fraud.

I was not at the Capitol, but like you, saw the images on TV after getting home.

I’ll show you more pictures as the days go on, but here are a few that I took while mingling around a crowd that was largely working class Americans of all ages. The “deplorables” according to the elitists in the Democrat Party.

The Chinese Communist Party menace!

You will see that I was most interested in the Chinese-American presence (Vietnamese-Americans who have first hand experience with Communism were also out) showing their support for this President, the only hope they see to keep the Chinese Communist Party from gaining a greater foothold in America.


How many of you could say the same?


As for what happened in the afternoon at the Capitol building at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, we need to wait until there is more information.

Of course none of us condone violence of any sort, but if it turns out that Trump supporters are largely responsible, I ask the ruling class WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?  when on both sides of the elite political aisle, these Americans who love Trump have been disrespected while they watched as our weak leaders failed to criticize the violence for most of last year perpetrated by the Leftists—Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

And, the final insult to them, to the country class, was the great Election Steal of 2020 which unseated the one political leader they see as truly liking them and caring about them as he puts America first!

*** When I say once beautiful city, I am referring to the Washington, DC where I lived in my late 20s and where I took my children for field trips and trips to the Kennedy Center where a homeless encampment is within view of it now and where store fronts are boarded up.

My friends and I remarked that we may never be back.  Yesterday might have been our last site of it.

P.S. It sure looks like I will be busy writing at Refugee Resettlement Watch going forward.

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22 thoughts on “Here is What I Saw in Washington, DC Yesterday….

  1. I don’t know what to think except it was a full blown political stunt, possibly by the leftist antifa. There is film of the police opening gates to let them in. The people that stormed the building were in excellent shape and able to scale a huge wall to get on top of the building. Not saying Trumpers are not fit, but I found that strange. This stunt also changed the votes of many who were going to object to the election and I believe that may have been the main goal (If this can be proved they were Anttifa.) The only way we can find out is by the people arrested, 52 of them, what are their backgrounds. This whole thing has left me with little hope that we can have a lawful election in the future.

  2. Hi Ann, I am in the UK and love your writing. Been following you for many years now I am starting to feel like a stalker lol. Here in the UK we rely on you for good cool sober reporting. We love you and I wanted to let you know that. I’m already a subscriber.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you. I am thrilled that someone so far away cares about my writing. Every other day I feel like quitting, but your message makes me think I shouldn’t yet!

  3. Loved reading your comments of the Rally. I was there as well as at the Capital until a green smoke bomb was thrown at us. We ran after that to Union Station to return home to Rockville.

    1. I want to hear more about your experience, do you want to write something about it for my blog? If yes, I will reach out to you.

  4. I find it highly suspicious that just as evidence of actual fraud in the election process is beginning to be presented & millions were watching on TV, the so called rioters attacked & stopped the process for hours & hours. Trump supporters were blamed & a number of the republicans who were originally going to protest the election, decided to cave instead. A dirty election is a dirty election, riot or no riot, and should be questioned & protested. Trump supporters have been in D.C. before & not caused any problem. Antifa, on the other hand, harassed & beat them with no consequences. How did it happen that antifa was not present doing their usual thing? Or where they embedded & ready to attack the Capitol knowing the media would instantly blame the Trump supporters. All part of the plan. They succeeded, the spineless (R)s refused to fight for the country.

    1. Your sentiment about the Rs caving on election fraud just because of the rioting (whoever started it) is shameful and has been expressed to me several times today by friends.

      I am ready for a new political party! I have been hearing for the last dozen or more years that we needed to work within the Republican party. It is clear now that that is impossible.

    2. Jean – I totally agree with you. When I watched that riot and saw those aggressive thugs push over the gates, climb the wall and fight with police I thought that can’t be Trump supporters. Last night over and over I kept reading about Antifa invaded that rally. One former FBI guy posted he saw several buses pull up and all these guys jumped out with Mega hats and trump flags but also with helmets, knee pads, back packs and ropes like Antifa always wears when they riot and head toward the capital. Someone else posted a Twitter message from late November where they planned this invasion. Of course this was to blame trump and his supporters. There is no limit how low the liberals will go. I just wish the media would do an investigation and put the blame where it belongs. My heart is so sad for this country.

      1. Marilyn, I too hope we get a legitimate investigation into who was responsible. And, sad is exactly the word so many of my friends are using to describe how they feel.

  5. You all saw Antifa wolves in MAGA attire and Swamprats did nothing to stop it but, rather, facilitated it. We all look forward to seeing the hemorrhage from the GOP to the new party. Thanks, Ann and please continue your research and reporting, exposing fraud, crooks and criminals whether in political office or refugee resettlement and elsewhere. Truth matters. God deliver us from deception and denial!

  6. Thank you Ann for all you do for all patriots. I have been receiving your blog for a few years now and get more current information than from anywhere else but Parler. I appreciate your candor and free thinking as an American. GodBless you.

  7. Thank you for this account of what happened Ann. What happened was certainly embarrassing for conservatives, but at least, they didn’t kill anyone, or do much property damage. Thousands of Americans were overtly denied their right to vote. There are cases where people showed up to vote, only to be told that they have already voted. What happened was that activists ordered absentee ballots in their name and filled them out for Joe Biden.

    We have also seen that Republican poll workers were pushed out and kept out of polling places. Clearly this was so that the Democrats could commit voter fraud. I’m a poll worker and I know that both the Republicans and the Democratic poll workers are to work together to conduct the election.

    Conservatives have had their basic human rights taken from them. They have been robbed of their right to vote. Their right to make a living running a small business. Their right to be proud of their heritage and the accomplishments of their ancestors. Their right to have their viewpoints portrayed in an unbiased manner by institutions such as the media and the schools. They have basically been told to curl up in a corner and die. So, to me what happened was shameful but understandable.

    My guess is that the country will break up as there will be numerous secession movements at various levels of government. Counties will break from states and form new states. Neighborhoods will break from cities and form new cities. I hope that states will not break from the Union and form a new country, but that is a real possibility.

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